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Feeling the need to up my total caloric intake for today (from a measly 400 cals including lunch), I just sucked down a 16oz high-calorie-sugar smoothie that consisted of 7 Medjuls, 8oz. coconut water and 3 bananas. (@ 700 cals?) It tasted so unearthly-good that I naturally feel that I must be doing something horribly bad for my body, since this goes against everything that I have learned about nutrition in the past 20 years.  That said, I invite anyone to share their thoughts regarding the sugar from dates, and espcially this kind of sugar loading with "datorade" because I am so heavily programed to think that I am kicking the crap out of my pancreas.


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Mark :) if you arent adding in the over fats with the fruit,you should be just fine :)
when we come to eating raw vegan foods,then low fat raw vegan then to 811,we have to rethink and re learn alot!
700 cals is a good start,my lunch is usually around 1000-1400cals depending on my energy output and my hunger for the day.
Man you must have been starving at 400cals including lunch,sheesh,eat up !
HAH ! Well.... my main concern is that of lack of appetite ( which is the body's way of telling us NOT to eat)... I too worked out at the gym today and intellectually know that I need some cals...


Hey Mark. I didn't eat anything till an hour ago and that was a dateorade. It was 29 dates, water of 3 yellow coconuts.

700calories is not much for a meal, I usually eat 2-3 meals a day. And one of those meals include roughly (no pun intended :D)3 heads of greens.

Eat up man, make another smoothie.
my stomach is so small dude after a summer of juice fasting...

700 cals is huge meal for me! I just ate another smoothie... an 800 cal smoothie, but my gut feels awful... not good to overeat... causes acidity and gall stones :0

I like guy who puns :D
get that stomach working again by eating a stack of mono fruit meals, adequate hydration and sleep and getting some exercise each day. nothing too intense to start with but anyone can do light exercise each day relevant to their fitness levels and state of health.

otherwise you will become anorexic, your digestion will slow right down and youll feel like youve eaten a brick even from a fruit meal. youll fail to thrive and those around you will associate vegan/raw vegan with massive pain!! "your a raw vegan/vegan?? ah that explains why you look like you stepped out of a starvation camp.."

become the change you want to see. you wanna be an anorexic victim of our own actions? or we wanna be fit, radiant and laughing with great health and digestion??
i'm guzzling a smoothie right now of about 40 barhi dates, 5 stalks of celery, and a liter or more of water.. around 1150 cals and super delicious.. first meal of the day after a good strength training session
so Ryan, you like kinda beefy and fit so you should know alot about fueling your bod... I am a newbie 811 and appreciate your thoughts... having suffered from pancreatitis in the past, I am worried about spanking my pank too much. I am 6' and 150 lbs ( dropped from 220 this summer) and I have just started working out at a gym for the first time in 15 years... and I love it but I have shit for stamina / endurance;> As I slowly put "chronic fatigue syndrome" into my rear view mirror, I am needing to remember that I am still very much healing.

( Why wasn't I ever concerned about eating a box of wheat thins, cookies, followed by a bottle of wine with cheese and a quart of icecream? ) Doesn't everyone eat this way?
yea no need to rush into anything.. you have ample time to keep building your nutrition and fitness, and it will become easier and easier as you keep making steady gains in fueling and exercise.. keep with it, stick to it 100% and you will be overwhelmed at the progress you make over time
thanks... my life has changed so much already in 3 short weeks... m
It takes a while to get use to having to stretch your tummy out a bit to eat the volume of fruits you need to get the necessary calories.
yes,earn your food most definitely and this will increase your appetite,Harls gives you all the great pointers,mono meals are great to get your cals in,and good hydration,and sleep and rest and a positive mental attitude regardless.:)
It took me a while to get out of the "insulin spike" mindset. Truth is, there will always be just enough fiber and water along with the sugar to prevent an overload. Remember, your body WANTS to eat this way.
last night i had 43 dates blended with water for dinner. took me about 1hr to drink it as i was socialising. its great to eat slow. by not waiting till we are really hungry, its even easier to eat slow..:)

i wasnt even hungry when i made the datorade, but i knew that the conversation would take some sugars and so would the next day...

if we are concerned about sugar issues, all we have to do is eat more sugar and cut the fat way back..under 10% of total calories. the more sedentary we are, the less fat we can handle cos our lymph system is getting weaker and weaker from inactivity. just google up 'lymph system and its role in fat metabolism'..



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