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i'm a little frustrated right now.. i was very close to making through my first winter in as long as i can remember without getting sick, and i had fully credited it to spending the last 5-6 months living steadfast 811.. however, for the past few days i have been down with cold-like symptoms

i been racking my brain trying to figure out why this happened all of a sudden.. in the past it would seem that i got sick after someone else in my family brings home 'the bug' and it catches on, but this winter i have been around sickness with what seems like a powerhouse immune system.. however, my mom has been sick for the past week or so, and she is under the impression that it transferred to me

the only thing that has changed for me dietarily has been for a few days prior to feeling this way i was making blended tomato sauces with a small piece of spicy red cherry bomb pepper blended in, giving the sauces a slight little kick that was really nice after awhile without it (i used to be a spice addict, to the fullest)

saturday morning i woke up with a slight soreness in my throat/sinuses that i thought was a burn from the pepper.. unfortunately my younger brother Cody was in an important wrestling tournament at my old high school that day (i don't really miss his matches), so i spent about 7 hours in a PACKED high school gym with a lot of unhealthy ppl and a ton of stress in the atmosphere.. only a few breaks to take a run around the school and a trip to the health food store down the street for some produce.. didn't eat as much during the day due to the situation.. good news is that he took 3rd and is moving on to the state tourney this wknd

sunday morning i woke up with full cold symptoms (sore throat, phlegm, sniffles).. i happened to be hosting a potluck with some raw food friends of mine, so i couldn't really rest and take it as easy as i would've liked.. just as with all of our gatherings, it ended up being an all day affair, where i had a lot of fun, but was definitely not my usual self

so sunday night i stayed in bed for as long as i could, which ended up being close to 14 hrs.. still the sickness progressed, manifesting in runny nose, etc.

i got up, did a half hour aerobic-type workout (made me feel better briefly), and throughout the rest of the day stuck to easy fruits and less on the quantity (papaya, orange juice, persimmons, a few bananas)

today i still feel unwell, watery eyes and sniffles being the most uncomfortable aspects.. i went to bed earlier than usual last night and slept about 12 hours.. i'm thinking of skipping my daily workout for now (would be the first in who knows how long) and water fasting for the day (or as long as i can take it)

i'm surprised that, while the cold is much less severe than those in the past while eating SAD/vegan/etc., i am still producing some mucous.. when i blow my nose it's much more clear than in the past, but i still am hacking up a little 'lung butter' (nasty, i know)

anyway, i wanted to see if any of you long(er) term 811ers still contract colds/viruses and how you handle them? is water fasting my best bet for now? any other recommendations? should i chug some nyquil and hit the hay? ;-)

thanks all for anything you can offer

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It happens Ryan.....don't beat yourself up. And don't chug some Nyquil! Just hit the hay.
dayquil? lol
thanks michele.. i also had thought it could've been continued cleansing.. i haven't really had a bout of significant 'detox' as of yet, and i had credited this up until now to my very gradual transition into this ideal way of life

i really appreciate your suggestions
i've been to this site numerous times before you mentioned it, but just going through it again i can't get over how much effort went into it.. it's a pretty unbelievable resource
Aww, Ryan : (

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I had a similar experience in December when I was really busy and stressing myself physically beyond what I could handle. I had a soar throat and phlegm, also clear. At that time I was also using cayenne in the same way you are using it, with tomatoes. At the time I figured that I was dehydrated, not resting enough, and using cayenne. I really feel like these situations arise when we are not resting enough. In fact, Michael is a workaholic and one day this past October, he literally crashed and vomitted all day long.It came out of nowhere, but he was just pushing himself too hard.

As soon as I quit with the spice, my phlegm in the mornings went away. Make sure you are really hydrated because it's so dry out too, and the heat can cause congestion and bloody nose.

Don't be down about it, your body is really strong and able to give you instant feedback of what conditions it prefers. I would eat more juicy fruits, and hold off on nanners and dates, as I find these to be a bit drying and sometimes I get a soar throat if I eat too many of them. I have no idea if there's a connection, but I have been laying off nanners and eating more papaya and mango and I feel a lot less congested. Maybe you should go snag some coconuts and drink them all day...

I am sending you lots of healing love! We need you feeling happy and vibrant as always!!!
thanks, jen.. it got me down a little, but at the same time i'm amazed at the difference from colds of the past.. so much less mucous and none of that barking cough that was always quite painful (but a killer ab workout at the same time ;-))

i was considering headin to my asian market, so the coco water might be a good idea

and thanks also for your healing ray.. i feel it already :-)
Sleep more.
Hey Ryan...

I made it through the whole winter in MA without being sick. No nothing. Everyone around me sick but not me. I fly out to Hawaii, get an extremely bad stomach ache, then two gnarly cold sores, and to top it off a cold at the end of everything lol. I was curious how I made it through the harsh winter in MA and come down to paradise and get sick. It didn't make sense.

Then, I realized I've spent the first 20years of my life eating junk, bad sleeping habits, doing drugs and drinking, all in all just treating myself like crap. I've spent 8 months doing everything according to natural hygiene. I believe the 20 years outweighs the 8 months, lol.

Time will tell. Treat your body with love. Getting sick is natural, follow the healing process that should tell you all. Coldsores gone within 6 days (normally 2 weeks). Cold only 1 week (normally 2 weeks). Stomach bug 6 hours (rotten coconut, lol)

I would say that's pretty well!!
Hey Ryan ,

I get same symptoms when I have tomatoes. It sounds like that pepper you had doesn't work for your body hence the 'flu' symptoms - mucus is one of the transport mediums used by the body to get carry toxins out. What is the reason you gave up the spices previously?

What did you have at the Potluck you were hosting?

How much are you sleeping? How much sunshine & water?
yea.. each night it was a very small piece of cherry pepper (maybe the size of your fingertip), but blended in the sauce it gave a definitive 'kick'.. i gave up the spices previously when i realized that dried spices, vinegars, and cooked hot sauces weren't part of our natural diet.. they went about the same time i gave up supplements and cooked food, so it was part of my enlightenment

now that you mention it, i have been eating a lot more tomatoes recently also.. i started making these marinara sauces (grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, basil, celery, sun-dried tomatoes, dates) in the vita-mix for dinner almost nightly last week.. so do you steer clear of tomatoes completely now? is it all varieties that have this effect?

i was already sick by the time of the potluck, but during it i had wraps of mango/tomato/bell pepper with a tomato sauce, spiralized zucchini, then later on some 'blended salad' with tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, chives, culantro, and romaine.. i realize that i probably should of fasted or stuck to just fruit that day, but i didn't wanna be a buzz kill so i just got down with the festivities

i've definitely been getting a good amount of sleep on average (about 9-12 hrs per night), however i got less the night before the first symptoms showed up.. sunshine exposure has been pretty good (for cold winter weather) and have been consciously increasing water intake over the past few wks (maybe 2 liters per day)

but over the past couple days during the heaviest bout of my sickness i've been drinking and sleeping much more.. on monday i kept it much lighter than normal on eating, consuming mainly water-rich fruits and no veg

i've been on water only the past 38 hrs or so and i feel much better this morning.. yesterday was the first i've gone without a workout (just a few walks outside for fresh air) in longer than i can remember.. i'm considering sticking to just water for the rest of today also, but i suppose i will go on how i feel
Great reply Adam :-)

Yea Ryan I do get that reaction from most tomatoes so i steer clear of them all now, not sure exactly why i get this reaction - still playing with this.
The sundried toms & date etc combo is not the best as well.
Also what you had at the picnic may have had 'extras' in it you weren't told about, unfortunately this has happened to me.

I feel your system (like Adam said) is much cleaner now & communicating more effectively with you.

Rather than fast - I would recommend you just eat one type of fruit for a few days, this frees up lots of healing energy but also enables you energy to still perform your daily tasks with no sugar lows.

damn that's pretty rough, cuttin out tomatoes completely.. think i can manage for now tho.. it's funny that i didn't want any part of them for so long then i start enjoying them for a few days and it throws me off

i'm def gonna go back to stayin much simpler for the most part, keeping the blended sauces etc. to just for special gatherings

and everything i had at the potluck i made myself, so there were no unknowns.. still had a load of tomatoes, some sun-drieds, and the chives which i'm not used to eating.. tho like i said i was already starting to have adverse reactions well before this

i fasted for almost 48 hours, slept a good amount and kept well hydrated, and have begun to feel much better.. tonight i went for a run (weird i had a lot of energy after fasting for such a spurt) and had a few honeydews and still feel good.. i have a bunch more for tm and a few papayas, so i can def keep it simple

thanks :-)



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