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i'm a little frustrated right now.. i was very close to making through my first winter in as long as i can remember without getting sick, and i had fully credited it to spending the last 5-6 months living steadfast 811.. however, for the past few days i have been down with cold-like symptoms

i been racking my brain trying to figure out why this happened all of a sudden.. in the past it would seem that i got sick after someone else in my family brings home 'the bug' and it catches on, but this winter i have been around sickness with what seems like a powerhouse immune system.. however, my mom has been sick for the past week or so, and she is under the impression that it transferred to me

the only thing that has changed for me dietarily has been for a few days prior to feeling this way i was making blended tomato sauces with a small piece of spicy red cherry bomb pepper blended in, giving the sauces a slight little kick that was really nice after awhile without it (i used to be a spice addict, to the fullest)

saturday morning i woke up with a slight soreness in my throat/sinuses that i thought was a burn from the pepper.. unfortunately my younger brother Cody was in an important wrestling tournament at my old high school that day (i don't really miss his matches), so i spent about 7 hours in a PACKED high school gym with a lot of unhealthy ppl and a ton of stress in the atmosphere.. only a few breaks to take a run around the school and a trip to the health food store down the street for some produce.. didn't eat as much during the day due to the situation.. good news is that he took 3rd and is moving on to the state tourney this wknd

sunday morning i woke up with full cold symptoms (sore throat, phlegm, sniffles).. i happened to be hosting a potluck with some raw food friends of mine, so i couldn't really rest and take it as easy as i would've liked.. just as with all of our gatherings, it ended up being an all day affair, where i had a lot of fun, but was definitely not my usual self

so sunday night i stayed in bed for as long as i could, which ended up being close to 14 hrs.. still the sickness progressed, manifesting in runny nose, etc.

i got up, did a half hour aerobic-type workout (made me feel better briefly), and throughout the rest of the day stuck to easy fruits and less on the quantity (papaya, orange juice, persimmons, a few bananas)

today i still feel unwell, watery eyes and sniffles being the most uncomfortable aspects.. i went to bed earlier than usual last night and slept about 12 hours.. i'm thinking of skipping my daily workout for now (would be the first in who knows how long) and water fasting for the day (or as long as i can take it)

i'm surprised that, while the cold is much less severe than those in the past while eating SAD/vegan/etc., i am still producing some mucous.. when i blow my nose it's much more clear than in the past, but i still am hacking up a little 'lung butter' (nasty, i know)

anyway, i wanted to see if any of you long(er) term 811ers still contract colds/viruses and how you handle them? is water fasting my best bet for now? any other recommendations? should i chug some nyquil and hit the hay? ;-)

thanks all for anything you can offer

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Yeh it kinda sux not having toms! But i have lots of lush sweet goodness to substitute with.

Whoops yeh too much speedreading on my behalf in regards to you already feeling 'off' before the Potluck! Although it could definitely have contributed to your current state if you had something dodgy so I guess that line of questioning wasn't completely fruitless!

You sound like you know what to do - yep im finding that im simplifying my diet/lifestyle more & more everyday - it feels so good!!
fruitless.. possibly my least favorite word in the english language :-P
Hey Ryan

Its great. You can see it as a cold if you want, or getting sick, but I don't believe thats the case. Your body is simply in really great rapport with you. The cleaner your diet gets, the more efficient your body becomes at communicating with you. Your diet has been clean for a long time, and then you introduce what is essentially something the body feels is threatening to it, so it has begun to produce mucus to protect its cells. Your body has reacted strongly to promote healing as quickly as possible. Its a good thing.

It might be a good idea to fast a couple of days yes. This is always the best thing to do when you get sick imo. If not an option for you, just eat melons for a few days. That will get things flushing through quickly. The sooner you get every last bit out of your system, the sooner your symptoms will disappear.

Be sure to drink lots of water, and be good to yourself.

Abit more personal, but leave sex/masturbation alone too. Its a massive drain on your system and is guaranteed to prolong any symptoms.

I recently tried some sundried tomatoes on a salad when eating out with some friends. They assured me they were raw and unsoaked in oil or salt, so I gave them a go. They were really yummy actually, and went well with the basil in the salad. Unfortunately, my body didnt agree, and for some weird reason. my middle toe on my left foot was burning like mad a few hours later and itching. I took my sock off and it was seriously inflamed and the next day the skin was really rough and red. Looked awful. Within a couple of days all was well again.

I am confident that the deeper the level of rapport gets with your body (ie. the more you listen, and respond), the quicker it will let you know when you do something it doesnt like, because it expects a response quicker. I dont see this as getting sick. I see it as being truly well.

Take care

Adam x
i really enjoyed reading your post (as usual) and think your outlook is quite accurate and very positive.. this experience has actually been quite beneficial, teaching me more about what's in accord with my body.. i feel that this situation triggered some necessary house cleaning.. appreciate it adam
Oh that was just me, Adam. I bit your toe while you were busy eating ;P
lol, I thought I felt something. That explains everything now.
adam (and anyone who could comment),

do you have any experiences with symptoms following consumption of tomatoes, as freelea mentioned?

it's gonna take further experimentation on my part, but i'm confused whether it was all the tomatoes or particularly sun-dried tomatoes, the hot pepper, poor food combining (dates & tomato), or possibly something else entirely that triggered my reaction

With whole ripe tomatoes Im fine. I used to get digestive issues before my fast a couple of years ago but only minor. I can eat them fine now. It does seem to make a difference what I eat as well though in the day. For example, if I eat red grapes in the same day as tomatoes, my digestion might get a little mucusy. If I eat grapes without tomatoes, I dont. If I eat tomatoes without grapes I dont. that having been said, If I eat grapes every day for a week I start getting mucus in my stool, so maybe I dont do so well with the grapes.

My nose or eye does run a little if I eat lots of tomato, but this is only for like 5 minutes after eating literally. Thats it done with.

Sundried tomatoes and hot pepper (and the combo with the dates) is more than likely the problem. They would always cause problems. They are not natural foods for us. We can judge our natural foods by whether the body produces mucus as a consistent response, or whether something burns or hurts us in any way. These our signs that our body feels threatened.

Take care

Adam x



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