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Hey folks,

So I've decided when I return to Canada at the end of this year I'm having my fallopian tubes removed. I would do so sooner, but I believe the cost would be too high while I'm in Australia & I have the option of free health care in Canada.

I'm a little nervous about going under the knife, even knowing that it's an easy procedure and has advanced much in the past few years. 

I've never had any type of surgery and I'm wondering how my body will handle it. I have more than a few questions. Please feel free to offer advice if you have any imput!

What I'm wondering is:

-What kind of anesthesia is typically used & is it harmful?

-Are there any natural forms of painkillers other than willowbark available? 

-What effect could it have on my body as a woman (hormone related) and raw foodist? 

-Are there any foods I could eat before or after the surgery to make the process of recovery smoother? 

-Is there an optimal time of the month, before or after my monthly flow to get the surgery?

-Will it have an effect on my monthly flow?

-Are there many risk factors?

-Has anyone here on 30bad experienced the procedure? 

Please feel free add any other interesting information you may have on the subject.


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Wonderful to hear! I share your opinion on the matter, and have the same reason for getting the procedure done. 

Of course all anesthesia is harmful, but what side effects are you noticing?  What exactly does "getting back to normal" mean? Does it effect digestion, skin, sleep? I'd love to hear about your experience afterwards. 

Painkillers: Thank you! I won't take any anti-inflamatories. I'll just be drinking willowbark tea and eating fruit. I'll also have access to a Vitamix so I can drink only smoothies to ease on digestion and decrease any pain. 

I'm not having my ovaries removed, so like you said it should have to effect. I'm just not well informed about all of this, so that's why I ask about hormones. 

Fruit it is! I'll have been lfrv for almost 3 years by the time of the operation, so I imagine that will work in my benefit. 

Is the laparoscopic method the best way to go? A friend of mine had it done a few months back and I remember her having some trouble with the gas. Is this what you chose? 

I do feel it would help to see the photos, if you feel comfortable with sharing. 

I'm certainly willing to work with my body before and after. Is there anything you can recommend? 


Thank you for your concern 

This isn't a debate though. I'm not looking to be convinced otherwise. I'm simply looking for help so that I can make the procedure go smoothly with little complications, so that I am guaranteed to never reproduce. 

I'm currently with the "right man". We are committed to one another and agree on this matter. He is very supportive. 

Although it would be a much easier procedure it's not what I desire VW...

I don't want to be able to reproduce...I've always felt at odds with being given this basic function...

glad you put this data up vegan witch!

having children isn't child's play - and there are still some people (even on 30bad!) who seem to think that overpopulation is a myth:

It's a myth the planet is overpopulated!

in friendship,


+1  Prad, I loved that discussion:)  Peace, PK

+2! I loved it too. 

I'm a big proponent of adoption. Even if your tubes are tied, it's an option. It's also a way to give children who are already alive a home, parents, and a chance at a healthy, happy life.

@Pegasus and Tarah,

Tarah, if you just have your tubes cut and or burned, but leave in the ovaries, if the worst case scenario ever happened, ie, you get the babie rabies, you might be able to do in vitro ferilization.  Tubal ligation is not the end of the world.

Or, you could adopt.

So no worries.  I know you have been pretty consistent in personal and environmental reasons for not having kids. 

Getting a tubal done might cause some short term discomfort and or use of chemicals for anesthesia, but long term, you will not have to worry about birth control hormones, or spermicidal chemicals found on condoms.

You can also be mentally at ease that no matter what the scenario, rape or otherwise, you will not be able to get pregnant.

BTW, Tarah, if you go through with this, ask to have your tubes cauterized, that is burned.  If they are just cut, in some rare cases, they can grow back together:)

Peace, PK

hi Tarah,

I am really saddened by this.   I feel the devastation of an irreversible surgery and the interference with the divinity of the precious body you have been given   and I cant urge you enough to reconsider .

There is plenty of ways to choose not to have children without damaging your body in this way. I would be happy to share the sacred ways that I know with you when we are in deep sharing circle....on the land.

I would like you and all beings to be whole for your whole life and experience the power of being in complete control of your body and your choices without regretting something you did, when you didnt know what you didnt know.  

love Billa

Hey Billa,

I'm always open to hear what you have to say and what you know...and I will be coming to the land before I planned to have the procedure...

I've searched for natural solutions but I just haven't found anything to date. I would love to share your knowledge! Preferably I would like to remain whole, I just don't want any room for error. 

Your input greatly matters to me Billa. Thank you for all of your help and concern. We share your feelings about this manifestation!

I'm with Billa on this one. I mean no disrespect toward your decision to not have children and actually think it's really great and selfless of you. But I think removing parts of your body... I can't help feeling that it really messes with you, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually. What if after the surgery you feel something missing that you can't get back? That would really suck. :/

I don't have much advice on ways to not get pregnant besides obviously not having sex... but I do hope that whatever you choose to do resonates with you now and for all of your life. Good luck Tarah.


@Kimberry and Tarah,

To clarify, and correct me if I am wrong Tarah, but the doctors will not remove anything.  The procedure is called a tubal ligation in which the fallopian tubes are either cut and or burned to prevent the sperm from making contact with the egg.  The tubes will remain in place. 

Some doctors will do a full outpatient, but in OR surgery.  A few doctors might be willing to do local anesthesia and do the procedure right in the office.  I know some women have it done right at the time of childbirth with only an epidural as anesthesia, and not the full being put to sleep routine.

And to answer more of your questions Tarah,

Most woman continue to ovulate like normal, and will continue to have periods if that is normal for them.  Keep in mind, some of our long term raw foodies start having light and or no periods. 

The only thing this procedure stops is sperm meeting egg.  Everything else remains normal. 

Most women can start light activities like walking, prepping food, and things like that within 2-3 days.  It might take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to return to work depending on what the job is.  If you do any heavy lifting, give yourself more time. 

It may take a few months for the mental sensation of having something done go away, but a year later, you will not even think about it. 

Tarah, I am not telling you to do it, that is your ultimate personal decision, but I am telling you that if you do do it, there is not much to worry about.  There may be some short term set backs in health goals in relation to medications and rest, but long term, there is not much to worry about.

Peace, PK



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