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Getting multiple UTI's, what can I do to prevent it? Does cranberry juice really work?

The medicine im taking for my UTI is making me throw up my fruit. I cant digest it anymore. The doctor told me i have to eat it with a piece of bread. I know its because fruit doesnt require stomach digestion but bread does because its acid, and the acid in the stomach helps to break down the medicine. (I have to eat it with food otherwise I throw up) It f*kin sucks!!! im getting tired now because i had to switch from raw to cooked. This is the third one I've gotten since I got pregnant. Anyone know of ways to prevent UTI's? Does cranberry juice really work?

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Parsley is an abortifacient (can cause miscarriage).  Parsley tea is probably not strong enough to hurt a fetus in 2nd or 3rd trimester, but that depends on how strong the tea is and how much one drinks of it.  I would avoid parsley juice and tea completely in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

lol I guess ill try being more naked once in a while-I'm on a very tight budget right now!


For my daughter and I... yes, the cranberry juice really works. We went from frequent bladder infections to none.

We drink about 2 cups per day of 100% cranberry juice (not cocktail).

Thanks everyone- I will definitely incorporate all the tips given here because Im really tired of dealing with this. I will drink cranberry juice and force myself to drink more water! I think thats the most important thing. What I find interesting though is that these sort of symptoms seem to come up everytime I started eating healthier. :S

my grandmother used to suffer from this REAALLY bad( she would get to the point where she couldnt even get out of bed, and had to have injections for a week), i did my research a found a website with a man who was paralyzed and had to use catheters so he used to get many utis. he explained that pretty much ~90% of utis are caused by E.coli. The reason why they recommend cranberry(PURE) juice is that it contains a sugar called D-Mannose. D-mannose basically binds to the E.coli bacteria in your bladder, the bacteria then get flushed out when you urinate. D-mannose is a natural sugar, it goes straight through your body. You have to take a d mannose dose, (carefull some pills have gelatine!!!!!) and wait 1 hour before urinating, and continue doing so until you feel better. Honestly it has changed my grandmothers life, she would get so sick and she was risking getting kidney infections which are really bad.. I know possibly that this isnt the most LFRV thing, but if you are just transitioning it may take time for your immune system to get a kick start. PLEASE take my advice, it will help you so incredibly much. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE HELLHOLE OF ANTIBIOTICS.

Hope you feel better


Lol I took the meds this time because the UTI was painful, but now i will work at preventing UTIS.

I used to get them alot-and it was horrible!  I made some changes like suggested by Greenmama and I used Uva Ursi to treat them.  I drank the tea and took 16 capsules a day until it cleared up.  Your pee has to be alkaline to work so you can't do cranberry and Uva Ursi at the same time.  After using Uva Ursi twice, I never got another one.  If I feel something coming on, I make a pot of the tea.

Before antibiotics people used Uva Ursi!

Hope you are feeling better!   :-)

I prefer d-mannose to cranberry because the cranberry can be an irritant.

Watermelon can also help flush the kidneys.

I healed from a really chronic UTI doing 2 or 3 days a week on watermelon combined with d-mannose and uva ursi.

But during pregnancy you may need to be careful because you don't want to detox too strong and additionally uva ursi does have some toxicity.

Take apple cider vinegar, a 2 teaspoons mixed with water on an empty stomach a few times a day. It will typically reduce symptoms within 24 hours. Take it for a whole week to be sure the UTI is completely gone.

To prevent them stay very hydrated, beware of bathtubs, bubblebaths, chemical soaps, relieve yourself after intimacy, make sure you partner is showered and clean during intimate times, look at any products you might be using like lubes and condoms,  etc.



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