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(If you would like to skip my story and just answer the questions they are labeled below.)

Hello Everyone!!! 

  First off I want to begin by saying that it is an honor to be here. This will be a relatively long post because I am going to sort of explain my situation and what I am attempting to accomplish. Here we go!

I am an actor. I do small time films and plan on going to Hollywood. I am 22 years old and coming up on 23 very quick. I have struggled with an acne problem since high school and it has really really made acting in front of a camera very difficult. You are extremely self conscious and there have been a few weeks where I just sat alone in my room without letting anyone see me. It has played a huge role in holding me back.

This is what led me to raw foods. I took a few prescription drugs for long periods of time. They worked, but made me feel sick a lot. And whenever I forgot to take them... the cystic acne would obliterate my face. Eventually I looked into the drugs and I found that they are very hard on your liver and all the people that took them in the reviews told me that it gets hundreds times worse when you get off the medication. I got rid of the medication, and it got worse than ever. I got to the point where I was angry because I didn't want to live my whole life by taking a pill that kills my insides. I think if I were a father taking those pills, it would be very embarrassing. Then I found David Wolfe. 

I learned about veganism and was told that it helps with acne. Out of desperation, I jumped right in. I failed miserably. My acne got worse, I lost tons of weight, and I felt like garbage. Then I came across the raw foodist community and I begin reading David Wolfe's books. It made me feel excited, because I found out exactly what I was doing wrong. I stayed away from fruits and vegetables and mostly ate beans, rice, noodles, nuts, and seeds. The problem with this was that my mother never agreed with this diet... and I ended up going back to the traditional diet, even worse than vegan.

So as my diet got worse, I figured I could balance it out with exercise. I began lifting heavy weights and doing crazy amounts of pushups and sit ups. One day I did more than 1000 pushups in one day. Needless to say, I got strong. I gained 10 pounds of muscle. I have always had an insane metabolism. I was 170 pounds with only 7 percent body fat. I was very happy except for one thing.... my face. I wish I still had pictures of the time, I looked hideous. It seemed that the more I ate the worse I looked, but the more my muscles grew. It appeared to me that to have one thing great, I had to sacrifice something else. To me, my face was more important. It made dating very hard, even with a strong body, when women can't stand to look at your face. 

After this I spend 3 years on the sidelines. I stopped working out, I stopped eating so much, my muscles went away, and my acne got stronger. I couldn't figure it out. I began to believe that I was just cursed with terrible skin complexion. Then I saw two documentaries, fat sick and nearly dead, and forks over knives. These inspired me to go back to raw foods.

I immediately went out and got a job to give me some financial stability. I moved out of my mothers house when I was 21. I went back into making films, though I stay behind the camera because I still can't stand to look at myself, and now here I am.

After doing some research on the internet I came across Durianrider and it peaked my interest to join this website. I am ecstatic to be here! I have new visions and goals for the future and I truly believe that I can get back onto track. Now let me tell you my one main goal.

I have always been an extremist. I am obsessed with doing things 110 percent, this is just how I am wired. I have actually come across a script that was written by a very good writer who has been involved with Hollywood films. He has created a character in this story that is a street brawler. The character is perfect for me and I want to play him so very bad. The only catch is, the character is obsessed with beauty and fitness. He is described as wanting to reach the levels of a Greek god and that is why he does what he does. The character is also a steroid abuser which eventually leads to his downfall. 

Now, while it is never and will never be my intention to use steroids, I still have to fit the part. We are suppose to begin shooting about 6 months from November 1st. So I guess my question is, how do I get big on a diet like this? I understand that steroids make you look inhuman and I don't think I can get to that point, and don't want to. But I would like to appear like I am on them, just to fit the role perfect. 

I have noticed that the majority of people here are endurance athletes. Is there anyone out there, who follows this diet strictly, and looks like a gorilla? If so, what do you eat and how much exercise do you do? I know how to get big on a standard american diet because I studied it, obsessively, for a few years when I was younger. But I am clueless as to how to go about it with a diet that will also improve my skin tone. 

So now that I have explained everything, and if you made it this far I commend and thank you, let me sum up with three questions:


1. How do I get a beautiful skin tone and get rid of my cystic acne?

2. How do I gain 30 pounds of muscle and maintain 8% body fat on this diet?

3. Can anyone name specific role models? 


  I thank everyone who is willing to reply and I will continue to educate myself. While things seem impossible right now, I have faith. I promise my other posts won't be so long! I just got my account approved today and I am excited to finally get a new life up and running. I am looking forward to getting bigger. Besides, I think it would be great if everyone asked me if I actually took steroids for the movie role because I actually looked like I did. I would just tell them, "30 bananas a day boys, 30 bananas a day." lol

            Thanks and take care!


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Thank you very much. This helps a ton!

Hey thanks for the reply! 

I was wondering if it were possible to give specifics? I figured I should eat enough, but does it matter how much protein I am putting into my body or not? Thanks for the video, it was very inspiring. 

Protein is a non-issue if eating whole foods.

Our protein requirements are incredibly low. I eat on average between 50 - 70 grams a day and build easy.

Here is a great article on our protein requirements:

Dr McDougall Protein Article

This is for question 2:

Maintaining low body fat is effortless so don't worry.

The following is to put muscle gain into perspective:

If training, eating (3500+ cal/day) and recovering (sleeping 9-12 hours/night) properly, then to build new MUSCLE (not water weight or fat in and around muscle, but PURE muscle) takes 1lb per month MAX. Which means to gain 30lbs of muscle will take about 2.5 years. I can attest to this as i've put on 17lbs of NEW muscle in 1.5 years.

The above doesn't stand true for strength/weight training beginners as they can build muscle a lot quicker for the first 6-12 months.

If you are regaining LOST muscle then the above doesn't apply as well. People can regain all their lost muscle in a matter of months (provided they're doing everything right).

Everything I said is for the drug-free athlete. Taking anabolic drugs changes everything.

It's totally doable.

Chris Califano is a great role model and a member here. He's helped answer my questions in the past with great clarity.

This is his website.

Here is his youtube channel.

Check his pics, he's got an awesome physique.

Thanks man! 

This guy does look great! He really is an inspiration. I appreciate all the info!


I'm also battling severe acne, which is one of the reasons I started this diet/lifestyle. Reading your post, I definitely can empathize with what you've been going through. I've been at this since March, and my skin has gotten consistently worse, right now it's absolutely hideous, definitely the worst it's ever been. I know people here claim "detox" but I've honestly accumulated so many red marks & deep scars just over these past few months that I don't feel like it's worth it. Nonetheless, although I may not LOOK amazing (far from it!), I FEEL amazing on this diet, and that's what keeps me going. I should mention, though, that I don't exercise nearly as much as you seem too, so maybe that will help you get better, faster results.

Thank you Adi, 

   This actually helps a lot that someone else is going through the same thing as I am. It can be very disheartening when you feel alone with a problem. I have noticed, even when I was on a meat diet, that running long distances really helped me with acne. So I wonder if I do this and stay on this new diet, if it would help me a lot. I will keep in touch and tell you how I do. I would also love to hear how your journey goes!



   No I stopped using product in high school after I heard that it itself can cause lots of breakouts. I used proactive before, and some cheaper walmart version of proactive :P But other than that I have not. I did use a medication and just as you found out it was bad for your liver, so did I, so I stopped taking that and everything got way worse. So I will try to stick to this diet and see how it does for my skin. I appreciate your post! Thank you much!


I cant speak on the muscle thing as I am under muscled/overfat still, though gradually getting better on this.

However I am someone who had cystic acne before l I went vegan 8 years ago. It took only 2 weeks for my skin to basically calm down, but over 2 years for completely clear skin and for the previous scars to mostly disappear.

Two big things if you are not doing them already is to stay away from caffeine and all stimulants! And stay away from dairy and chocolate/cacao products. They make cystic acne so bad/worse. stay away from processed sugars!

I also think in addition to eating all your carb cals, that eating a lot of water rich green things like cucumbers and celery help your skin a lot. Also doing ripe papaya pulp masks helps too. What I do is when I get papaya to eat, I save the peels with a little flesh on the and rub them on my skin for a few minutes then let the juice dry before I rinse it off. I smells nice too! but burns a little cause of the enzymes but that is what you want.

And although some will tell you to completely avoid overt fats for your muscle growth, I cant tell you if that is right or not, but I can tell you that fat soluble vitamins are important in healing your skin, so I would still say that it is okay to eat a portion of overts that does not exceed 10% in your calorie nutrient ratio. Consuming them at the same time as greens or orange/yellow vegetables increases the absorption of fat soluble vitamins.

Last bit of advice: Sun on your face. Leave the sunblock at home till your skin gets better. The suns rays are very good for killing bacteria on your skin. If you live in a non-sunny place getting one of those lights that they use for Seasonal Affective Disorder will mimic the sun.
See frank medrano for the muscle



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