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calories are just a measurement the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C what is energy?energy is food the more food you eat the more energy you have! BUT if you do not use this energy your body stores it!! which is fine, we need some stored energy, but if you keep storing it, it will convert to fat so eat the right foods at the right times and move your body to use the energy YOU CAN NOT BURN CALORIES THEY ARE NOT REAL, YOU CAN NOT EAT CALORIES EITHER BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT REAL!! people that get fat on this lifestyle are not moving their bodies enough to use the energy that they have eaten and they have probably eaten the wrong energy if you put diesel in a petrol car it is fuel but the car won't start because it is the wrong fuel!!

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I wrestle with this too. I see sooooo many people writing about how they're "getting fat" on RT4 or high calorie HCRV. SOOOOOOO many people. I just don't get it. When I first began to see people talking about this, I was like, "Really?? .....Getting fat? ...On LFHCV? ....??....WTF??!!"  I find the lifestyle puts me on "auto-slim". I do like to regulary lift heavy weights, run, snowboard, skateboard. So I guess you might say I'm active. But for those who aren't active.... why aren't you active?! lol

I dunno, maybe there's more to it, but to me it just seems so strange to gain lots of weight on such clean low fat vegan food. If you're training on the regular, and eating HCRV, or RTF, I really don't think long term weight gain should result.Maybe a bit of initial water retention, but not much more past that.  And again, if your body works proper, and you're not training on the regular...Why aren't you training on the regz?!! Move it or lose it, as they say. :)

Also I'm curious... can you clarify what you mean by "the wrong fuel?". I am of the strong belief that fruit is the right fuel for every human being on the plant, sedentary people, marathon runners, and everyone in-between.

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Why then do you think people gain so much>  I just don't get it.  It gets confusing for someone like me who doesn't know where to turn.  There are so many scientists that say low carb, high fat, low fat, high raw that you don't know anymore.  They all have proof.  Can you really get fat eating fruit?

Hi Oriana,

If you were born on this planet with no knowledge of what to eat, and no one to teach you, what would you eat? If clothing and housing and technology had not been invented, where on the planet would you be able to survie? This is how things were for our species for millions of years. There was no technology.  It is easy to understand that humans have existed MUCH longer than the technologies which WE created, right? Right. So, where would you be able to survive under these circumstances? Answer: The warm tropics. This is the only place that you could live comfortably without housing, clothing, heat etc... Now that you're there, what do you eat? What food source appeals to you in it's natural state? Animals? Do they appeal to you as yummy food when you look at them? Can you catch one? If you could, would you kill it with your hands to begin to eat through the fur and blood and tendons? Eww. No. Nope, not animals. Insects? Ew no. Potatoes? Rice? Could you eat them in their natural state? Nope. Veggies? They're ok I guess, but not very tasty and they have hardly any calories. You'd be chewing and eating bland veggies all day long, and would likely still starve.  What about fruit? ..Hmmm... smells good, looks pretty and attractive, taste amazing, lots of nutrition, lots of calories, good macro balance, quenches thirst.... Yup fruit. You'd eat fruit, and TONS of it.  Avocadoes and nuts are high fat vegan foods. Would you really want to sit around eating these all day? Are they more appealing than sweet fruit??

You can listen to "professional opinions" until your ears bleed, but none of them outway the simple logic of humans as a frugivorous primate. This planet is a beauiful harmoneous place, and natural law is a beautiful thing. Do you really think that we were cursed as a species to have to find and eat foods which don't appeal to us in their natural state? That we were cursed to stumble and bumnble around in an unhealthy stupor for millions of years until technology was invented to season and cook/modify new kinds of food? What would be the point of that? And if you do want to go the sceintific route, the health benefits of a low fat vegan diet have been exhaustively demonstrated. http://michaelbluejay.com/veg/doctors.html

Honestly, if anyone is "getting fat" on this lifestyle, they either started out overweight prior to the diet, are cheating on the side and lying about it,  or are sitting on their arse too often. Fruit doesn't make you gain more fat. But you gotta actually stick to the diet long term to know.

Best Wishes,


I completely agree!!!! Fruit is our perfect natural food! I think people can gain weight from cooked starches, especially by going to restaurants and eating "vegan pizza, vegan donuts, vegan spaghetti, vegan burgers, vegan ice cream", these things aren't health promoting. They don't hurt animals so that is awesome, but if someone is trying to lose weight raw fruits and veggies wins always because it is what God made for us. I think this is why people on raw till 4 can gain weight that they don't need, is because is nature people aren't eating rice and sushi etc. It's not natural.

Weight gain is common on rawtil4 and on HCRV when first starting out.  The reason is primarily because most people are not used to eating so much.  The more restrictive one has been the more time it takes for the weight to balance out.  And of course this is assuming one is following all the lifestyle factors correctly and consistently.  The body adapts to the level of carbs you eat, low fat is the key to keeping the weight balanced.

A new site from californiactually with some science on this: http://durianriders.com

And of course a read through Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! should shed some light on this topic as well.


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