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Hey everyone! So while Freelee’s motivating 30 day challenge is up and running I thought it would be good for those of us who find ourselves eating cooked food at night to set up our own DAY – DAY challenge.

There seems to be a lot of us out there wanting to commit to the raw food lifestyle but are finding themselves flip flopping back and forth with cooked food. So here presents a forum page for anyone who wants to set themselves up with the challenge of committing to as many days of raw food as they can without going near cooked food… because one of the things we learn in this lifestyle, is that the longer we can commit to eating raw food, the greater we will feel and the less tempting cooked food becomes.

Cooked food can mean a variety of things to people. For some it can be as easy as giving up steamed potatoes for dinner, for others it’s much harder and can mean giving up things like salt and flavourings. And there are those (most of us) who have an emotional attachment to food. I know I personally like the idea of a warm bowl of veggies on a cold winter’s night...

So how this challenge is going to work is that there is no set amount of days you have to eat raw, instead you are going to take each day and commit to eating raw. This way you don’t feel like a ‘failure’ of you don’t make it to ‘so amount of days’. Each time you eat cooked food, you will start again from day one and try to beat your last record… so every day is like its own personal challenge! Y A Y !

You can choose how to post, you can either post the day before or in the morning so you have an idea of what you will eat, or you can post at night after all your meals, whatever suits you. I also thought it would be a good idea for everyone to introduce themselves so anyone taking part in this challenge can give a beaming hello to fellow participants! It will also give us a good idea of how we can give advice and support to each person based on their personal attributes, location, health ect. Here’s the criteria I would like you to fill out on your first post, after that feel free to log your day however you want:

Name, age (if you want to) and location:

How long have you been on this lifestyle?:

Current consumption of cooked food includes:

Personal goals and motivation (possible health problems you’re hoping to ‘heal’ with this lifestyle):

(Add food/ water / exercise log here. First 3 criteria only need to be described on first log)

So that’s really the only criteria, if you want to add anything else about yourself, feel free. And there we go… this is what the challenge will look like. Remember it’s a personal challenge and becoming a raw vegan doesn’t just happen overnight… it takes dedication, persistence and time. So if you think you need a little push in the RAW direction, join this DAY – DAY challenge and let’s eat some fruit!

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hey victoriya i just replied to you're other post, but yeah i had those cravings but we'll fight them off together =) keep up the good work and enjoy tomorrow!

good to see you joined shadae!

I did my second hill run in 3 days yesterday! never thought i could do that! in two weeks i've gone from running 3-4km to 6 -8!!! and my running time has improved by 2 minutes... even with the hills and not a flat surface!

Day 13 (yesterday):

Breakfast: smothie: 8 leaves cos lettuce, 8 bananas, 500ml water

Lunch: chocolate thickshake: 700g frozen banana, carob, cinnamon, 300ml water (took me an hour to eat this thing!!! drinking through a straw was a bad idea! haha)

snack: 4 dates

dinner: sushi: iceberg lettuce, carrots, cucumber, celery, garlice chives, 100g avocado (3/4 of a whole avocado)

water: 4 litres


Day 14 - Week 2 (yesterday):

Breakfast: smoothie: inner leaves of cos lettuce, 500ml water, 8 bananas

Lunch: 6 small dates, 4 medjool, 3 stalks celery, 4 kiwi fruit, 1 cup frozen raspberries

Dinner 1: 1.5 litres grapefruit juice + pulp

Dinner 2: small sushi: iceberg lettuce, carrrot, cucumber, alfalfa srouts, garlic chives,  other 1/4 avocado

whoa! what happened here? everyone has gone.... including myself!

so after 2 weeks i wanted to try a bit of cooked food so i had steamed veg for dinner - bad idea, it was bland and i was gassy all night and the next day, was going to the toilet constantly, ahd stomach pains and threw up in my mouth a few times (nice juliana.... telling people that). so of course i lost my appetitie the following day - underate a bit. but its amazing how much the body can change within a few weeks! i have been raw for the last two days but what i ate is not worthy of posting so i will start again tomorrow and count it as day three, trial two =)

hope to see some people back on board soon! oh and also, i am going to take part in freelee's august challenge too, so will be posting here and there! come back victoriya, heather, mangolicious and everyone else! i'm lonely! haha

hhhheeey there =) lol i kept forgetting to write on this... was like i will do it tomorrow... that never happened!!! i like the idea of not posting what we eat... way too much hassle! i was onto day 6 again but wanted to try baked potato last night, i actually don't feel bad today... maybe because i ate less cooked food. i think its the quantity to, i ate less cooked food than last weeks try... its all about finding what works for me!

so today is day 1 again =)

^^ if you need a really good salt kick that isn't seaweed dehydrate celery to make salt, works for me =)

Lol - i have had so many day ones :) today is my day one aswell

day two and three.... that's all ;)

Brilliant ideas glad to hear I am not the only one having difficulties staying raw the entire day
Name - Sharon from South Africa
Age 43
Low fat raw vegan for about 3 weeks but been following a high raw vegan diet and made the same mistakes outlined in FreeLees book for the last five years. Feel so much better much more energy and loosing weight at last
Find it difficult not to pick on a little cooked food at night while dishing up for my family mainly rice. Starting to see it is because I am just not eating enough calories from fruit. This is still a difficult concept for me to get after dieting my entire life.


I just want to let everyone know that I'm still trying to stay high carb low fat raw vegan! had a few slip ups but I still am committed. I dont really want to spend lots of time thinking about or planning my meals because I dont think its healthy for me personally. I get too obsessive and then fall off the wagon basically because I get overwhelmed. But I did want to post here and say that I love you all and I'm thinking about you and I'm so grateful to be connected with you all. Much love and luck to everyone! :)

PS: Email me! I want to stay in touch! :)

Thanks for the thoughts - you are so right about not obsessing to much. The last week I have found the more fruit I eat the less I obsess. Really trying to listen to the advise of eat more raw carbs. :)  

Have you managed to stay 100 % High raw for a week? 



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