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Hey everyone! So while Freelee’s motivating 30 day challenge is up and running I thought it would be good for those of us who find ourselves eating cooked food at night to set up our own DAY – DAY challenge.

There seems to be a lot of us out there wanting to commit to the raw food lifestyle but are finding themselves flip flopping back and forth with cooked food. So here presents a forum page for anyone who wants to set themselves up with the challenge of committing to as many days of raw food as they can without going near cooked food… because one of the things we learn in this lifestyle, is that the longer we can commit to eating raw food, the greater we will feel and the less tempting cooked food becomes.

Cooked food can mean a variety of things to people. For some it can be as easy as giving up steamed potatoes for dinner, for others it’s much harder and can mean giving up things like salt and flavourings. And there are those (most of us) who have an emotional attachment to food. I know I personally like the idea of a warm bowl of veggies on a cold winter’s night...

So how this challenge is going to work is that there is no set amount of days you have to eat raw, instead you are going to take each day and commit to eating raw. This way you don’t feel like a ‘failure’ of you don’t make it to ‘so amount of days’. Each time you eat cooked food, you will start again from day one and try to beat your last record… so every day is like its own personal challenge! Y A Y !

You can choose how to post, you can either post the day before or in the morning so you have an idea of what you will eat, or you can post at night after all your meals, whatever suits you. I also thought it would be a good idea for everyone to introduce themselves so anyone taking part in this challenge can give a beaming hello to fellow participants! It will also give us a good idea of how we can give advice and support to each person based on their personal attributes, location, health ect. Here’s the criteria I would like you to fill out on your first post, after that feel free to log your day however you want:

Name, age (if you want to) and location:

How long have you been on this lifestyle?:

Current consumption of cooked food includes:

Personal goals and motivation (possible health problems you’re hoping to ‘heal’ with this lifestyle):

(Add food/ water / exercise log here. First 3 criteria only need to be described on first log)

So that’s really the only criteria, if you want to add anything else about yourself, feel free. And there we go… this is what the challenge will look like. Remember it’s a personal challenge and becoming a raw vegan doesn’t just happen overnight… it takes dedication, persistence and time. So if you think you need a little push in the RAW direction, join this DAY – DAY challenge and let’s eat some fruit!

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I'll introduce myself now but won't post until tomorrow... have to do some shopping first!

Name, age (if you want to) and location: Juliana (feel free to call me Liney), 18 years old, Adelaide Australia

How long have you been on this lifestyle?: 4 months persistant HCLFV, been on - off beginning December 2011

Current consumption of cooked food includes: potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, peas, sprouts, homemade corn tortillas (my favourite cooked food!)

Personal goals and motivation (possible health problems you’re hoping to ‘heal’ with this lifestyle): hoping to improve running time, do more than 10 full pushups (currently can achieve 4), do chin ups, heal eyesight - have been wearing glasses since aged 8, improve immunity, eternal happiness =)

So excited about this Juliana! What a wonderful idea :0

My name is Viktoriya I am 24 years old and I reside in Richmond VA

Currently I have a hard time giving up grains like brown rice, quinoa and oat groats. I do occasionally like to put coconut oil, salt and cardamom on my quinoa but I generally have been eating the grains plain. 

What I would like to find is balance. I want to be able to let go of attachment to food and I want to stop being so obsessive with it. I want to be able to just eat to live, not live to eat. I want to go deeper on my spiritual journey...beyond food. I often feel really tired and out of balance and would like to find super energized. I want to be able to go on hikes and mountain biking and yoga and still feel like I'm full of energy. Today I already ate cooked food so I will start tomorrow but I'm really excited about this. I will try to log every day but what I might do is write a word document each day then post that whenever I can because where I am there is no internet access but I definitely want to do this. Thanks for starting this! :)

I LOVE your goals! Most of them resonate with me, as well. Good luck and I know we can all do this together.

Ditto, I wish I had a buddy in my area to go to fun activities like this with.

Great idea!

I am Heather, 29, from Portland, OR.

I have been in this lifestyle for about 7 months now.

My current consumption as of lately of cooked foods has been on Tuesdays and one weekend day. On Tuesdays, I cook for a vegan catering company I run, I usually reward my hard days work with one of the dishes I make. Mostly, it will be a tamale or a pupusa. On the weekend, I will sometimes have dinner with my family. It will usually be some ethnic food: Thai, Vietnamese, Latin American, etc.

Personal Goals: My goal is to be healthy. I feel healthier and healthier everyday on this "diet" and I am waiting to get to the point where I say, "There! I'm the healthiest I can be!" This includes exercising and natural hygiene. I have a husband and two small children and they eat a lot of raw meals with me but have something cooked everyday. Since I do all of the cooking, I would like to get to the point where I am un cooking for them almost if not everyday. This would help out my cravings, as well. If I'm not taking time to prepare and smell cooked food, I feel like my cravings will go down.

So far, today I have not eaten nearly enough. It is really hot outside and I'm just not very hungry. I also ate some fat in the morning and just now, which I don't normally do...but I made this yummy cashew cream for some orders and finished it off. :)

Breakfast: Fruit salad: Kiwi, strawberries, mango, banana, orange with cashew cream and chopped pecans.

Snack: Coconut Water

Lunch: Left over fruit salad

Dinner: Nectarines and salad

hey viktoriya and heather! great to see i'm not the only one posting otherwise that would've been awkward!.. and lonely....

day one:

breakfast: 8 bananas

lunch: smoothie: 7 bananas, 7 passionfruit, 1 large pear, cos lettuce, 500ml water

dinner 1: smoothie of 4 bananas, 250ml water poured over 3 chopped bananas and a cup of raspberries

dinner 2: salad with 2 oranges, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes

water: 3.5 litres

wow Tuva! what a unique name =) glad to see you've joined!

Day two:

breakfast: smoothie: 8 bananas, 500 ml water, half organic romaine lettuce

lunch: 1.5 litres fresh organic orange juice + pulp

snack: juice of 1 young coconut

dinner 1: 14 iranian dates, 5 sticks organic celery

dinner 2: salad with 2 oranges, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes

water: 4.5 litres

Yesterday, I failed! Wah! Looks like I'm starting over. So, yesterday it was:

Breakfast: banana and date smoothie

Snack: Blueberries

Lunch: Salad with sesame tahini dressing, two bananas

Dinner: A vegan quesadilla Boo!

Today 7/13:

Breakfast: 6 banana and 4 date smoothie

Lunch: 8 banana and 4 date smoothie

Dinner: Golden Beet Raviolis (4 Golden beets, cashew cheese, pesto (no fat), tomato marinara), Salad

Snack: Blueberries or Apricots

Heather don't worry about the cooked food! and remember there's no failure here... we're all taking baby steps, its about progress not failure! good job on picking yourself up again =)

I have major potato cravings.... but i'm fighting through it!

day three:

breakfast: smoothie:  8 bananas, 1/2 romaine lettuce, 500ml water

lunch: smoothie: 8 bananas, 500ml water

dinner 1: 6 medjool dates, 1 tsp chia seeds, 2/3 cup raspberris (made into a 'jam' tart)

dinner 2: salad with 2 oranges, 2 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes

water: 4 litres

the avocado is fine, maybe just track it on cronomtre to make sure you're not going above 10% fat. some people can eat exactly 10% and feel great, others like to keep it as low as they can. You could try blitzing celery in a food processor to replace rice, it makes a kind of burghul texture... maybe because avocado has a wonderful flavour, try making a dressing for your salad instead wih oranges, tomatoes, mangoes... or a mock pesto could work to add bulk.

you should also eat your melon first thing in the morning because it is the easiest to digest and when it sits ontop of other food it can be bad for digestion as it will start to ferment ontop. you're doing so well too! lets make it to one week! =)

Ok, couldnt post yesterday but here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Half a watermelon

Lunch: 7 orange juice

Snack: 3 dates

Pre-dinner: Banana, date, apple, carob smoothie

Dinner: salad with lots of spring mix greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, avocado and lime juice squeezed on top. 

Will post later on what I had today :) SOOO excited! Thanks again Juliana, and thanks to everyone here for being so inspiring :)



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