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Hi, everyone just wondering if that's normal to have loose stool, diarrhea, gas, bloating, feeling constantly weak etc when trying to eat 100% raw during transition? I'm on week two of starting to eat raw again, this is my 4x try in 10 years, I can't sustain it. I've gone as far as two months lfrv and always have the same problem. I have food allergies, candida, and I think IBS. I'm thinking all the fiber in the fruit is causing IBS. I'm guessing that I just need to stick with it and stay 100% raw and eventually my IBS and all it's symptoms will go away?

Seems like bananas are the most friendly to my guts IF they're ripe if they're not ripe I get terrible cramping and gas. Melons, citrus fruit, grapes, lettuce all end up not digesting and end up with loose stool, diarrhea, gas, bloating, feeling constantly weak probably cause of dehydration from not absorbing fluids and nutrients correctly, i.e malabsorbtion.

How many weeks or months of eating 100% raw lfrv should I have to go before I'm not having all these Gastro problems do you think? 1 month, 2 months? at what point should it be safe to say I simply can't handle eating raw, or I need to go to a doctor because I must have something wrong with me?


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Gastrointestinal symptoms can be caused by a B-12 deficiency. 

What is your B-12 level in your blood? Is it above 600? Do you have recent, and proper, B-12 check-ups?


I'd highly recommend the book - Could It Be B12?

Amazon has copies as low as $6.00.


What I would suggest, and this is my opinion;

- Get your B-12 level checked. If it is below 600, get on a shot regimen to fill up your B-12. One shot a day for a week, one a week for a month and then have your levels checked every month to see if you drastically lose your B-12 supply.

- Continue eating raw and push it out past the 6 month mark. Changes to your body can be ongoing throughout the first year. It can be painful, boring, dreadful and you may hate the sight of bananas. Tough it out and deal with the consequences of feeling poorly as your body transitions, detoxifies and re-adapts to this lifestyle. 

- If after 6 months or longer, the problems still persist and your B-12 levels are above 600; there could be an underlying medical problem that you need to take care of. Perhaps look into fasting at that point? Conventional medicine and doctors may not help you in the long-term, especially if it is your goal to live naturally. Fasting has been recorded to help many people that have issues related to the one that you describe.

Remember, 20+ years of damage can take longer than 2 months to repair and re-adapt to. It can even take as long as a few years. It all depends on the individual's body.

Honestly I think that if something is healthy for you, you should feel and see things getting better right away. I should not be having so much gastro distress for weeks and months eating 100% LFRV, I would think I could see maybe a couple weeks but not months of the same issues. That's why I think either one or more fruits I can't digest no mater how long I go, maybe my IBS is genetic and if it's too fibrous my guts go crazy, or like you said B-12 is low causing trouble. I did take B-12 pills before and didn't notice any surge in energy or feeling of wellness. Maybe I need B-12 shots, as who knows how to good B-12 pills are?

Hi Stan! Did you get better on this? Just curious how long it took you to adapt.

To get rid of all of those symptoms the best remedy is taking a Probiotic pill. You will fill Great!!!

Hi wawa! i have been indeed taking a probiotic pill first thing in the morning and at first it seemed to work, but itnis coming back. I am bloated, my stomach makes loud noises, I feel like I need to go and then nothing. it is a bit horrible.

This has been going on for almost a month now and I don´t know what to do, wether I should get worried or not. I also have had acne for almost two months, and from what I have read, it looks like a pretty lomg detox to me. If I knew for sure this was going to go away I would not worry, but I am a bit worried, because maybe my body is not handeling it correctly. Even when I try to run it is impossible. Gas won´t let me. It is very frustrating.

Be raw my friend - I've had the same thing. It was weak pancreas. Certain herbs help stregthen your pancreas longer term. Short term solution would be make sure UR not drinking liquids with or right after meals, maybe even use enzymes or ACV with food.


Just one question, how long did it take you to stregthen your pancreas?

It depends on so many things from what you use to help -to lifestyle choices - to how bad it is starting off (your history) etc.... But it's a process - not immediately healed.

The 80/10/10 lifestyle is the way to go for starters. Pancreatic enzymes I hear help. ACV before meals esp. Salad meals helped. But I like herbs bc it's food and still medicinal when they are combined correctly. I really liked dr. Morse ideas on this.

I would also add as the most important - be intuitive. Get quiet with yourself and listen to your higher self that knows what's going on inside. You really are your best guide.

It may take a couple months to fully resolve. I was on and off on practicing what I know now.

I also resorted to blending my salads bc it gives the best digestion.

Reguardless on how long it takes its worth it bc if you don't resolve it sooner or later it will always be there.

i will definately check out dr. Morse.  I will try to be patient and start listening to my higher self.

Thank you so much fornyour help and support.

Dr. Morse supports cruelty to animals and breatharianism and sells some unhealthy, unnecessary stuff.  Search 30BaD for more info. on him.

I don't have IBS or severe digestive problems so I can't say what I know will help! With that said...

I do have a weaker digestive system and found that most vegetables wreak havoc on my stomach and bowels! Cruciferous veggies should be taken out from your diet for sure as they are terribly difficult to digest, i.e. kale, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage. I stick to cooked white rice, white potatoes (faster and easier starches) and as far as raw; carrots, cucumbers, LOTS of iceburg lettuce and some romaine, and celery. Check out this website: http://www.sanatansociety.org/indian_vegetarian_recipes/digestibili...

As for fruit, bananas, papaya, bananas, papaya lol those are the best staple foods for your raw diet! Stick with what you know feels good and experiment with others from there so you can pinpoint what feels best.

Everyone is different with sensitivities, what I find I cannot eat may be okay for you. For example, melon is great for your stomach and shouldn't cause you problems but not your specific case. I hope you take all of or advice and find something that works. Just know, a cooked low fat raw vegan lifestyle still has benefits! 



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