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i encountered gary through a rather amusing set of circumstances. he is one powerful advocate for animals! his website is www.adaptt.org (and was featured on towardsfreedom about a month ago)

you can get a sample of his wonderful dynamics in this intro at georgia tech in this youtube video:

check his site out too and you'll find just how committed he is to this most important cause that is an essential part of human evolution.

in friendship,

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His speech broke my heart. I was on the verge of tears the whole time.  The 99% needs a wake up call! 

another email from gary.

in friendship,



From: "Gary Yourofsky" <garytofu@earthlink.net>
Subject: Vegan Cooking Show, Yourofsky in Poland, the insipid plant-killing question
To: "'Gary Yourofsky'" <garytofu@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 06:05:59 -0500

First, check out Jason Wrobel's new TV show "How to Live to 100"! The initial
episode was so well-received earlier this year, The Cooking Channel decided
to do more shows for 2014.  Watch the season one premiere of the world's first
primetime cooking show with healthy vegan recipes ONLY this Friday, January 3,
at 9 p.m. EST. on The Cooking Channel (http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/
home.html -- https://www.facebook.com/jasonandrewwrobel).


Second, Polish activists are following the lead of Israeli activists as they
attempt to bring veganism to the forefront of their country by promoting my
2010 Georgia Tech lecture. Here's an email I received about it:

From: Kasia [mailto:kasiasuder@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 4:57 AM
To: garytofu@earthlink.net
Subject: Your name on the Polish highway

A huge banner with your name hung above a Polish Highway. It was hung in the
night by a group of activists who wanted to draw attention to the ideology of
veganism and animal rights. Your speech, one year ago, changed my outlook on
the world, so I wanted to thank you by sending you this article from a Polish
newspaper about the banner with your name on it. I hope one day you will
consider coming to Poland to inspire our people. Link: http://wyborcza.pl/

[Scroll down to see the photo. It is underneath the ads/headlines. If the link
doesn't work when you click it, cut and paste it into your browser.]


Third, I wanted to share an email about the stupid plant-suffering question. I
guided him to the PLANT KILLING essay on my adaptt.org site. He responded
without reading it, as you will see. So did I; precisely,
truthfully-sarcastically and firmly.

From: D F
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 12:58 AM
To: Gary Yourofsky
Subject: Trying to understand your speech
Why do you discriminate against plants? You're an animals protector, but you
talk about plants like they aren't living beings. Why is that?
From: Gary Yourofsky [mailto:garytofu@earthlink.net]
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 1:43 AM
I kindly asked you to go to my adaptt.org site and read THE INSIPID KILLINGPLANTS ARGUMENT essay located in ALL ABOUT VEGANISM. Obviously, you IGNORED my
request and chose to remain IGNORANT instead. If you perused the piece, you
wouldn't be making ridiculous comments about discriminating against plants.
Isn't it amazing that NO ONE EVER wants to be nice to a carrot, but then ALL
OF A SUDDEN I give a lecture about how cows and fish SUFFER in the same way
humans suffer, and lo and behold all the meat, dairy and egg-eaters of the
world claim that carrots are going through a holocaust!. And broccoli are
being mass murdered. How in the fuck did that happen? OPEN UP YOUR MIND and
use the brain that God gave you. You'd be amazed at the results. LISTENING AND
LEARNING about issues of injustice is proper rather than acting like you know
everything. After all, if you knew something about anything, wouldn't you have
a speech that has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and
benefitted this planet in some way? Wouldn't you be invited into classrooms to
give presentations? And if taking mushrooms out of the ground bothers you so
much, there is something called FRUITARIANISM (ultra veganism) where you only
eat fruits and nuts that FALL from trees. But I suspect you'll find a reason
not to do that either. Because the truth is, you don't give a shit about
plants any more than you give a shit about animals, or humans. If everyone has
to die as you insinuate with passive-aggressive precision, then why do we
have laws making it a crime to KILL a human?  Seems a tad unfair, doesn't it?
Oh, right right right, I forgot ... you ARE a specieisist, and you only think
it's wrong to harm the two-legged creatures who think they are Gods because an
ancient book claims that the invisible man in the sky created them in His
image! If so many innocent beings weren't suffering from the psychotic meat,
dairy an egg-eating lifestyle, I would be laughing hysterically and wondering
why you weren't writing for Key & Peele, Stephen Colbert, and Larry David. Do
you truly believe that I have time to have this STUPID debate with you about
the feelings of corn, whether we are murdering green peppers, the merciless
rape of rice, the mass mutilation of cashews, or the pain those poor
pumpkins experience when we scrape their seeds, without anesthetic, from their
insides? Oh, and don't bother writing back. Your future emails will be DELETED
and UNREAD instantly. I hope all the pain and suffering that humans inflict
upon the animals returns to you tenfold. And when you scream out for help, I
hope someone acts JUST LIKE YOU and says, "Sorry, but your pain isn't worse
than the suffering of the grapes as they are plucked from the vines of the
world. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that the vines
are being exploited and abused, too. I just don't have any time to be
concerned about your situation."

a couple of published papers.

in friendship,



From: "Gary Yourofsky" <garytofu@earthlink.net>
Subject: two articles supporting animal liberation
To: "'Gary Yourofsky'" <garytofu@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 07:59:13 -0500

The first piece was published on Friday, January 3, 2014, in The Haaretz
newspaper. It is the third most popular paper in Israel. The same
journalist also wrote an awesome article on Sept. 7, 2012. That one appears
Yourofsky – One Of The Righteous Among the Nations
By Eyal Megged
The Haaretz
January 3, 2014
The Righteous Among the Nations, those saintly non-Jews who are presented as
role models for every Jewish child around here, were fanatical people who
performed fanatical acts. The decision to save persons and families right
under the Nazis' noses in occupied Europe was not just an extreme fanatical
act but an almost certain act of actual suicide. I use this metaphor -- which
is bound to arouse immediate outrage in many of the readers, when they find
out that this article is not about Jews but about animals; not about innocent
children but about innocent calves – in order to demonstrate that sometimes,
in an unbearable reality, certain people go off the rails and do things which
most of us regard as extreme and illogical.
In my opinion this is what happened to Gary Yourofsky. This is probably what I
would have done as well, if I had his courage and his strength, which enable
him to be exposed on a daily basis to the horrors which he wishes to end. This
is what happened to the Righteous Among the Nations when they felt they could
no longer stick their heads in the sand in view of what was being done to
their Jewish neighbors.
I purposely avoid using the trite "you can't compare the two atrocities
argument" since I do not believe in this reservation. I am entitled to the
shaking emotional identification that befalls me (e.g. last Saturday in a
Kibbutz cow shed) when I saw baby calves which were soon to be mutilated and
beheaded, even if they are "only" animals. I shudder at the thought that these
unforgivable acts are done, among other reasons, so that the food critic of
the paper I write for will in due course muster his poetic inspiration to
describe the roast prepared by a supreme chef from one of those sweet lovely
Like Bashevis Singer, I too am bound by the duty to compare the Zoglowek
[animal slaughterhouse] to Treblinka. I guess Bashevis Singer, Yourofsky and I
have the same emotional range, and I don't see any fault in this. On the
contrary: I'd even say that by comparing it to the animal's holocaust I can
better and more deeply understand "our" holocaust, from different aspects,
which this is neither the place nor the time to elaborate.
On this occasion I would like to use this fanatical column of mine to persuade
the members of the interministerial committee -- appointed by the Prime
Minister to examine the issue of transferring the Animal Protection Laws'
enforcement from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Ministry of Environmental
Protection – to not miss this opportunity that has befallen them. There can be
no exaggeration in the change they can make happen. The Ministry of
Agriculture, which naturally represents the meat and dairy industries, has so
far made a laughingstock of farm animals' rights. The Minister of Agriculture
should be in charge of the cows' well-being just as Shari Arison should be in
charge of the Bank of Israel.
Such a change, if it does happen, is by no means an extreme act. It shouldn't
have anything to do with any vegetarian or vegan tendency, God forbid. The
committee members will be permitted, while debating the issue, to feast on
chicken thighs, schnitzel or shawarma. All that is required of them is to
rectify a legal and governmental wrong, to put an end to an atrocious
injustice. Their right and just decision, which will undoubtedly require
standing up to mighty economic forces, will be a small step for humanity but a
great step for the animals.
Stop The Animal Holocaust

By Eyal Megged
The Haaretz
September 7 2012
The charismatic animal rights preacher, Gary Yourovsky, arrived in Israel two
days ago to win over devotees to the cause. As part of his lecture tour, he
was due to visit the Experimental High School in Jerusalem where my son
studies. A time had already been fixed for his lecture, but meanwhile the
students were informed that the Education Ministry had sent out a circular
forbidding the holding of the lecture since "the material that is conveyed is
not suitable."
This is a dry turn of phrase that suits to a tee the inspirational circulars
disseminated by the ministry. At my request, my son was able to squeeze out a
few more words from the document received at his school, and the most salient
argument there was that the lecturer is "a vegan who has an extreme influence
on his listeners."
That's strange, I thought. According to that logic, it is possible to say
about anyone who describes horrors he has endured that "he has an extreme
influence on his listeners." Yourovsky indeed describes in horrifying detail
what he has seen in slaughterhouses, in chicken coops, in sheep pens and in
cattle farms; but after all (with all the obvious, countless differences ),
Holocaust survivors who go to the schools every year on Holocaust Remembrance
Day also include "extreme contents" in their lectures that are likely to shock
the innocent souls of their young listeners.
But perhaps the difference lies in the horrors of the past and the horrors of
the present. Between the Holocaust that happened in the past and the holocaust
that is taking place now. Perhaps it is easier to digest a memory than to
digest a reality that it is still possible to change. I have no doubt that I
lost a lot of outraged readers already in the previous paragraph: How is it
possible to compare the Holocaust of the Jews at all, The Holocaust with a
capital T, to what is happening in the valley of death of the helpless animals
at our mercy?
However, from the point of view of an extreme vegetarian like me, the
prohibition imposed on Yourovsky about describing, at my son's school and
other schools to which he was invited, the horrors that we perpetrate on the
helpless animals is no less grave than a situation in which Holocaust
survivors would be prevented from describing what they underwent in the death
From my point of view, the ongoing holocaust of animals is as terrible and
horrific as the Holocaust of people. Both were perpetrated on living
creatures. The one group suffered and the other group continues to suffer.
Then the world declined to intervene and now the world declines to intervene.
In my eyes, there is no difference between one kind of suffering and another.
The only difference is that the holocaust of the animals can be stopped. The
anger that motivates Yourovsky to sabotage torture farms and monstrous
laboratories stems from that same holy feeling that motivated justice and
freedom fighters throughout the generations to intervene on behalf of the
wretched and miserable of the human race.
I still can't comprehend how an enlightened person is capable of ignoring the
scandalous gap that exists between the amount of suffering caused to animals
when they are being murdered, and the amount of pleasure such an enlightened
person gets from eating their flesh. I have not understood, and I still do not
understand, how a conscientious person can be completely shut off from the
subject on the agenda. How cultured people ignore the daily bloodshed in the
slaughterhouses, the legal extermination of helpless animals that is carried
out because of the human lust for meat.
It is possible to think that at at any rate, high school students are not
exposed to extreme content at any juncture. In a short while, though, they
will not merely be exposed to extreme "content," but to an extreme reality.
How absurd and stupid it is to decide to prevent these youth, who in another
year will be joining the army, from listening to a person who is trying to put
an end to violence and torture, only because he wants to try to persuade them
to stop eating steak.

Love this man! He is truly a revolutionary of the vegan movement of our times

here's another great gary video brought to my attention by kel:

Vegan Activist DESTROYS Ignorant Reporter

well that's a bit of an exaggeration. gary's a compassionate guy! he wouldn't destroy anyone without providing the opportunity for the person to reincarnate him/herself. ;)

it's a very good video with some accurate answers to the remarkably ridiculous rationalizations that oppressors like to use.

in friendship,


Great stuff, so much said in so little time!

I agree Super Stuff Prad.

I like his no compromise approach. To the sane this makes sense but to the insane the person that helps pass the gravy for the corpse munching not so much ;-) I guess Kind of more goofy if it is the vegan doing the passing of the gravy to the corpse.

He has a great site as well.

I agree I think most vegans are naive in believing holding hands and being one of the gang is going to help make any real changes.

It's funny being a vegan now for over 20 years the "third eye" becomes more aware of the deception.

Rape in a Fancy milk carton is still rape.

Take Care,

oh definitely! makes me actually a bit guilty for not being so active in my vegan-ness

so true :) I have the rest of my life to be banned from 5 countries. If i start now, maybe I can beat him.

such a good speech! Any qualms about being vegan, just watch this


I'm happy to see Gary being mentioned on here. He's the reason I became a vegan back then... I felt incredibly stupid, having grown up surrounded by farms myself and having seen quite a few things, yet it seemed like I had not processed some of those things as I should have. It took only one of his lectures and I turned vegan immediately. Bless this man! He's an inspiration. :)



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