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I'm a 17 year old girl. I'm 6'3 and weigh 70 kg. I have been vegan for a month and a half.
I play competitive basketball 5 days a week. Have soccer matches every now and then. I train crossfit 5 days a week. Bike 15 - 20 km one day a week. Eat an average of 2500-3000 cal a day.
My main source is dates and bananas and dried figs. I usually eat raw till 4. Where I eat potatoes or rice and veggies with spices. I drink 3-4 liters of water a day.

From everything I have read; I should be losing weight. I know it takes time. I'm not saying y am I not at my perfect body I'm just saying y am I exactly the same or even gaining?

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You are not eating enough to lose weight.  You are very active and your body isn't getting enough to satisfy its needs so it will hold onto everything you.  I am totally sedentary right now and I eat well over 4,000 calories a day and all I have is a desk job and do no exercise. 

The salt in your diet is causing you to retain large amounts of water all over your face body and extremities. 

Eliminate the "spices" completely.

Your taste buds will adapt accordingly. Problem solved.

That's why I wrote spices because I use *spices* and not salt
And just noticed I'm 5'3 hahaha if I was 6'3 that would be normal weight :p

Not sure where or what you have been reading but weight gain is common at first.  Read Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! to learn about the 30BaD lifestyle.

And you are definitely under eating big time!  See here for an athlete's intake:80/10/10 athlete's daily routine -

A.  How do i know im not eating enough calories from fruit?
1. Other food starts to look and smell good.
2. Cooked food looks more then the second rate option it really is.
3. Your energy, power, strength start to go downhill.
4. Your attitude starts to suck. You just want to rip apart people and scream at them with frustration.
5. You start to question this whole raw gig.
6. You get cravings during the day and evening.
7. You start to rely on discipline to keep you raw.
8. You start to make raw pasta dishes, raw cakes etc.
9. You start to question if we really need to exercise.
10. Your so thin and weak that your athletic friends start to get concerned.
11. You start to question veganism.
12. You start blending maccadamias with dulse and spread it on 1inch thick flax crackers you made at 3am in the morning.
13. You wake up at night and steal your housemates fruit. If your housemate is called banana guns and he told you not to eat the papaya, and you did, you aint eating enough fruit cals.
14. You start to want to take fancy herbs and experiement with other diets.
15. Your actually eating pizza and reading this.
16. Youve got some Fred Bisci Enzymes in your pocket and your ready to try the 'all raw but 20% cooked rule'
17. You want to believe that Brian Clement is right when he says corn chips are better than fruit. 
18. You just paid aajonus vonderplanitz 400$ for a one hour consult and he told you to put an egg on a window edge for 50 days until its putrid and then to eat it. and you did it. you saw your dog eat some animal poo and you tried it too. ( true story i just heard).
19. You just cant sleep!! you are approaching insomniac.


People who have been undereating seem to always gain weight on this diet.

FWIW, I realized that I was getting very bloated when eating big amounts of dried fruits (especially dates). I was going crazy on them, and they just don't agree with my body.

I do better on whole starches like rice and potatoes than on dried fruit.

So, my advice would be, eat only as much fresh fruit as you can, and the rest be it whole starches. Try it and report me back, please :)

Thanx :) the problem is I get bloated when I eat the " cooked food" every time I have potatoes, rice, mushrooms, bread anything starchy I guess I get very bloated and gassy . But idk what to do because eating fruit all day is so unappealing and just gets annoying and very gross even if it is different fruits every meal.

You might want to consider going on "banana island" for 10 days.  It's what Dr. Doug puts people on starting out on HCRV.  It teaches you to focus on eating for fuel not for entertainment.  So you get out of the "what do I feel like eating" mentality we all grew up on.  There are many other benefits as well.  It is very easy in digestion so it helps speed healing.  It gives your taste buds a break and then afterwards everything tastes better.  Banana Islanders



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