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I have been doing this lifestyle since january. It has been a roller coaster ride. Due to friends who invite us to these parties. I feel bad and they are offended when I don't eat their food that they worked so hard to make. That is very hard to deal with. I lost weight initially with out doing hardly any excerise.  But then I started to crave salty foods and I am gaining weight again. I have just started walking now approx. 4 miles for 2 days & then 1 day of rest. I have started substituting salt with lemon on my rice. Am I on the right track? Approximately how  long does it take for women to see results. I hate having this discouraged feeling. 

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If you're craving salt, try drinking more water, or drinking a juice that has some natural salt in the fruit. Often times salt cravings actually just tie into thirst. I've been dealing with stagnant weight nothing. I run anywhere between 8-20 miles a week, I have some sort of cross training activity I do, I keep up with my high carbs, eat (usually) low fat and sodium, and have been doing this for the past month since going raw till 4. I try not to pay attention to the scale, but I know people who work out far less who are having more success then me. I'm a runner, and I'm a spartan, so Its more then just exercise for me, but my training is still pretty new. The key is patience. The thing about exercise is your body gets used to it, so if you do walking, at least changing up your route a lot. Do a flat speed walk day, and do an anything goes super hilly day, etc. Same rules apply for running. Reign in the added salt, and just try to find alternatives. As I said before, if you ever crave salt, try water first, if you still crave it, find a fruit or nut (no added salt) and eat that. It doesn't take much to satisfy a salt craving.

Thanks, I will give that a try. Patience is not my strong suit but I'm trying to overcome :)

i agree with everything kiwii said. def drink a lot more water. that will also help flush extra water out anyway (maybe you are storing some extra fluid making you feel bigger) and def incorporate some strength training..the more muscle you have the more fat you burn. and its like freelee says it all depends on the health of your body. if you ate the sad diet for so many years its going to take a while for your body to adjust. i was very sick for about two years and i only started eating better a year ago. most of my symptoms are gone but i still have a few im dealing with so it can take a while. i gained weight at first so i just made sure i was more careful about what i ate. im like you i cravvvvve salty foods but eventually your body will get over it. good luck and stick to it!!! :)

I just got back to my house after spending 2 days at my friends and initially I was only going to spend the one night so I only brought enough fruit for the one, but it ended up being two. In two days I gained about 4.5 pounds and the thing is, I wasn't eating anything that was out of the norm for any given day BEFORE I started eating RT4. I know it was just the extra salt in the Chinese and pizza that made me put on water weight. So asap I'm having my hubby get me a flat of bananas because I want to give just bananas a go for a bit to get me back on track. Even a LITTLE salt makes you pack on water, and seriously, Chinese and pizza are about as salty as you can get. lol Don't feel discouraged. It happens, and since I have a long track record of not going through, hanging on, and falling off the wagon, Once I fall off the wagon I just quit usually, but I really do need to do this, so hopefully we could work on it together. :)

same! i had chipotle yesterday all i got was lettuce rice and salsa and im so bloated today!!!!! scary what salt does and you dont realize until you finally stop eating it!

WOW!! First day on this forum and all of you have been wonderful. Thanks for all the great advice and encouragement. I appreciate it so much.

Salt cravings could also mean you need more leafy greens in your diet.

Thank's for that. It solves my "why am I craving salt"-problem pretty much. So, where are my five kilos of spinach ?

I started eating 10 banana mono meals for lunch and dinner and i see myself gaining alot of weight. Its really annoying.. when did everyone else see results??

I have the same problem.... everybody is talking about initial weight gain but nobody's really saying how long it takes to overcome it :/ 

Hey :) Don't feel discouraged, you just need to find solutions and they won't be problems anymore :)

I wrote a blog yesterday about my progress so far - I've also been rawtil4 since January. It shows what I've eaten and my workout routine. I just shared cause something just seemed to work for me, and this last month I've seen my best results. I had initial weight loss (easy, no workouts required) then plateaued, then it started creeping back up, and I stopped it in it's tracks with exercise.

I put it all down to what Durianrider and Freelee have said:

Craving sugar? Eat fruit
Craving salt? Eat vegetables
Drink water until you pee clear
Keep moving. Exercise consistently.

I did this and have lost a fair bit, my body has changed quite a lot.

I also agree with the saying 'if you don't feel like working out today, you probably need to now the most'.

I agree with the post above, if you crave salt, drink water, but also raw celery can assist with curving salt cravings. I've learned to eat steamed, boiled or baked potatoes when really bad salt cravings come through (they usually hit me between lunch and dinner time, so I have an early dinner and follow it later with some salad or fruit if I feel like it). I know that isn't the best order to eat your foods, but it sure helps keep that added salt away.

Don't be discouraged, try to learn from the ups and downs. I just learned to outsmart my body when it tries to really lead me astray :)

This discussion has been a great help to me as well. I don't exercise as much anymore and I just feel bleh along with everything else sometimes.



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