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I re started 80/10/10 only 9 days ago and since that time I have been severely constipated. I look like I'm pregnant with twins. I have continued to eat because otherwise I think I will fall off the wagon. But seriously?!? I don't even know how this is possible and I have never been constipated for this long in my life. I'm usually very regular, even just as a vegan. It's really getting unbearable and I don't know what to do. It's really affecting my daily routine and I am completely emotionally frustrated. Any advice?

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What's your hydration and exercise/movement routine like?
I have been drinking tons of water and my pee is clear. I have other detox symptoms as well such as very painful dry throat and lots of excess mucus drainage. I have been feeling terribly fatigued and weak so I have only done some moderate exercise recently. Since I've started I've been pretty much living off of berry, fresh OJ, and date smoothies. Don't know if that makes a difference. I also haven't been eating too much fat as I've only had one avocado. I don't know if I should do and emema or something? I've never done one and I know it can be harmful but I'm getting pretty desperate.
with that level of detox, you're smart to be taking it easy. Probably keep to gentle walking/yoga/etc for the time being simply to move the lymph.

I know from personal experience that it can take a remarkable amount of time to reset healthy bowel function. Not to be too scary, but it took me a good year for my elimination to get anywhere close to normal. I know your diet has had its ups and downs, so hopefully some of that body memory will kick in for you much sooner.
I'd be super careful of enema/colonics/etc. I know Dr D mentions that he knows at least one person who was unable to got with them afterward...

One of the main strategies I'm sure Free would recommend would be mono meals, even a mono island. This makes digestion as simple as possible.
Also try sitting in a full bottom-on-heels squat position as much as possible. This positions the colon in the ideal shape for elimination.
Alone these lines, consider purchasing or making your own version of this device:

I've set up essentially two stools along each side my throne that make for umm, easy stools! ;)

All the best, OFeva!
I second the squatting technique as well as extending the arms up and bringing space to the abdomen while breathing with the diaphragm.
nice one yes this works well... Although I don't get to the extending the arms stage very often :-D

I must say this is quite unusual!
....One thing to know Orange Fever is that on this lifestyle constipation becomes history very quickly. I know its been 9 days but this is only a minute period of time in comparison to the amount of abuse most of us have subjected our bodies too, if you are providing your body with the ideal conditions (fruit,water,sleep,exercise,sunshine,attitude) then it's only a matter of time.

I know you say you've been drinking "tons" of water but how much is that exactly? And for how long? Many of us have dehydration debt to catch up on, also you may be undereating so much so that there isn't enough fibre. Fasting patients always complain of constipation because there's nothing to push "it" through...

Stick to the mono meals as Windlord said, focus on drinking at LEAST 3litres of water a day and definitely get out for jog/walk
I looked up that site last night and it had me thinking, I wonder if I could just stand on the toilet seat? I tried it this morning and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the graphic. But thank you, I have not had problems but that was much nicer. :-)

Sweetie you gotta give us more info. What is your schedule like? Have you had any recent stresses? What were you eating before? What exactly are you eating now? Are you 100%? Do you exercise? Are you taking any medication? Are you eating a lot of nuts?

There is waaaaayyy too much fiber and water in fruits and veggies for you to be experiencing this kind of issue, unless you're not eating enough or you're mixing with cooked here and there and not realizing it.

You wanna poop? Eat this: any type of salad greens, peaches, any type of berry, dates, apples, bananas, any tropical fruit, raw okra. . . the list goes on forever!!!

Maybe you should add exfoliating the skin with a dry brush to stimulate your lymphatic system. Tell us what's up with all of this and we'll fix you up good and proper and get you pooping in no time!
I am 100% all the way. No salt no cooked food or spices. This didn't happen to me last time I went 100% for 6 months at all. I will try drinking even more water and I already tried a cup of senna tea (I know it's awful) a few days ago and nothing happened. I am going crazy. Not really but it feels like it. Also I am not really eating very many bananas. Only juicy fruits. I don't even know how this is possible.
Is your tummy hard to the touch or is it just your run of the mill annoying constipation? You might have an obstruction or something. Did it really just start with the change in eating? How long has it been . . .

If this is getting way too personal I totally understand. Just tell me to shut up.
Sometimes when I'm particularly bloaty going for a run helps- just make sure there's a bathroom very close at the end of it! I may have had to settle for the woods once or twice... no judging ;) ... although I do recommend some kind of very mild laxative tea, if you're having serious troubles. I've been spectacularly blocked up before, and usually a combo of those two things sets me right again. Good luck!
I should probably also add that for the past few weeks before going lfrv again I had been bingeing and re visiting some very destructive eating behaviors from my past. I even ate wheat which I haven't done for two years and I was seriously sick afterwards. I believe I have am gluten intolerant. I was still vegan however and eating lots of fruit.
Oh, that sucks. So sorry, Orange Fever. I would say try to massage your stomach gently following the intestine to stimulate a bm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbrzigfrmV8 This might not be ideal, but when you have been constipated for this long, something has got to give. This will give you relief. After doing this, you will be able to exercise more et.c to keep it moving.
I have problems with my digestive system as well, and I know how much it SUCKS.



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