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Hi everyone, First of all, this is not a rant. I'm just curious about your thoughts, because there is something that came to my mind. 

So, I actually love the huge bowls that FullyRaw Kristina uses for her giant salads as well as I see many raw foodies using wooden bowls, plates, forks, spoons etc. My question is, isn't it killing the tree? Doesn't it cause deforestation, isn't it harmful for our planet? 

Thank you, no judges here!!

Take care

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:D  yeah, problems all around.

Where are you from?? Your name sounds Hungarian!

You're right.

But wood will eventually decompose unlike certain plastics.

Concern is wood products used for food are finished with nasty chemicals.

Here's a wood magazines take on it: 


"Q. How about so-called salad bowl finishes? Are they any safer for use with food? A. We looked at the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for one type of salad bowl finish and found toluene--a probable cancer hazard--along with naphtha, ethyl benzene, and cobalt, all of which can damage your health with sufficient exposure. So, these products are as safe as, but no safer than, any other cured finish."

It's hard to be super green and eco-friendly in this crazy world. So, we could just eat like a monkey from the land without any cutlery! Dr. Graham says that somewhat in 80/10/10: eat foods as they're found in nature.

Everyone can only just try to do the best they can.

Plastics and glass manufacturing releases toxic emissions into the environment. Also, plastics are poisonous during all phases of its uses! 

I'm allergic to most metals, to the point where I can't touch change, keys and even cutlery. So, I try to minimally use them with gloves. I used to have to use bamboo cutlery, which I'm pretty sure are not wild bamboo, probably farmed for this use.

But I like the way you think!

sure, most of the time I just eat with my hands, but they are pretty... It's nice to invite friends over etc...

Buy from a company that promises to replant trees.


You are judging. So don't pretend you are not! ;)

We encourage judgment here. No judgement means no critical thinking.

Wooden bowls good or bad? 

Plastic bowls good or bad?

Glass bowls good or bad?

How about bowls from the thrift store?

I think any of us could make judgements towards the pro's and cons of either. I don't think the worlds problems will be solved though by everyone stopping using bowls and eating out of a washed up clam shell they found on the beach. But then, you are stealing the potential home of a gigantic hermit crab..

Ive met so many people that tried so hard on things that didnt really matter. They got good at things that were really dumb. Now they just eat whatever and have almost zero standards.

Forget perfection. Focus on excellence in the moment.

Thank you so much!!

Noo, I don't freak out on every tiny little things, I was just having a strange time when I start thinking about BS and thought I'll ask it here.

You are beyond amazing :)

Critical thinking aka judgement is vital in life. Ive learned to use it for more important things now.

Dietary reform (going fruit based vegan) is the BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT thing humanity needs to focus on. Im gonna put all my efforts on sharing that fact and inspiring others to also take action.

Sorry, I can't help but asking this silly question....  : what about mosquitos? I first became vegan for ethical reasons at the age of 17 and it kind of bothers me, is it appropriate to kill the mosquitos that try to suck our blood? :D I always take the spiders, bugs etc outside if I find them in my room, it's only about mosquitos. lol

Yeah, how do you cope with their parasitism?

I don't support killing anything, bugs and all! But if you can get some lemon balm oil and put it in your room in a diffusor it works to repel mosquitoes really well I've heard :) 

My friend told me that she would mix it with olive oil and put it on her skin in Georgia while the other people used synthetic sprays like off! and she never got bit while everyone else did lol. 

I would think so. clay too.  :) and you can make your own ceramic bowls !



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