30 Bananas a Day!

I am fuming.

One thing I hate is people thinking that the 80/10/10 predominantly raw lifestyle is an extension of an eating disorder. 

I suffered from an eating disorder and have recently, and I will say it, recovered. I feel recovered. I haven't practiced any disordered behaviors for such a long time, I am eating 2500 calories a day minimum, I got a job, I have been focused at University...Oh my god the way this lifestyle has changed my life. 

But I have a lot of people around me who ignore all these positives and think I am still caught up in an eating disorder?! Because I eat so much fruit! Even when I tell them I am eating trip the amount of calories I ever did, they just casually ignore it and try and tell me I am being restrictive. 

For example, some guy just picked me up for saying that vegan pizza isn't something I necessarily would eat by choice. He was like "but it's vegan, it's really sad you wouldn't want to eat that and I think you need to get help". I am like WTF?! 

One thing I've noticed, is people can be like "OH I HAVE JUST EATEN A WHOLE CAKE AND A CHINESE TAKE OUT" and people on calorie counting site forums will be like "HEHE TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY THOUGH BACK ON THE WAGON", yet when I am like "I kinda wouldn't feel my best eating a vegan pizza, I would rather just have a big bowl of rice or some pineapple" I get accused of destructive behaviours. 


Don't know if this has any point but I read it was a rant forum and felt like ranting. 

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seems the only eating ORDER :D

Don't get caught up with haters, in any aspect of your life.

If you can't help but engage with them in some form, just mess with them (nicely).  I believe in educating people but I'm not going to ruin my day (or even my hour) over some angry hostile conversation with someone.

You are right that I shouldn't get baited! I usually lay off but it's been relentless these past couple of days. RAWR. I am going to try and find my inner zen now by smashing my head against a wall <3

I joke I will just go jog it off. 

Ugh, forget them! I have learned to ignore the haters. Fortunately for me most everyone I talk to about being HCRV are fascinated and ask me a bunch of questions like "Where do you get your protein" "How do you feel since you started the diet" "Can you eat this and that"... At the end they just wind up saying I support you but I could never do it myself, which is fine. I found the best way to deal with haters is either to block them out and walk away OR educate them when they think they know it all!

I had a friend on Facebook who called to attention "all other clean eaters out there" HELP. She told me that shes just had a baby, working out like crazy and now cannot understand why she is CRAVING chocolate????? After i skimmed over all the other ridiculous answers i thought id give her the heads up about not eating enough calories/carbs and her body is pointing her to the most dense calorie source it knows. I gave her the name of some Youtube channels. She didnt even acknowlege what i had said but proceed to thank someone else down the line for posting a bullshit table of what you should eat when you crave sugar (ahh its not sugar its FAT). The answer was lots of meat, dairy and eggs. Oh yes ***** thankyou for your wisdom. FUK SAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! end rant. (sorry for the fuk)

That story could be an example of what happens on "Yahoo Answers".  It's all a set up.  One troll asks a question (in the veg section) and someone who's working with him (or the questioner himself on another account) answers with a ridiculously anti-veg answer.  That answer is picked as the "best" and he comments:  "makes sense....that's what I thought"

The guilt-ridden resistance is very strong.

I understand you! i had an eating disorder (which i recovered from) and when my family sees the amount of fruit i eat they are like "that's too much" or "you're being too extreme" and then go talk about how my eating disorder is coming back. it frustrates me soo much but i remember that its my body not theirs and i'm taking really good care of it and i'm feeling freaking fantastic also! so whenever someone puts you down just remember why you chose this lifestyle!! Ignore the haters and keep on swimming :)

Hater's gonna hate, banana's gonna banana.

Do yo' thang, honey! I totally feel your pain. My family actually ENCOURAGES me to eat crap! And this--to a gal recovering from disordered eating patterns myself (they're fully aware of all I've been through) and shame me when I'm treating myself well and cheer me on when I'm doing destructive things like drinking or eating SAD food.

It's them, not you. POWER TO THE FRUIT PEOPLE!

I was carrying a few bags of bananas back from a supermarket here in Thailand the other day and outside another aussie was standing their smoking. He said 'what you gonna do with all them bananas? Banana cake for the family?'. I replied 'nah, this is actually my lunch, 20 odd nice ripe organic bananas..'. After him 'educating me' about the 'dangers' of potassium overdose (impossible unless you are in final stage of renal disease and by then you are fructed anyway) I pointed at his cigarette and said 'maybe I should start smoking to lower my potassium levels...hey type 51 bananas a day into youtube...' and walked off.

Yes Durianrider, this is the most satisfying way to balance out the incredible ignorance of our human fellows. Making it all a total joke and walk off. I do the same now because I gave up teaching people. They only listened to me while I supported their addictions. They are 99.99% dependent on the media, they are lost. I do care, I feel sympathy, but turning it into a joke helps a lot. It's actually a joke! Man, we are twenty thousand, that's a biblical number. We can take off already!

Greetings from dreamtown in the goldentriangle of paradize. Didn't know you were so close. Wish you all the best, and blue sky without chemtrails for eva...



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