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After spending just over 2 weeks at the Fruktifest fruitarian festival in France I have learnt many things and had some wonderful experiences. The Broceliande forest surrounding
the eco site where we stayed is indeed enchanted. I met some amazing
trees and was humbled by their magnificence. The true embodiment of
unconditional love, providing food, air and shelter for all. What
incredible beings. I was struck by how we have mistreated them for
centuries, killing them and cutting them down to make useless things.
That is another story though. I will focus on some of the more
interesting and positive aspects of the festival.

I met some inspiring fruitarians from Italy who have been doing much experimenting and research into the fruitarian diet. They claim that although humans came from the tropics, the part of the Rift valley where
we  are thought to have originated at an elevation of around 1300m is a
prefect environment for apples and other fruits of the rosacea family
like peaches, plums, cherries etc. Not only do they grow there but they
are evergreen, providing fruit all year round. They claim that these
fruits, particularly the apple are far better for our health than
tropical fruits. Some of the points they made to support this are as

- apples and other rosacea fruits grow at the exact height for humans to easily pick off the trees

- They all have edible skins

-They fit perfectly in our hands

-They are very easy to eat with little or no mess

-Apples can be carried and stored for months

- Trees grown from apple seeds will always produce a new variety of apple

- Apples are the only fruit that promote peristalsis

- Apples have the lowest amount of protein of all the fruits and the highest fructose to glucose ratio. They claim that fructose is actually better for us than glucose as fructose is transported into the cells
without the assistance of insulin.

-People that base their fruitarian diet around apples and rosacea fruits have better health and longevity for the following reasons:

1. Eating tropical fruits will tend to create a hyperglycemic condition in the body and create nutritional imbalances because of the high glucose levels

2. Acid fruits like oranges cause many health problems including tooth decay, demineralization. They point to people dying on mono orange juice diets and others suffering health problems as a result of these
as evidence

3. Long term apple eaters like Yana Louis tend to gain muscle and strength and do not suffer from the same issues people eating acid fruits and tropical fruits face.

Other interesting points about apples are

-The word paradise originally meant apple orchard

-You don’t eat any seeds when you eat apples

-Apples are a very modest, unstimulating fruit and grow all over the world

I have always shunned apples on my fruitarian journey thinking I needed to eat sweet tropical fruits. I remember however, the joy I felt as a child eating apples. I have decided to include a lot more apples in
my diet and to experiment with ‘appletarianism’ for a while. If apples
truly are the best food for us then I want to experience it for myself.
It adds a completely different dimension to my views on a fruitarian
lifestyle and the ‘perfect climate’. It basically means that we can live
almost anywhere on the planet and be healthy as apples grow almost
everywhere. We just need to start planting apple trees!

Anyway, more on apples later. I’ll keep you posted on how I progress with apples. In the meantime I’m about to set off on my bike from Bordeaux along the Canal du Midi to the south of France. There are
apparently lots of fig trees along the way to eat from and I’m hoping to
make it to Corsica for some Mediterranean bliss. Swimming, hiking,
eating figs off the trees and sleeping on the beach.

Peace and Blessings to all

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With light to moderate exercise, Liam, because on average I exercise intensively less than every second day. Yes, I have no any diseases. My question was: is there a different (better) caloric calculator from Graham himself that I could use?

PS: And thank you for keeping alive the Graham's quote subject! I don't think I took anything out of context.
For me it's obvious you need to eat more Lena, like Freelee said then you would be 100% raw.

It's not hard to see that.
Talking about waiting for hunger signals etc when this methodology is clearly not keeping you raw, seems strange to me.

Social environment and relationship status is no excuse. I have used this one before to justify my binges when my ex-girl was eating cooked. Ya got to just step up to the plate.
Thank you for the insight Eatraw, especially for the last part. Maybe it IS most excuses. I don't think I have a weak will: I never had problems to be veg and vegan, no deviations. But with motivation and proof by raw food I have: no animals to protect from my "needs", no deep certainty, that a small portion of vegan low-fat non-wheat etc. food time to time would hurt me significantly. But I know what you mean, I'll think about it.

I am not waiting for hunger, I afraid, I feel true hunger rather seldom, because I am more attracted to the pleasure of eating, and it comes always earlier :)
Hey L∃N∀, I'm not sure where this reply will land. Thanks for your explanation. That's cool about the running time! The main factors in becoming a better athlete are consistent smart training, adequate recovery, staying hydrated and getting sufficient calories to produce optimal results.

It's really it challenging to enter into any sort of productive discussion about this lifestyle if you haven't read 811 (I noticed on your profile that you won't be reading it till it's in ebook format). 811 really takes care of all the fundamental lifestyle factors. We recommend all members read it thoroughly, are you interested in getting it soon?.

On this forum we have reached a calorie figure that works, we have established that waiting for true hunger and other subjective indicators have not been reliable in keeping members 100% LFRV and that's why we stick with it. It has been coming for a long time and wasn't just plucked out of the air :) The calorie model has been extremely useful to many here and has proven to be an invaluable tool and that's why we are loyal followers.

We recommend...
2500 calories a day minimum for ladies
3000 calories a day minimum for men

It works.

Good to hear you aren't waiting for true hunger! When it comes to fruit we can eat and eat and eat and not be scared of any ill effects.

I find if the motivation isn't strong for LFRV then we will sabotage ourselves on a subconscious level and end up undereating on fruit. We then attempt to justify it and go back to cooked food :(
I agree Harrison, I even think there is no such thing as ideal food - everything is matter of adaptation and trade-off. But I really don't know any better food that fruit... Apples are good enough, many of them are very tasty and help me a lot in winter.
Sorry LENA. I must have misread your post. I was using grahams formula which was body weight in pounds x10. Then double that for intense exercise. For light to moderate exercise instead of doubling add something like 300 - 600 calories. Which would probably bring you out at just below 2000 calories. However he says that intensive exercise is essential for true health. This site recommends around 500 calories on top of grahams recomendations I believe.
Thank you so much Liam! You are right, I am landing under 2000 with 600 for exercise (on machines in gym, that count calories spent, I am getting quite good workout with that). I see, 500+ cal extra are ... precautionary for moderately exercising smaller-build females.

Freelee, thanks again! I understand your responsibility on this site. Yes, I am interested now, I'll try to get the e-book soon.
I agree totally on motivation! I have no perfect serious stimulus on this one... I'll search for it :)
Wow, I just counted the calories I need based on my activities, and it is 2307! How am I surviving, eating less?
I would disagree that apples are perfect fruit, Nick.

Have you ever read Michael Pollan´s The Botany of Desire? In it he talks about how apples were basically unedible until people began grafting and cloning them. Until the 1900s people used apples to make alcohol. Johnny Appleseed brought cider to frontier America, not a delicious fruit.

Personally, I dislike eating a lot of apples. I have been a forced Äppletarian in the winter months, and this is my least favorite time of the year. I find apples do not digest well, and often leave my mouth feeling dry. I find them unsatisfying and too bulky, and tend to turn to dried fruits like figs or dates to help the apples go down.

As for the point about how we can eat the skin, when I am eating a lot of apples I tend to remove the apple skin with my teeth as I find it unpleasant.

Let us know how the experiment goes!
Apples trees are the perfect height for picking? Really? I'll have to check but I wouldn't say perfect
Quite right



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