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After spending just over 2 weeks at the Fruktifest fruitarian festival in France I have learnt many things and had some wonderful experiences. The Broceliande forest surrounding
the eco site where we stayed is indeed enchanted. I met some amazing
trees and was humbled by their magnificence. The true embodiment of
unconditional love, providing food, air and shelter for all. What
incredible beings. I was struck by how we have mistreated them for
centuries, killing them and cutting them down to make useless things.
That is another story though. I will focus on some of the more
interesting and positive aspects of the festival.

I met some inspiring fruitarians from Italy who have been doing much experimenting and research into the fruitarian diet. They claim that although humans came from the tropics, the part of the Rift valley where
we  are thought to have originated at an elevation of around 1300m is a
prefect environment for apples and other fruits of the rosacea family
like peaches, plums, cherries etc. Not only do they grow there but they
are evergreen, providing fruit all year round. They claim that these
fruits, particularly the apple are far better for our health than
tropical fruits. Some of the points they made to support this are as

- apples and other rosacea fruits grow at the exact height for humans to easily pick off the trees

- They all have edible skins

-They fit perfectly in our hands

-They are very easy to eat with little or no mess

-Apples can be carried and stored for months

- Trees grown from apple seeds will always produce a new variety of apple

- Apples are the only fruit that promote peristalsis

- Apples have the lowest amount of protein of all the fruits and the highest fructose to glucose ratio. They claim that fructose is actually better for us than glucose as fructose is transported into the cells
without the assistance of insulin.

-People that base their fruitarian diet around apples and rosacea fruits have better health and longevity for the following reasons:

1. Eating tropical fruits will tend to create a hyperglycemic condition in the body and create nutritional imbalances because of the high glucose levels

2. Acid fruits like oranges cause many health problems including tooth decay, demineralization. They point to people dying on mono orange juice diets and others suffering health problems as a result of these
as evidence

3. Long term apple eaters like Yana Louis tend to gain muscle and strength and do not suffer from the same issues people eating acid fruits and tropical fruits face.

Other interesting points about apples are

-The word paradise originally meant apple orchard

-You don’t eat any seeds when you eat apples

-Apples are a very modest, unstimulating fruit and grow all over the world

I have always shunned apples on my fruitarian journey thinking I needed to eat sweet tropical fruits. I remember however, the joy I felt as a child eating apples. I have decided to include a lot more apples in
my diet and to experiment with ‘appletarianism’ for a while. If apples
truly are the best food for us then I want to experience it for myself.
It adds a completely different dimension to my views on a fruitarian
lifestyle and the ‘perfect climate’. It basically means that we can live
almost anywhere on the planet and be healthy as apples grow almost
everywhere. We just need to start planting apple trees!

Anyway, more on apples later. I’ll keep you posted on how I progress with apples. In the meantime I’m about to set off on my bike from Bordeaux along the Canal du Midi to the south of France. There are
apparently lots of fig trees along the way to eat from and I’m hoping to
make it to Corsica for some Mediterranean bliss. Swimming, hiking,
eating figs off the trees and sleeping on the beach.

Peace and Blessings to all

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Freelee, what have my site do do with anything here?
I am not recommending 75% - it is definition of fruitarianism, and I want that more and more people eat at least that amount of juicy fresh fruit! The rest could be greens, nuts, seeds, whatever. And If you look at my profile you would know, that I am 95-100% raw low fat vegan for many years now! Most of the time (~90-95% of the days) I am 100% raw, and when I eat anything else than fruit, then in small amounts. I never recommended anybody to eat cooked food! Please, don't twist things around.

Durianrider, do I look "emaciated and fatigued" to you? Wow, this is clearly a personal attack, but, liking you as Freelee, I assume you mean it well, and not using it just to support your point. Have you read my article at all? I list even my body indexes! I'll try to make new photos and post some recent ones - I even gained a little weight recently! :)
By the way, I did slightly better on half-marathon than Freelee; actually, I run many of them on 100% raw fruitarian diet with not that big caloric intake. I had friends around me, who knows exactly how it was, and the only question I was ever asked was "how can you eat so many fruit?!", not "How can you eat so little?". People on the register in the neighbor Whole Foods know me good and always smile at the huge amounts of fruit I buy, and they noted many times, as others did too, that I don't seem to be skinny.
Lena, do you have any recent photos cos the ones you have up, you look pretty emaciated and fatigued. You have some good genetics but doesnt look like your nourishing them very well. :(
ups, sorry Durianrider, see my answer above.
And please comment on 811-founder quote.

PS: Freelee, I forgot to answer: my tasting and eating usual vegan food sometimes is mostly due to my nostalgic associations with the food or what it would remind me and special social situations, and secondly, a result of my highly unsettled, always changing in many ways life and my bad management - sometimes I just unable to get enough ripe fruit in time I need them. Totally my fault. And again, I eat a lot! :)
And as Douglas Graham says:
"If this seems like a lot of food to you, don't worry. If you're not doing a ton of exercise (though you should do some) you'll need less. A 5-foot-tall nonathletic woman would only eat a fraction of what I do. I ate a lot when I was a cooked food vegan as well."
I do exercise regularly, but I am a woman, I am not big by nature, I did not eat too much in the past either, because if I overate, I had indigestion. I have a good history of short-term fasting and eating once a day. And I am in a very good health overall.
Not in his recipes but Doug Graham does recommend about the same as this site does I believe. This has come up before.

There are calculations in his book you can use to work out how much you need. I can't imagine it would come out any less than 1500 calories
PPS: @Freelee, I just noticed that you have deleted my congratulations to your first half-marathon, and it made me even more sad. Why?! My "fruits rule" was inappropriate too? http://sweetjuicyfreelee.com/2010/07/06/my-first-half-marathon-race...
Aren't we good pals? Aren't we standing for the same basic values? This site was the mail link on our fb fruitarian group from the beginning for many months, I referred many people to this site, and I still do, I was invited here by our common great friend, I don't eat flesh for nearly half of my life (17 years), and I thought we like each other!
I am just lost today here... I just hope I won't cry.
Hey Lena as I suspected you may, you seem to have taken my post personally, thats a shame. Twisting things around? Certainly not just stating the truth.

Firstly I have not seen your comment on my blog yet (until now), I just went their today and it was waiting to be approved. Many people have accused me of this before unjustly, its best to firstly check before making such accusations.

Ofcourse we are buddies! Why wouldn't we be? I was simply asking you a question but you've read into everything way too far.

The reason I referred to your site and the amount of raw you eat and recommend was in reply to
"Anyway, it is not allowed to discuss the caloric issue on this site anymore (it is very sad)" &
I wonder, how the restriction match with Grahams:
"Forget about dieting and counting calories. Let hunger be your guide for once. If you're truly hungry- a sensation that is felt in the chest or breastbone, and not the stomach, which rumbles when emptying- eat till you're satiated. " http://www.raw-food-health.net/RawFoodDiet.html
This is what I think, and I guess I may get a warning for the link :) http://fruitarians.net/forum/topic/Energy-in-Food.htm"

I realize you don't recommend as many calories to eat as we do and I was saying that that is why I suspect you struggle to maintain 100%. Btw If we don't know how many calories we eat in a day then its impossible to calculate that we eat 95% raw. You have told me personally that you find it a challenge and that 100% is your goal, I guess I just don't understand the aversion to eating more fruit to make this possible.

Thanks for the quote from Doug however I think you've taken that out of context, the amount he is referring to still has to be sufficient to keep you 100%, he recommends 100% raw...I know him well enough to know that he would say you weren't eating enough calories from fruit and that is why you are eating cooked food. When I fell off the wagon that was his advice to me.

All good just a friendly exchange :)

Anyway I feel we should take our future replies to another thread because it's taking up Nic's apple biz. Maybe link your reply to your blog or if needed I will make the next reply there.
Remember Lena, real friends tell you what you need to hear, acquaintances tell you what you want to hear.

Why would you cry cos of someones comments of an old photo? Come on mate, carb up/hydrate and sleep up and relax! :)

If you keep taking things personally, youll break down quick mate.
(In reply to LENA comment at around 4:30 GMT. Below)

Couldn't tell you sorry.

Aslong as you're maintaining your body weight. Are fit, healthy and happy. Keep doing what you're doing. :)
And I guess both you and me cant really comment objectively on your caloric intake as I dont know what your eating and you dont know how many calories your eating on average.

Good work on your half marathon efforts, 2 or so mins quicker than Free's first half ever. When exactly was that? How many have you done? Would be great to have you post em up on the fitness section.Cos as 'they' say, if you aint got a race result to post, it didnt happen! :)

Any race result is inspirational. Fast or slow, the main thing is we are out there having a go. :)
Hey L∃N∀,

That link takes me to your site so I'm not too sure where to post a reply, seeing the discussion originated on this forum, I'd rather keep it here. I will just do a quick reply here. I think there may be a bit of a language barrier here, I know you aren't recommending cooked food here, not once was this implied. I was referring to the amount of calories you eat playing a part in why you are still challenged to eat 100%. It's all good, thank you for your explanation :) x
Dear Freelee and Harley, again here in short, for everybody else to read: I genuinely apologize for the misleading in numbers: I cannot even dream to come close to Freelee's time! I am so far away from competitive sports, that I could not even keep the number in my head :D You, real athletes, are light years ahead from the rest of us, at least from me! I ran for fun and company.

"I realize you don't recommend as many calories to eat as we do..."
Freelee, I do not recommend anything, I don't think I have right to recommend, I try to make people think for themselves, providing them with most reliable data and some example. I think there are too many factors to count to recommend anything on this point. As I have shown in my article, even sophisticated methods of counting vary way too much to be able to produce any number, considering gender only.
My recommendation if any would be:
Eat as much fresh fully ripe (better organic) fruit as you want, chose types of fruit you want, eat slowly enough to enjoy it. For people just starting the new diet I would recommend to eat even more than they think they should or feel like, because they have not adapted to the new diet yet, may have detoxification processes going on, and don't instinctively know how much they need. Appropriate satiation responses and adequate eating behavior develop with years of permanent practice.

"...Btw If we don't know how many calories we eat in a day then its impossible to calculate that we eat 95% raw. You have told me personally that you find it a challenge and that 100% is your goal..."

That is correct, I'd like to be 100%! But I just done explaining why I think I do that (believe me, I put a lot of thought in this analysis in the past) - maybe you just missed my explanation? Or do you think that all is not the real cause, but my caloric intake is?
You make it great Freelee: you have a partner with the same nutritional choices, you've made it to your profession, you have a special social environment. I am in a different situation.

DURIANRIDER, I agree, thank you. I still think it was exaggerated - I am not that bad on those photos :) I did not cry :), but I could. I'll try in future to take things lighter - your advise is on the point with me, I appreciate it a lot. You are a great guy, only perhaps a little ...discourteous sometimes ;)

As to calories, I am not counting them on the daily basis, but when I do, I am surprised each time how little it is for the huge amount of fruit I eat, seriously. There must be more energy in fruit than those calorimeters show... I think there is something we don't know yet about the whole thing.

Liam, according to one of those calculators, to best one I found, I need 1777 calories a day. Is Grahams formula special? I'd like to count!
1777. With intense exercise? Not unless you're 6 1/2 stone.

Not saying it's right. I just said it because you we're quoting him to argue your case.

If you're in good health like you say you are I can't really judge. Best of wishes to you



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