30 Bananas a Day!

After spending just over 2 weeks at the Fruktifest fruitarian festival in France I have learnt many things and had some wonderful experiences. The Broceliande forest surrounding
the eco site where we stayed is indeed enchanted. I met some amazing
trees and was humbled by their magnificence. The true embodiment of
unconditional love, providing food, air and shelter for all. What
incredible beings. I was struck by how we have mistreated them for
centuries, killing them and cutting them down to make useless things.
That is another story though. I will focus on some of the more
interesting and positive aspects of the festival.

I met some inspiring fruitarians from Italy who have been doing much experimenting and research into the fruitarian diet. They claim that although humans came from the tropics, the part of the Rift valley where
we  are thought to have originated at an elevation of around 1300m is a
prefect environment for apples and other fruits of the rosacea family
like peaches, plums, cherries etc. Not only do they grow there but they
are evergreen, providing fruit all year round. They claim that these
fruits, particularly the apple are far better for our health than
tropical fruits. Some of the points they made to support this are as

- apples and other rosacea fruits grow at the exact height for humans to easily pick off the trees

- They all have edible skins

-They fit perfectly in our hands

-They are very easy to eat with little or no mess

-Apples can be carried and stored for months

- Trees grown from apple seeds will always produce a new variety of apple

- Apples are the only fruit that promote peristalsis

- Apples have the lowest amount of protein of all the fruits and the highest fructose to glucose ratio. They claim that fructose is actually better for us than glucose as fructose is transported into the cells
without the assistance of insulin.

-People that base their fruitarian diet around apples and rosacea fruits have better health and longevity for the following reasons:

1. Eating tropical fruits will tend to create a hyperglycemic condition in the body and create nutritional imbalances because of the high glucose levels

2. Acid fruits like oranges cause many health problems including tooth decay, demineralization. They point to people dying on mono orange juice diets and others suffering health problems as a result of these
as evidence

3. Long term apple eaters like Yana Louis tend to gain muscle and strength and do not suffer from the same issues people eating acid fruits and tropical fruits face.

Other interesting points about apples are

-The word paradise originally meant apple orchard

-You don’t eat any seeds when you eat apples

-Apples are a very modest, unstimulating fruit and grow all over the world

I have always shunned apples on my fruitarian journey thinking I needed to eat sweet tropical fruits. I remember however, the joy I felt as a child eating apples. I have decided to include a lot more apples in
my diet and to experiment with ‘appletarianism’ for a while. If apples
truly are the best food for us then I want to experience it for myself.
It adds a completely different dimension to my views on a fruitarian
lifestyle and the ‘perfect climate’. It basically means that we can live
almost anywhere on the planet and be healthy as apples grow almost
everywhere. We just need to start planting apple trees!

Anyway, more on apples later. I’ll keep you posted on how I progress with apples. In the meantime I’m about to set off on my bike from Bordeaux along the Canal du Midi to the south of France. There are
apparently lots of fig trees along the way to eat from and I’m hoping to
make it to Corsica for some Mediterranean bliss. Swimming, hiking,
eating figs off the trees and sleeping on the beach.

Peace and Blessings to all

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Ha-ha no kidding. Didn't we evolve from primates? Last time I checked, primates didn't give a damn about branch height. LMFAO
I agree that we're probably not natural tree climbers. Certainly not to the same extent. You don't really have to pick fruit anyway. It falls when it's ripe does it not? :)
Sticks are trees not tools. I don't believe in tools
What do you need them for?
lol you 2 :-D
Ok cool
Apples aint a year round crop but bananas are. Apples need frost to grow but we naturally cant survive temperatures that low. We are like bananas, we cant handle frost unless in a greenhouse/artifical environment from clothing/heating etc.

Thanks for the updates Nick, wondered how you were going over there.

Put up some bike touring/festival/fruit etc shots! :)
I would disagree that apple are the best fruit ever. And I bet those Italians were from the north, where they grow apples, and if they were from the south, they would be all about figs or grapes!
Apple trees are not the perfect size for us to pick fruits, at least not the ones I have in my orchard.
Apple are very sensible to fruit fly and other pests as their skin is thin, and there are tons of those in warm and tropical lands, ending up with tons of bad apples with worms on the tree is not treated.
Apples are a fairly new crop, most sweet varieties are just about over a 150 years old. Before, there were quince and small crabapples tasting like quince that we still use for grafting. Try to sustain on those raw, that would be interesting ;-)
If apples were so nutritious, how come all the anorexic girls in high school eating lots of them are doing so bad? Apple are on the lowest end of nutrition per calorie, and they are also low in calories, meaning very low in nutrition.
Seeds from any fruit will give a new variety, nothing special about apples. That just what nature and seeds are about.
Paradise is no orchard, and the temptation fruit Adam and Eve ate (if they ever did) was not an apple but a pomegranate. Pomegranate have a fertility symbolism described in many ancient paintings, but translation to northern europe went wrong because there were no pomegranate there and nobody knew about them, so they used the closest fruit word known.
But if you manage to sustain long term on apples, well I'd be interested.
Interesting stuff. I live in the apple state ;) Not a fan of out of season apples. Usually don't like them all that much, unless I pick them off the tree myself.

Apple a day keeps the Doctor away.
this discussion has definately generated some interesting views and opinions. its great that we can all share so openly

one thing i forgot to mention is that much of the research that the Italian fruitarians have done is based on the work of an Italian called Armando D'Elia. I am currently trying to find any of his research in English but have been unable to so far. If anyone knows of a source for this information it would be great if you could let me know

I have not been able to test the apple theory myself as yet as it is not really apple season here. ive mostly been munching on peaches, nectarines, plums, melons and figs. i think i could easily become a peacharian though....they are so good!

peace and blessings to all
No :) Lets just eat fruit people



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