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I am looking for a core group of 6/7 Raw Fruitarians to co-establish a Raw Fruitarian Vegan Ethically motivated community in Scotland.


The vision is of a Fruitarian Veganic land based, or at least Rural, project with either an existing habitable property, or, one with planning permission, this would be either an existing Croft/Smallholding, or a new self-build project.  The community would grow its own food employing permaculture methods, poly-tunnels and, hydroponic principles.  I would prefer to see the establishment of ecological/environmentally sensitive buildings such as log cabins/round houses and the use of wind and solar power to generate electricity for the community needs.  I am looking for people who would make a lifetime commitment to the community, not part-timers

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That sounds like a fantastic idea. If I were there in the land of my ancestors instead of California, I'd be so on it! Let me know how it goes. Also, you may want to send a note to Rob Hull at Funky Raw magazine in England. Maybe he will print something about the idea to help it come together.

@ Red Bicycle, for a community to work it requires a core group of people committed full time to make the project work, with a life-time commitment; they are the people I am looking for. Too many communities fail because of the lack of commitment. David
@ Debbie, my diet is 100% Fruitarian, which includes Avocados, tomatoes and cucumbers as non-sweet fruit; but does not include nuts nor other "non-sweet" fruits. For those who include non-sweet Botanical Fruits, see link for definition of Botanical fruit the list here includes sweet and non-sweet fruits: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_culinary_fruits#Tropical_fruits

For those who might be interested I the criteria I am looking for are:

1 You are 100% Ethical Vegan with no compromise
2 You are 100% Raw Vegan with no compromise
3 You would like to be 100% Fruitarian, or at least a high percentage
4 You would commit 100% life-time to the community

The above is why I am looking for a minimum of 3/4 people and a max of 6/7 people.

Small Is Beautiful (Fritjof Capra), and it works better.

Other than that I will go ahead either on my own or with a woman of the same ethics as myself

Spirtual and not religious would be a bonus :)
Most, Fruitarians (as I do) will exclude many green fruits such as the legumes, nuts and seeds. There are several categories of fruit such as: "Simple Fruit" i.e. peas, beans, Brazil nuts, Acorns, Hazel Nuts; "Aggreagte Fruit" i.e. raspberry, blackberry and strawberry; "Multiple fruits" i.e. pineapple, "Seedless Fruit" i.e. bananas. However, the banana is classified as a "herbaceous plant" and is the largest herbaceous flowering plant, and belongs to the Kingdom of "Plantae" and the Genus "Musa".
The stricter/more defined/rigid/limited the dietary requirements, the less likely you will find people willing to participate.

Might be best to go with allowing people their own definition of LFRV, or even raw vegan.

Supervising and limiting their diets to exactly what one person believes is best will likely result in nobody staying for very long at all. Picture an argument between two people conflicted over one requiring only seeded grapes while the other likes seedless. Midnight raids of the kitchen to purge all non-acceptable varieties of fruit, veggies, etc. Food wars can turn into something absurd and ridiculous (such as some of the posts on these boards).

What would be the purpose of the place other than a bunch of people trying to follow a certain dietary choice?

You may want to consider what other, long-term communities have done.

I've visited and stayed at a number of intentional communities. The communities that seem to last longer and function better are ones that have some sort of money coming in, such as running part of the community as a yoga retreat, a writers' retreat, a learning retreat (authors giving seminars), a massage school (Esalan in Big Sur and Harbin in NoCal), or having a product. There is one community in North Carolina that makes hammocks - really nice quality ones. There is a vegan community in Hawaii that publishes vegan recipe books. There is also The Farm in Tennessee, which publishes vegan recipe books and has permaculture courses. There are intentional communities that function as artist workshops or as organic farms. There is one in Tennessee that is artist and authors. There is Breitenbush in Oregon that has hot springs, seminars, yoga retreats, and massage, and serves a vegetarian buffet three times a day, and both cabin rental and tent camping. There is Kalani near Pahoa, Hawaii that functions as a cultural retreat center, a massage center, a dance school retreat center, a yoga retreat center, and so forth, has a very large pool, and a special watsu pool, and serves a buffet three times a day, and also offers tent camping for cheap, along with more expensive cabin rental - it's like summer camp for adults. There are also a number of vegan bed and breakfast hotels.

Global EcoVillage Network, http://www.EcoVillage.org
Intentional Communities Magazine, http://www.Communities.ic.org
Lost Valley, http://www.LostValley.org
Radical Caring, http://www.DSame.com/radicalcaring.html
Raw Communities, http://www.RawCommunities.com. A growing list of raw food intentional communities around the world
Raw Vegan Village, Ojai, California; http://www.rawveganvillage.com. Over 100 acres of land surrounded by National Forest on three sides. This is associated with Jinjee and Storm of http://www.TheGardenDiet.com. Also see, http://www.StormTalifero.com.
I too have visited, stayed at and helped embryonic communties to become established, and have observed how communities make or break over the last 20 years plus. The degree of strictness is deliberate; I have several Fruitarian friends who are as strict as I am and who, like me, will not sacrifice thier principles, hence I am only looking for those people of a similar nature. It may take some time, or may not happen; eventually it may be just a few of my friends and I getting it together.



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