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Hi everyone!

So, I'm moving to Toronto (i'm going to study massage therapy) and i was wondering is it expensive to be 811 there, is it easy to find fruit? which are the best places? i also found this website the other day does anyone know about it?http://bulkdates.nfshost.com/ 

I guess that's it for now

Thanks for reading :)

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Toronto is not too bad for fruit. You can find ripe boxes of bananas at wholesalers for 10$ although not organic. Regular are 20-30$ for a box of conventional or 30-45$ for organic/fair trade. Chinatown is good for tropical fruits.

How much would these boxes weight generally? do you know where some of the wholesalers are located?

Chinatown has so many kinds of tropical fruits it's great and persimmons started showing up too :)

Thank you! 

There is a organic farmer's market near Union subway  Station all year long,its located right in front of the Kensigton Market , I am not sure if they open only on saturday or sunday .. Also, I shop a lot in the big carrot located in the greek town near chester subway station :) 

Costco i heard that you can get a lot of stuff in bulk just not so sure about fruit...

Costco is alot better then the grocery store, I dont know about bananas but there dates are pretty cheap. I just got my first box of organic bananas from a local market for $25.                                                                                             oh and if i were you i would avoid eating too many carrots because they could cause your skin to turn orange

Thanks! i'll be sure to check that out :), is it too pricey though? (college student on a tight budget..)

Hi, I will be stopping by in Toronto this August. Are there any raw vegan restaurant as well as markets that you would recommend (ideally based in the downtown area)?

Hi :)

I don't know much about the raw vegan restaurants, but the cheapest fruit you can get(at least from my experience) is in Chinatown around Dundas and Spadina. You also have st Lawrence market and kensington market (more expensive) which also has some health food stores with organic produce. This is all in the downtown area...

Hope that helps!



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