30 Bananas a Day!

Fruit does not have to be expensive! This is for you newbe's!

I have to share this. I went to the grocery store a few days ago and spent less than 100 dollars on fruit. Whats great is that this is more food to last me even a week! This is far less than I would have spent on cooked vegan food. This is for all the newbe's that keep insisting that fruit is expensive. Check it out

2 cases of the big mangos (9 per case)

2 packs of the little mangos (6 per pack)

2 boxes of navel oranges (24 in a box)

a case of organic bananas from whole foods (only about 24 dollars with the 10% discount!)

a giant watermelon from whole foods

a bag of clementines

2 bags of baby cucumbers

a large container of campari tomatoes 

I have found the fruit that I usually enjoy eating. I usually eat bananas for breakfast, oranges for lunch and mango salad for dinner. Of course I have the watermelon that I might have instead of nana's for breakfast one of these days and a pineapple that's been ripening that I bought a little while back for variety.  I'm totally new to this too. A few weeks ago when I started this I didnt really have staple foods. I just grabbed whatever fruit  I could find. I was spending 200+ dollars a week!

Here are some tips to help you save money.

1.buy in bulk. Going to the local grocery store and grabbing 24 oranges will cost you a bit more. If you find a wholesaler close by you will be much better off. A box of oranges there is like 10 bucks.

2.find fruit that will be your staple. Mine are bananas, mangoes and oranges. Many people use dates. I have dates too but dont use them as much because they hurt my teeth when I eat them. I use them in smoothies. You can get 15lbs of  dates online at shieldsdates.com for 35$ with shipping! Pretty good deal I think. Whatever your staple is makes sure it has enough cals, is satisfying and, most importantly, is yummy to you!

3.plan out your meals! If you know what you are eating at each meal you are much more likely to spend less money. If you buy a bunch of fruit not knowing what your meals will be like you will probably spend more than necessary (though having a lot of fruit is NEVER a bad thing, just make sure you are able to eat it!) I went to the grocery store already knowing what I'm buying. The watermelon was spur of the moment and thats OK but having a basic idea of what you want to get helps.

I know this is really long but I really wanted to put this out there. Again, I've only been doing this for a few weeks but I feel deeply connected to this lifestyle. I feel that when I started I could have really benefited from this information so I hope you will find it helpful.

This is the way we are meant to live! I feel like I've always wanted to feel and my skin looks better than ever! I dont even wear makeup anymore or use chemical laden shampoo and conditioners and my hair looks fantastic. This is a wonderful community! I cant thank everyone enough for all the support. Everytime I post a discussion, even if it is some ignorant mumbo jumbo, so many people reply with such useful information! I've never been in a better online community so use this site to your advantage! 

If anyone else has suggestions on this topic, please share! I'm sure many of you have found methods to saving money over the years that you've been hcrv.

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Whole Food's offers a 10% discount on cases :)

This was such a great post Viktoriya. Lots of good advice and it's nice to hear you're doing well. I'm starting to get a hang of this lifestyle as well and it's been wonderful eating fruit and removing all those chemicals products we all used to use.

Wow, $24 for a case of organic bananas. Very nice.

15lbs of dates for $35!? Where do you see such a deal on that website?

I was looking too, I found it under "Promotions"

Yup, Promotions!

But shipping isn't free??  It's an extra 13 bucks.

$100 a week on just food is a lot for me. Im a struggling college student making minimum wage and thats more what i spend a MONTH on food.

+1! I have a $100 per week budget for a family of three.

I think it might be difficult to stay on this lifestyle 100% if your cant spend 100$ per week. How much do you usually spend? What kind of food are you eating? At least swing for a box of bananas! Wish you both luck! :)

Thanks :) We spend 100/week, for all three of us. I'm the only one who is LFRV. I'm used to living on a budget, and we do alright with whatever is on sale that week, combined with the 10% discount for buying in bulk. I do sometimes think it would be nice to be able to buy whatever fruits I was craving, regardless of cost, though... (^_^)

Thats awesome. I got 2 mangoes yesterday for only .74 cents :)

Awesome! Sometimes my local grocery store has mangoes 2 for a dollar! Score!

Very helpful post Vik!

Im so glad 95% of our audience lives in the US cos its SO cheap to be a fruity there. Relative to income, US is the cheapest place on earth for organic/conventional fruits.



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