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I know I've posted about this before, but this time I specifically would like to know how available fruit will be in Peru? I will be studying there from January 31st to April 27th. Will I be able to forage? Will I be relying on markets? If so, how expensive is the fruit there? 

I will be living with a host family and then traveling with my professor and other students, so no one else will be focusing on finding fruit to eat (I will have to be prepared myself) and we may not have ample time for fruit hunting. Also the host family will likely expect me to eat what is provided so I will have to explain to them. I'm guessing they wont be serving much fruit.I know raw fish is one of their main dishes. boo.

I just want to be prepared! so if anyone has any insider info/tips/advice please let me know!

We will be primarily in Arequipa and Cuzco, with a few days in Lima, an overnight in the Amazon jungle, and a few other field trips elsewhere.

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hey! I'm Peruvian but living in California. We visit Peru every other Christmas to be with family down there but those times I was not focusing on fruit at all. We'll be leaving for Lima, Peru in about a week from tonight to spend a week there. I;m not sure how it is going to go :x I know there is good quality fruit down there and there should be an abundance of fruit but it's just the rippening process and having fruit for every meal that I hope goes well for me. Hopefully we have time to check out some organic natural stores and I will for sure let you know about them!

I do know that prices down there are super cheap!

Hey RawPeruana,

thank you so much for replying!

I am glad to hear the prices for fruit are super cheap? Have any examples?

I am hoping that Mamey sapote is in season during february-April. 

Please let me know how your trip goes and if you are able to find good fruit/what you come across!


Hey Sunangel!

I know I will be really busy with my course work and trips involved, but I am sure there would be time to meet up! If so and you have time as well it would be cool to hang out a bit and scope out the fruit sitch. I wonder if Mamey sapote will be in season? lol mmm

Well, I think mostly anywhere you will find some bad luck with fruit. I'm pretty sure the quality of food in Peru should be really good. The food is not as processed as it is here in the U.S according to my family. I'll find out once I'm there :)

even the clothes are cheap. But that is comparing it to the prices in the U.S. You can move from the U.S to Peru and safe a lot of $ living there.

I'm not 100% sure the fruit down there is way cheaper, but it should be. Peru is rich in fruits and vegetables. Not many pesticides and fungucides are used. The farmers bring the earth's foods straight from the Andes to you. I will for sure try my best to get some pictures when I go fruit shopping there. IF WE HAVE TIME. We are only there for week visiting family and friends, but I'll see if I can post a nice blog with pictures of my time there, my daily eatings and grocery stores and their locations :)

My parents said I'm going to go crazy with all the fruit down there since there is a lot of delicious variaty and cheapp prices!

Hey Brad!

Cool! I will be there until april 27th so maybe we will get a chance to meet up! i don't really know how these study abroad college trips work, but I am sure I will have some free time for a meetup? I'm hoping people with experience in Peru will chime in and let us in on the inside scoop. What's in season? Can we forage? how much $ should we expect to spend on food? Can we get the great unique fruits Peru is known for and where? 

You should find variaty In Peru in those months.

Where are you guys from??

When it is winter here in the U.S, it is summer in Peru ;)

Ahhh Perfect! Thank you for the info RawPeruana! That is all pretty reassuring. It would be cool if you could do a little blog about your time there, but if you don't have time then no worries! I'd rather you get to enjoy your time there! 

have you had mamey sapote? I know it originated in that area and I wonder if it will be in season when I go! 

love and bliss xx

Okay so I went to Peru for a week to spend this past Christmas there,

Fruit is ABUNDANT there. You will even find people selling fruits in their carts on the sidewalks. But be careful with buying fruit from here because you don;t know how they are stored and handled. Street food should always be eaten with caution.


I enjoyed lots of Granadillas and Cherimoyas <33333 mangoes are DELICIOUSSSSS. A dollar each mango.

I tried the strawberries and they weren't sweet enough. The small peaches are very good too. You will find Mamey and Lucuma. There are other native fruits there too.


Eating fruit there is a whole different experience than here in California. The mangoes have a strong fruity aroma to them!! They don't smell like anything here in Cali.


I was in Lima, Peru. But I'm sure anywhere in Peru you'll easily find fruit near you. I also saw some natural juice bars at the shopping centers. Make sure you ask with no syrup etc.

I've seen tons of bananas being sold!


Oh and half of a huge watermelon was about 3 Soles, which is 1 U.S dollar.

So for a huggge watermelon it would be about 2 bux.


**I did not see spotted bananas! I only say yellow ones with a blackened rim and semi ripe ones.

I also saw these tiny bananas that are called "banana-apple fruit". Very good and sweet


that watermelon price is fabulous! What were prices like on things like mamey, cherimoya, lucuma, and peaches? 

Manzano bananas are suppperrrr yum 

yayyyy Peru! only a few more days and I'm there

YES YES YES. You just made my night. I will be in Peru by Sunday night!!! and knowing there is Mamey waiting for me makes me soososoo happy. Lucuma I have never tried. What is it like? Where in Peru did you find Mamey sapote? Lima? was it mamey sapote or mamey apple? Never had a mamey apple. Different fruits. I will be in Lima the first few days then Arequipa and Cuzco mostly and then the amazon for four days.


Peaches and mangos are really good so that's exciting. Granadillas I tried in Australia aren't my fav, but I had a cherimoya once...yum! THey are an ancient Andean fruit eaten by the peoples of the Andes since ancient times...or so I learned in my course. My professor and I were the only ones who knew what it was lol. 

yayyy thank you !!!



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