30 Bananas a Day!

I don't necessarily agree with eating grains like Dr Mcdougall says since no grain is high in carbs in order to reach the 10carb/Kg of bodyweight like Dr Graham says to do. I have seen my elbow get straighter when I went all fruit for a while(mostly watermelon a day or two, grapes(with seeds), mangos); then I ate a large amount of avocados and nightshade vegetables for halloween and I have made more movement towards sticking to safer non-allerginic fruit.

Although McDougall makes a good point with the main allergys usually being wheat, corn, tomatoes, citrus and (strawberries?). I think I should steer clear of all of these even though I was eating a few grapefruit during my arm straightening, I don't believe that it was very significant towards the change. Busting my lymph was, especially since I was urinating between 10-15 times a day and had to hide in parking garages to pee for a minute straight haha. I also noticed a lot of change when I worked my forearm with weights(stretching them around my back). 

Unfortunately, I also learned about calcium/phosphorus ratio being favorable in this order.


I have $100 to spend a week on groceries which is fine really. However, I don't agree with eating grains(or yams aka potatoes) since they are not favorable to the Ca/P ratio. So Today; I got 9 papayas for $32. 20 dollars off! Perhaps I could get 18 next time for $64, a 30 dollar steal!

However, I cannot eat watermelon or my Ca/P ratio will be off and this is important because I have Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Deposition Disease(Pseudogout) which also has to do with tyrosine metabolism. Hit Ctrl+F(find) and type in pseudogout here to understand:


I also have invisalign braces so I can take them off for only 2 hours a day to eat so I need self discipline and I need to make sure my chakras get straight since teeth are the starting point of chakras.

Anyways, what I want to talk about is Essential Amino Acids(EAAs) because I am underweight as well, I used to be 145 pounds and I believe I could 130-135 with muscle and I am only 119 now. Vegetables are not really my main priority right now due to the time it takes to chew and chewing does help release the proper bile to digest after all so I dont want to make juices or smoothies.

So with the chart I provided I only have a few choices: papaya, orange(citrus), tangerine(citrus), pineapple, grapefruit(citrus), blackberries, red cherries, kiwi, mango, pear, and perhaps figs.

I am not particulary worried about my amino acids like cysteine(possibly cause of kidney stones), histidine(ca:p ratio), methionine(sulfur) or tyrosine(since I can't metabolize it correctly).


 So if you know anything about frameshifts in genetics, I believe this may be exactly what needs to happen in order to fix a pre-existing frameshift which goes without saying if you are health conscious about what arthritis truly is. Cancer is an attitude that needs discipline.

 I say that I shouldn't worry about my amino's necessarily because Dr Graham said at the most we use 6 grams of protein a day if we have adequate carbohydrates.

Any thoughts on amino acids or where to get b-vitamins and selenium on a Ca:P Ratio 80/10/10 diet?

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whoa at most we use 6 grams of protein? where did you read that? i wrote a couple posts about ca:p ratios http://organicbliss.blogspot.com/search?q=ca%3Ap


what about vitamixing greens like kale?


Yeah I am thinking of getting a bit of kale but definately collard greens if I can find it and turnip greens or mustard greens or bok choy but I am figuring that I need 3 papayas, 30 figs, 4 cups of butternut squash if I can manage that out of a raw one. I think I'm going to try to get mangos in bulk from the non-organic market as well as figs but papayas from the organic market hopefully. I have covered everything this way but my amino acids are low on valine, methionine, leucine and isoleucine.


BUT THIS IS 80/10/10.

 box of 9 papayas-30 bucks for 9 large papayas

1lb figs=30 or so figs -5-8bucks * 7= 35 bucks

12 mangos a box=12 bucks so 6 a day * 7=42

Hopefully I can get discounts and get my money's worth.

This is only about 2500 calories but I don't have money to get on 5000 calories a day unless I can score some bulk deals. Definately going to focus on papayas, mangos and figs for now though. Oranges are important too. Perhaps I should just eat a large collard green, turnip green, beet green, dandelion green salad with apple cider vinegar and then eat as much watermelon as I want.

Any type of vinegar is is banned from the 80/10/10 diet. Read the banned ingredient list here.

Also, where's the bananas and dates? They are more carb/calorie dense then the other fruits.

CA/P ratio...I could just do 16 cups of turnip greens and 2 watermelons a day and not worry about the high P/Ca ratio of fruit like it and bananas and dates. Definately going to get in touch with the produce manager at whole foods and try to get cheap organic bulk produce. In order to get close to 3500 calories on a budget, I would eat 1 watermelon a day and 6 mangos a day too. I could eat 15 figs too or 5 bananas. I think figs sound good with a salad though. Turnip greens cover vitamin e pretty well. Definately need to get bulk produce in a smart way.

Where are you located? Whole Foods is not typically the best bang for your buck. Look for an actual bulk wholesaler.

I tell your little secrete, there is no sypomps and cure like doctors do, only balance(either by fasting and 811refeeding or by HCRV and getting fitter and balance it out like this, longer but more effective)....

All the best to you, bdw. gotcha Rheumatoid arthritis with kinda amiloyds symtoms and so as well... and I try everything possible, till HCRV properly!, that I do now and simply work, not overnight, but work, as far as it cover also mental stability;)

Bump- forbidden food list 



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