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Hi everyone! 

Someone really near to me suffers from fructose malabsorption...

Obviously this is a big problem, since she enjoys eating fruits, veggies and other things that contain fructose (so most things that contain sugar), but it causes sickness so she decided to go on a diet which basically takes all these foods out completely and therefore does not really offer a 'cure'.. 

I suppose longterm a 'cure' to this problem rather than just fighting the symptoms would be by far more desirable and since the high-carb vegan diet seems to be the cure to everything I wanted to introduce this to her. I guess what causes the problem of fructose malabsorption is not the fructose itself, but the combination with 'non-clean' foods (meaning animal products, high-fat foods and maybe even cooked foods(?!) and non-organic (?!)).

So my first question is how should 'curing fructose malabsorption' be approached? So which dietary recommendations do you have? (I think going raw is no option at the moment (stressful student life, lack of money, very small amount of high quality raw food in scotland); also she's not a banana fan (probably too many unripe bananas^^).. )

My second question is how should I convey this idea to her? (At the moment she is not vegan/vegetarian at all and asks me where I get my protein (to give you an idea of her perspective). However I can't find ANY literature, not even a youtube video supporting the idea of approaching fructose malabsorption this way. She's not naive so I don't think a post in some forum would convince her(no offence). So literature would be the best thing and if you even if you only know a single chapter or one excerpt of a book that addresses this problem please let me know!

I appreciate your potential answers! This would be a great help! 

Have a great day and thank you very much! 


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I will be looking forward to the answers you receive as I also have this same problem! Good luck :)

Yeah! Weird that there is so little information out there on this topic.. seems to be a problem that is more common than people think... 

don't know anything about fructose malabsorption, but she could also do it mcdougall style.., it's overall healthy to eat whole plant based.. for that let her watch things like 'forks over knives' and 'curing cancer from inside out'.

This is what i know.. with b12 malabsorbtion if it's not genetic or anything it seems that high fat is the cause and after a water fast or something things might reset (not a fan of water fasts her on 30BaD, but this is what i read here: http://www.raw-food-health.net/VitaminB12Deficiency.html )

Logically though when you think about food combining, when you combine fruit/sugar with fat it causes malabsobtion cause it can't pass through the stomach cause the fat is holding it up and it starts to ferment etc.. in every way fat and sugar is a bad combination i think. so my best guess is that here also the cause is fat and that there is where the solution can be found, wether some kind of fast or anything is needed to reset things i don't know, i guess a thing like banana island is not possible when you have such a thing?..

Thanks for the reply! Banana island is definitely not an option.. as I said, she's not a banana fan and it seems like bananas are ok for most people with Fructose malabsorption, but she also gets sick from eating bananas.. :S 

Good point with the fat.. However I think it might be more complex.. I read something about 2 different types of fructose malabsorption and one is about Fructose/Glucose ratio (can't find the article right now ).. But it seems like this is not her problem since she still has problems with i.e. Bananas who are supposed to have a very easy to digest fructose/glucose ratio.. I might tell her to try low-fat for a few days and see how her body reacts when eating fructose then.. 

Cheers! Thats a really good start for this thread! :) 

Hi Leon,

I had what I thought was fructose malabsorption and asked Freelee about this about a year before going on rt4.  I used to get symptoms from sugars and certain fruits, certainly too much fruit.  Freelee's response to me was that she didn't believe in such a thing and that there was too much oil in my diet.

To cut a long story short, I decided after many failed attempts to give rt4 one more chance - I eliminated all oil, other than what is naturally absorbed from the food, no nuts, no avo - I was bloated and in pain for 3 days and then it went away!  I still get symptoms whenever I have a weekend with too much oil, maybe with friends or so, but it sorts itself out within a day or 2 of clean eating.  Banana island may well be the answer although I have never tried it myself.  Hope this helps!

Thanks for replying Anabella! Success stories are great too!  Good to hear that this actually works for some people and its not just theory.. Can't really argue with actual results :P

Also it seems like everything is pointing to the oil... They should really make a video on this though! so little information on this topic.. :( 

Thanks for sharing your experience ;)

Grateful if my experience can help heal someone else as well ;)



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