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Greetings Fruit Junkies!

We all know fresh fruit and veg is the best, but what is your opinion on frozen veg, berries and fruit?

I personally like it in moderation, because it's cheaper and I get some foods which is not in season or does not grow in a cold country like sweden (and is not available fresh) and it holds for a long time.

Jamie Oliver stated that frozen veg can sometimes contain more nutrients than fresh since it was frozen soon after harvest and therefore the nutrients was locked into the plant and stored in it better during transportation. 

Well I don't know if it's better, but would you guys recommend frozen fruit and vegetables as an option?

Love Jules

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take a hand of bananas   chop then up  

then pour half a bag of frozen berries over the bananas : )

one of my fav meals   : )

Sound yummy, I'll try that!

The berries should be fine as they are, I reckon, perhaps make a yummy fruit and berry salad? 

I had some frozen spinach with my potato wedges the other day, I just let it defrost by itself first. But I've also had it in smoothie, just watch out what you mix it with. Super sweet fruit is not to recommend ;) 

It can be a good option for sure but I have tasted a lot of organic frozen fruit that was definitely very unripe.  So always taste test before eating it all and return it if unripe.  These stores keep selling unripe fruit because people buy it and it is getting worse, the FDA keeps lowering their sugar score standards! :P  Ripe fruit should be super duper sweet with not one hint of sourness.

Frozen fruit is a great option. You can do worse than frozen veg too, if it makes more sense financially then I say go for it.

you are what you eat - i never buy cheap 

seek organic ripe fresh fruit * veg in season 


I believe frozen fruits and vegetables are a reasonable and practical option.

In my neighbourhood there is a huge mulberry tree. When in season (for about a month) I visit the tree and pick a lot of fruit - one season I picked 12kg or so (25 lbs). I freeze the majority of the mulberries I pick and then add them to smoothies to give a lovely purple colour.

I follow a whole food low fat vegan diet so I do cook. I sometimes use frozen peas as they are a cheap and nutritious option. A little of the nutrition is lost when freezing however the overall nutrition content is high. Compare that to peas that have been sitting in storage for a few days before the peas hit the shelves. During that time they are slowly loosing nutrients.

The peas are blanched and then flash frozen as I understand it.

Actually in all foods, with the passage of time, some nutrients are lost.  

Fresh is best, frozen is back up plan, or to be used as a treat.  Like may be there is an exotic fruit you would like to taste in a smoothie.  

Peace, PK

I find that frozen fruit looses a lot of its fresh sweetness and thus may taste as if it was frozen unripe.(I only freeze my own sometimes an extra quantity fruit,so I know it is RIPE).

It always tastes sourish to me.Has anybody else found that to be the case?

I m not sure about the nutritional benefits or otherwise of it versus fresh fruit though and would like to know too.

I always add some sugar with frozen fruit,even bananas,into the smoothies.I like the taste better and I won't budge.If DR does it,so do I.(but I wont have sugar and frozen fruit EVERY DAY).The cold thing is not best for my digestion.

Thanks so much everyone for your answers, feels good to have so many great, helpful people around. :) 



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