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We've all had a different journey to get here, we've all had to deal
with a different set of "character building" challenges, I had sunk to
the lowest point in my life and I really doubt there was anyway I
could have gone lower.. I stick the diet and lifestyle because of
where I've been, I know what I stand to loose by straying, I mean what
would it matter if I just had one bite of my flat mates beans and
sausage, or just one sip of my friends" lovely" vegan milk shake..
but i never do because the memory of where I have been is enough,
believe me.

811 is magik, it turned my life around, but it's far from easy, you've
really gotta want it and not just like the idea of it but really
really want it for yourself, cuz you've gotta earn it, your gonna have
to do it for three meals a day every day mostly by yourself surrounded
by people who eat normal and who will tempt you every step of the way,
and not only that but your own mind will try and sabotage your
efforts !! for me the cravings have never gone away, I haven't eaten
anything "normal" in over four years and still it looks like food,
still I want it, still I think about it !! But worst ov all I didn't
realise how special sharing food actually was, when I had it I didn't
appreciate what it was, to sit and eat the same food at the table,
sharing... sharing, oh I miss it so so much, even if you are
surrounded by similar people, what you eat is so important.. maybe
it's just me and I'm blowing it out ov proportion but a few months
back I visited someone and we shared some fruit, and it was totally
amazing, we ate a few boxes of lychees and a tonne of lettuce, and it
was amazing, I hadn't shared that moment in four years, four long and
quite lonely years..

So is it worth it..??.. the price is so high, the effort and self
control needed is beyond most, but the rewards..??.. what can I say to
convince you, there isn't anything I can say.. all I can say is that
as hard as it is I stick it, as boring as it seems sometimes (I'm
actualy satisfied eating the same dam meal over and over and over).. I
don't cheat or stray even when every fiber of my body is willing it
and everyone around me is trying to convince me I'm gonna wither away
and die and that one bite doesn't make a difference, and when my own
body is saying that my life is not complete without that "whatever"..

It's like what dr doug says, "if you want what other people have got,
then do what other people do".. and you know what, they don't have
what I want, none of em have what I want, so why do what they do, why
listen to what they say..

Why do I do it, why do I try so hard, why do i single myself out..??
plain and simple, its the rewards, 811 has given me what I always
wanted, what I always knew was missing, what I had never felt but
always knew was out there right there just out of sight and just out
of reach.. its radiance and energy and hope and passion and love for
myself and the world around me.. but it's not for everyone, only for
those who are tired of their old lives, who want something more, who
want to feel alive and in love with life and themselves, but most
importantly its only for those who are willing to give things up, pay
the price, cuz nothing is free and if it offers the best then you can
dam well be sure it costs the most.. I'm willing to pay the price and
I'll do it alone if I have to, but it would be nice to make this
journey they call life with others, I'd love to hold someones hand and
not feel so alone.. and that's why I say to you, come join me, it's
totally worth it, to see the world through these eyes, to see yourself
this way, it makes all the difference, it has turned life into
something to be excited about, something actually worth living.


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I will hold your hand ;-)

Thanks so much for sharing this, Gareth.  I'm also at the four year mark (though I experimented with cooked food for a time in the last year - that's a subject for another post), and I share many of your feelings.  

With regards to sharing food with someone else, it helps that I live in the bay area where there are lots of other raw fooders.  Also, I have found that many people are up for sharing some of my fruit or a dinner salad at a family gathering.  It's fun to turn people on to yummy foods.  

Ironically, I met a man who is a raw vegan too, and we're engaged and living together now.  However, he has this thing where hearing other people chewing food irritates him, so we rarely eat together.  So here I thought I'd found someone to share this very basic thing in life with, and I end up eating by myself more with him than when I'm with others!  

Gereth your know how to express your self as always:)... Go go go friend!

I love this, thank you so much for genuineness and honesty.  I shall look back to these words and think to myself "Heck yeah, it's worth it" and so many of the wonderful, amazing people on 30 BaD agree. You and others are my inspiration, are my hope that yeah together we can build a better tomorrow for ourselves, our friends/family and our community.  Again Thank you.

Wow...just great! Thanks a lot for writing this Gareth!

beautifully written gareth, i love " nothing is free and if it offers the best then you can
dam well be sure it costs the most.."

sending some love your way and am sure you will soon have someones hand to hold, someones special, whose worth the wait :)


This is beautiful! I am so happy for you!! We're here with you! :D

Wow, this was just what I needed to read this morning. Pretty new to 811 and this is just so inspiring and heartfelt. I hope in years to come I will feel this way about the lifestyle choices I am making now. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Really inspiring Gareth! :)

I can relate to you.. I appreciate you sharing this 

Gareth... I would love to know where it was that your life was at that made you so determined to make a change... and what specifically is so different now that makes all the sacrifices worth it?

I ask as a newbie 811er in search of constant inspiration.... doing it alone! :)


That's beautiful.

I sometimes feel a little bit 'alone' too, but everything-which this lifestyle gave me-worths it. I love being full of energy, peace, feeling alive and happy.

I'm sure you'll meet somebody with who you can share your fruit and feelings with.

I'm sending you hugs!



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