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Hi people!

I was a high fruit raw-foodist from 2003-8: lived in the CA Bay Area, was in the thick of it with raw food potlucks, community gardens, fruit harvesting...Harley even slept on my floor one night when he was traveling through. Folks might remember me from back then: I was dying of anorexia when I started raw, became tremendously better and more functional, was very skilled at scoring produce, but never got any good at actually eating it in quantities (although durian always provokes heightened consumption! ;0 )

I moved to HI to pursue the fruit-fairy/locavore dream but ended up eating differently there: first a little different, then a lot different (a long story that I'd be glad to share). I met my husband there, and moved with him to Alaska--tried the locavore thing here and have had to bless it and dismiss it, I'm not going to live on fish and meat! Got sick, got carbophobic, had an eating disorder relapse, got more sick, found myself back to vegan, back to raw...

...in the past months, I've been eating more fruit and more cooked starch, putting the carbophobia to rest. The more carbohydrate I eat, the more the chronic fatigue and other symptoms evaporate, the better I feel.

So, I'm gearing up for a return to my self as a fruit fairy! I'm tired of the years as a diet-seeker, serially tweaking, as opposed to someone who knew what she was doing. Problem is, I live in Alaska now! And at the end of the road, at that. Produce can be really hard to obtain at all, let alone in any quality. Shipping dates to my in-laws in OR costs $14, but would cost over twice that to get them here.

Since I've learned from experience that (a) cooked food doesn't kill me and (b) I'm doing a lot better this year, eating high raw with some cooked starch (mostly sweet potatoes) than I was last year, eating 100% raw with lots more nuts and seeds, and since we can actually grow potatoes up here, I'm not going to make myself crazy trying to eat 100% raw in this environment. Recovering from my neuroses around food is part of the point of this too, and we're not planning to live here forever. 

I'm excited to find this community and see so many people thriving on this way of eating: intelligent, thoughtful, energetic people helping each other out. I'd love to share my thoughts and insights, and some of the details of my story, if it'll help anyone. As a small start, I suspect that I ended up going off of high-fruit 100% raw when I lived in HI for at least three reasons:

1) There were a lot of residual issues from my eating disorder that I still hadn't addressed and were still governing me, and I didn't have a clear sense of myself in that environment. 2) Whereas in CA I had supportive and likeminded friends, the community I lived in in HI was full of 'ex-raw-vegans,' some of them very outspoken and negative, and the one actual raw vegan around (whom I knew slightly from CA days) was the unhealthiest person you've ever seen, scarily so.

3) I was doing extremely hard physical work, more so than I'd ever done in my life before, without paying attention to increased need for rest, food, water: I still had a tendency to restrict calories.


looking forward to sharing more! 



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I met a wonderful lady who I'm pretty sure was from Homer, her name was Catherine, she ran a pharmacy there.  I met her at OHI, she would be a great contact for where to get good raw foods.


Also, I wonder where the family who did the film, the beautiful truth, live.  They would be a great contact.


I wonder if bulk ordering dates would be any cheaper, like 100 pounds from bautista.


Oh, I think I know Catherine slightly. Such a small world! She's really nice. She doesn't eat fruit at all, though, iirc: she's more into the Robert Young/wheatgrass juice/zero sugar/all green end of things. But I should look her up again anyhow...


Wow, thanks for sharing--that looks like an awesome place. They're several hundred miles away from us, unfortunately, but might be worth a visit this summer.

Thanks Ela, sorry, I meant to make it out to you. I'm not sure where my mind was at the moment. And yeah, I kind of expected the cold. Everyone looks at me like I'm crazy when I say I want to move there, but then again, they also stare when I pile up on fruit, so... Considering what you said, I actually think Anchorage might be a step up from where I live, since the closest thing we have to a natural foods store here is a Martin's, and I can't find any durian for the life of me. Usually, I have to go to the next city if I want a really good selection of produce, or some good organic options. Not to mention Walmart tries to get away with selling moldy strawberries and wwaaayy overripe mangoes at times. The mangoes are sometimes like ripe persimmon soft.


Wow, Tieste, that sounds like some of the produce yuckiness around here too. Better in Anchorage, I think. If you're drawn to AK, you should probably check it out. It still amazes me (like I said, I never imagined wanting to come here!) Small population, friendly, helpful people, sense of community, real wilderness--there are many good sides for sure. And in Anchorage, a lot of city commodities also.

Hello Ela,


it sounds as though you are approaching your dietary transitions with intelligence and self-caring. I am wondering if you might be able to find folks who would want to order cases of things with you and be able to split the shipping cost. If not a group of individuals, perhaps there are independent small schools/pre-schools or such (that are trying to provide good food for the students) who would likewise share. 

In any case, I wish you the very best.

all blessings,



Thanks, Radiance--the small independent schools is a wonderful idea for another source of possible co-op-ers. I have done some exploration and found a workaround for the expensive shipping up here, so I'm excited for date season and big boxes coming up! Still need to talk to the produce guys about cases also...



Hey.  Im from Fairbanks AK. 

Last time I was in Homer I visited the place known as Safeway.  they always have bananas.

I order from Azure standard through my local Food buyers Group, and it gets dropped off once or twice a month.

there is full circle farms as well.  they have a website.

Post an add up around and see if people are going shopping in Anchorage, and i dont know pay them to bring you some organic fruit?

dont be a fanatic about diet.  Live your life and eat enough.  kudos on eat'n them sweet potatoes.  Get involved with the permaculture people down there.  plant perrenial fruit trees, plenty of things that we cant get away with growing up in Fairbanks. 

Change what you can, and accept the things that you cannot change.  but dont give up on trying to change stuff. 

Take er easy.

Welcome back! Your story convinces me again this is the right lifestyle!

Keep up the good fruit x

in my humble opinion there's nothing wrong with eating potatoes, rice, quinoa, beans when fruit isn't available, but i would try to get my hands on all the fruit i could.



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