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Once I ve learned that in order to contract the gall bladder normally we need to consume fats , ( a gallbladder that does not contract sufficiently to empty the bile regularly will encourage the formation of gallstones. Researchers believe dieting may cause a shift in the balance of bile salts and cholesterol in the gallbladder. Skipping meals decreases gallbladder contractions, as does eating meals that are extremely low in fat. A meal or snack needs to contain approximately 10 grams of fat to contract the gallbladder normally from this article).

in case the gallbladder doesnt empty itself  properly can cause  a formation of stones. from the other hand gallbladder stones in many cases produced from cholesterol, so a lowfat, high fiber diet is recommended for people suffering from gallbladder stones.

well, what do u think about it?

I was concerned about an issue as I've read that gallbladder stones were found in many yogies who are either vegetarians or vegan. well, then I wonder if it is enough fat we consume on 811 or even 955 diet to make the gallbladder contract and empty normally  preventing a formation of stones.

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Vegan diet since 1995 for or strict religious reasons.  I still got gallstones. My doctor, church and ultrasounds can testify, yes even a vegan can get gallstones.  Stress causes gallstones.  Google it.

Vegans can eat fried high fat too, the vegan selection at Indian restaurants is very greasy!  This line of reasoning does not make sense to me, I think high fat diets are what cause gall stones.

Here is my gall bladder/stones story:

my grandfather was on a SAD diet at 88 and was diagnosed with severe gall stones and infected gall bladder that had to come out.  He was scheduled for several procedures starting with having the gallstones lasered one by one.  They did a few stones while he was in the hospital, they also almost killed him in the hospital, something standard, luckily I was there to save him.  He some how made it home alive.  I put him on a juice fast as the M.D. written book, nutritional healing said to do.  He did 3 days and then 5 days of organic celery, beet and carrot juice, about 10 cups worth daily.  He went back 2 weeks later for an outpatient procedure to have more gall stones lasered, well there no stones found and his gall bladder was no longer infected.  The doctor could not have cared less what happened or why.  So if just a few days of eating low-fat can completely cure a major problem in an 88 year old man, I think this theory of needing to eat high fat meals does not make sense.

thank u for sharing ednshell. it is very reassuring and makes a lot of sense .

You're most welcome! :)

Check the following link for more information

Gallstones - Topic Overview



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