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Once I ve learned that in order to contract the gall bladder normally we need to consume fats , ( a gallbladder that does not contract sufficiently to empty the bile regularly will encourage the formation of gallstones. Researchers believe dieting may cause a shift in the balance of bile salts and cholesterol in the gallbladder. Skipping meals decreases gallbladder contractions, as does eating meals that are extremely low in fat. A meal or snack needs to contain approximately 10 grams of fat to contract the gallbladder normally from this article).

in case the gallbladder doesnt empty itself  properly can cause  a formation of stones. from the other hand gallbladder stones in many cases produced from cholesterol, so a lowfat, high fiber diet is recommended for people suffering from gallbladder stones.

well, what do u think about it?

I was concerned about an issue as I've read that gallbladder stones were found in many yogies who are either vegetarians or vegan. well, then I wonder if it is enough fat we consume on 811 or even 955 diet to make the gallbladder contract and empty normally  preventing a formation of stones.

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All the people I know with gallstones are obese and live on animal flesh and fat. I think were pretty safe on 811.

yeah, that| is logical as gallstones should be caused by cholesterol. but the question is how stones could be found in vegetarian/vegan eating yogis?? my only idea  is that the body adjust itself to low ammounts of fat on LFRV diet so that gallbladder doesnt produce so much bile as before while being on high fat diets ( whatever they could be, SAD, high fat vegetarian or raw), thus there will be no excessive bile production in the body.

Vegan since 1995 healthy eater but still got gallstones.  I was eating too many simple carbs but I think I got it from stress as I got stressed out. :-(

My mother was a gallbladder patient and had pains for years and possible stones.  Eating a low fat whole fresh raw fruit n leafy green diet diminished her symptoms, and every time she went back to SAD, she flared up.

The gall bladder releases bile into the intestines, that is true. 

But it also is a mechanism the body uses to try to get fats out of the digestive track.  Eating a high fat diet causes it to be overworked.  Perhaps that is the reason for the sluggishness mentioned in the article.  The gallbladder may need to rest, and then one has to eat more and more fat to stimulate it more.

Many yogis are vegetarians, but still lacto ovo, meaning they eat eggs, milk, butters, and ghees.  That is a high fat, high protein, high cholesterol animal based diet.

Even if they are animal free, they may be eating a high fat diet.  If any of you have eaten Indopak food, and or travelled to India or Pakistan, a lot of the curries and salans have a layer of oil floating on them.  So being vegan does not always mean low fat and raw. 

Then, although not sure how it may affect the gallbladder, many of these people eat a high grain and bread based diet.  Grains can wreak havoc on the digestive system.

As far as I know, none of our members doing this diet 100% have gall bladder stones or issues, and in fact, I vaguely remember a few testimonials of gall bladder relief.

Peace, PK

yep, I ve also thought about high fat vegans and vegetarians, and I agree very much on a high grain and bread based diet, even though I dont know the "mechanism" of such an impact.

"Researchers believe dieting may cause a shift in the balance of bile salts and cholesterol in the gallbladder"

Exactly, with a kind of diet that compromises nutrition in the long term (even in the short term), a hig fat diet.

So a low fat diet is a solution, promotes a balance of bile salts and so the disappearance of "stones".

On the other hand the bile always contracts sufficiently with fruits and greens because we are apes, so we aren't adapted to consume every meal high amounts of fat, as all kind of evidences are proving all the time.

"I was concerned about an issue as I've read that gallbladder stones were found in many yogies who are either vegetarians or vegan" It is possible that this is a confusion with a phenomenon I have heard about. They aren't gallstones, it seems they can be produced by a life of intense meditation.

Well, that in the case that we would suppose that statement as true, also you know there are many ways of practice veganism wrongan. And finally liver flushes are quite dangerous, I did a number, and the first one was the worst thing I could have done. The guilty was basically the epsom salts because of my situation. They do throw body salts off balance.

that is quite interesting about meditations. I ve also heard about Lou Corona who has been on a raw food diet for 40 years by now and his ammount of fat is much higher than 10% as he eats a lot of nuts. he seems to be healthy. but surely each body has its own ways to survive :)

I did 13 liver flushes and eliminated about 200 green stones from my liver on the 6th flush. Yes, it can take up to many flushes to move the stones down the liver.  I didn't eliminate the calcified ones out of my gallbladder though.  Liver flushes are affective and they work.  Follow the Hulda Clark one or from the website www.gallbladderattack.com  Basically you drink apple juice only all day and at 6pm you drink one glass of water with 1 tspn of Epsom salts. Repeat at 8pm. at 10pm drink 1/3 cup of olive oil and lemon juice and lie down on your right side. Go to sleep.  For me it was 6pm the next day that I eliminated a heap of stones. Gallstones can be in the liver and gallbladder.

I think I had serious mineral deficiencies, so the epsom salts caused me a strong disbalance, in the firts month after I developed a serious renal deficiency, I peed like 4 or 5 liters every night during two weeks and I am sure I was at the border of the death. Clearly is an invasive therapy, if it is possible to disolve the stones in other way, I would never advice liver flushes to anybody.

I did some other liver flushers because I was desperate and I didn't know 811, these ones were more easy, but anyway I didn't obtain any improvement until I discover 81.

Yeah sometimes I think drinking all that oilive oil is not natural. I think if you do this diet its and maybe try water fasting, the stones will go naturally. I didn't want to eat raw before I had the operation as I loved cooked food too much even though a vegan. I didn't know about 811 till last week. I went to a meeting on Sunday and saw all these 811's so healthy and happy that I'm now doing it. Its very encouraging to meet other doing it as it spurs you on. I had to meet people face to face to be convinced.

I think if you are on this diet and don't stress, stay happy, you will be safe. This is the best diet for man. Sadly I was a unhealthy vegan and got gallstones and had it removed.

gaulstones came from a skeleton thats leacking too much calcium phosphate - the phosophate is used to ph balance a too high acid body and the calcium from the phosphate calcium mix is to be excreted out but it cant and causes calcium stones that are hard as rocks and very painful.

the only body that is that high in acid to form caulstones is a animal consumer.



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