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While having a debate with a work mate on the virtues of animal product free diet I suggested he watch Forks Over Knives. This morning ive come to work with the following email......

Here's a link you should probably read...might take awhile though.


To which i replied-

Thats a HUGE review. I read a portion of it……


Now Filip, I know you are a sort for differences kind of guy (aka like to poke a f**k load of holes in theories) which is fantastic. Have you ever tried to poke huge amounts of holes in the animal products are good for you theory? Or do you prefer to hear good things about bad habits? You like animal products and if you have no ethical reasons to not eat them then why would you remain impartial??


I myself have eaten animal products ALL my life. I have tried every diet including eating meat 5 times a day!!! Now if these diets are good for you how come I always felt like shit?? If they are good for you then why do you feel sick eating a fuck load of them? Why cant you eat unlimited amounts of them without getting fat and sick? Why has the US Cancer association advised that meat is a carcinogen??Why are western societies obese, sick, unhealthy, unhappy? If were carnivores why don’t we have canine jaws, short digestive tracks, acidic stomach acid, enjoy slaughtering animals with our bare hands, eat raw meat, blood, bone, intestine, fur, road kill???


Put a baby in a crib next to a puppy and a piece of fruit. Whats it gonna eat? The puppy? If its starving to death will it try to eat the puppy? Maybe.


I could go on and on and on and on………….


I will also research all these points this dude has addressed and provide you with articles to set your mind at ease.


PS have you EVEN watched forks over knives???????????????????????????????????

If anyone would like to take a look at the article and make some counter points feel more then free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It appears the link you provided is from a website run by Denise Minger (go to the About section). She's the one who thought she debunked the China Study, lol.

Hi Kerry,

I've long since taken Minger seriously.

Plant Positive on YouTube has published a series countering her article. He highlights a number of discrepancies. If you're not familiar with it, send this to your work colleague:

This is another good resource:


Thats Denise Minger. She destroyed her health with anorexia and then blamed the vegan diet  she was on at the time. Used to be a member her till she started trolling.

Good to see she doesnt have anorexia anymore. Sad to see she is spreading such mistruths about the only diet that will save the planet, the animals and peoples waistlines.

Denise is often used as a poster child for a low carb diet. She still eats high carb though. She felt angry about being deleted from 30BaD so put all her energy into making the vegan lifestyle look unhealthy. What a sad person. 

My message to Denise Minger is - "If eating meat is so healthy, go and eat your neighbours dog, its had a good life, its local and if you shoot its face off with a shot gun, its a quick, painless humane death. Millions of dogs are eaten daily and its a traditional food for many cultures."

What a joke.

Thanks everyone. He knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on but that doesnt phase him. Pick your battles people because some people are so closed minded and hold on so tight to beliefs, and ideals usually because they are terrified of change. So many people i know think they need to eat the same as their friends in order to have connection (even if they dont know it). When you point out that you jeopardize your health, the health of your kids, the environment and cause outrageous amounts of suffering because you think the only way to connect is through food?? Well, when you point it out, it sounds fucking ridiculous doesnt it. Connection is not about what we eat people. If you want love and connection start thinking about how you can improve the lives of others and start connecting with the animals and the environment instead of disconnecting!!!!

And Denise Minger, isnt she that chick that is on the raw brahs video?? Yeah well leave her to it. 

Not saying im all sunshine, rainbows and understanding because i still firmly believe that if Minger loves meat so much then she should go eat a dick :)

CORRECT Phil. Im not a "long termer" yet but Ive been searching for this for 25 years.

Im so excited about the possibilities for change that I love to talk to people about it. I guess like everything thats not the social "norm" you learn to shut your mouth and use your energy on those people who are willing to consider something other than themselves.

And nah, i really cant be bothered arguing (aka pointing out scientific facts) with dipshits who cant look at things objectively. It gets tiring pretty quick and your right, put your resources elsewhere.




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