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Hi, I have gained 31 pounds of weight. My parents just talk to my sister and I about how unhealthy our life style is and they are saying we need to eat more protein and fat to fill foll on less food. Because our portions size can fed 3 people!!

My parents are not aware that I am once again on this life style. Because the first time they actually took me off the life style. Even thought how much I tell theme that it is good for my health and the planet.

I honestly truly believe that they only care that I am slim because wen I did get slim I was more love but my parents and now there always on my back. I just want to be on this lifestyle I don't want to any other vegan diets I want this one.

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How old are you?

I'm second year at University

Slightly different topic, but watch DR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXvxZ-SR0pM

Do your thing, do what makes YOU happy!


Yeah I'm agreeing with everyone else. Do what you want and let go of what your parents are telling you to do. If you are in university then that means you are your own person and aren't as dependent on your parents anymore. If this lifestyle is the one you choose to live and makes you happy then I'd say go for it. This lifestyle makes me happy too ^^


try gathering all the information about the positives of veganism and the raw till 4 lifestyle and then share it with your family.  Perhaps find some transformation RT4 stories on youtube and show your parents those as well so that they can see how this lifestyle does actually work.

Thank you Cristina, I have done that but some how they found some other information on how it wasn't good because they gained weight. Personally I don't mid the weight since I know its temperately.

But for theme because I haven't gotten any result after almost a year they think it not healthy.

For whats its worth I know that "100% raw" is frowned upon by this community now, but with regular cycling and 100% RAW diet, I get SUPER LEAN and enter a state of extreme mental clarity and very high energy. I understand that you live at home and working a bunch of hours is probably not in  your plan, but if it comes to it, working and going 100% raw could be part of the solution.

You know you may have a point. I could probably 100% Raw. Since I have been doing RawTill4 it dose work since it was easy. But base on my situation it mite be easier to be fully Raw since it be leas preparation I think. 

BTW how long have you been 100% Raw?

I'm not 100% raw at the moment. I was struck by a car traveling at high speeds while riding my bike two months ago, I have not had use of my left arm for several months, so I have been unable to carry fruit home and ended up eating a lot of rice and feeling like crap. I am getting better now and it feels really good to be getting the fruit I need again, that was a miserable experience.

If you feel great eating lots of potatoes, rice and pasta, that is awesome. For whatever reason whenever I eat those things my energy level drops and I don't feel as alert or energetic for several days after. 

I have been vegan on and off since I was a kid, I guess I've been vegan about 6 years total I sort of lost track because there were some years in there were I was eating nothing but cereal with soy milk because I didn't know anything about health I just didn't want to hurt animals. Dark times indeed felt like crap.

I only discovered this website 2 years ago. I understand that for a lot of people they just focus on eating the vegan foods they like, and try to avoid exercise, but for me I have never experienced anything as exhilarating as 100% raw foods, plus endurance sports, long distance cycling, and swimming and running. You can be as fat or lean as you want, when you go 100% raw you can basically stuff your face all day with raw food and never gain weight. 

I find it really hard to go back and forth between raw til 4 and 100% raw because I get used to having HUGE serving sizes, like eating entire water melons...so massive bowls of rice are dangerous for me lol.

Sorry to hear about you getting struck by a car. But for me I can eat pasta or rice and I don't feel tired but potato are hit and miss sometime they make me tired some days no. To be honest I do like to exercise. I do love running, doing weights cycling and doing some coll activates like walk climbing.

I do wish you best in your recovery and thank you for your advice greatly appreciated.



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