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I have been eating papaya and mangoes for dinner alot. I don't seem to have a problem with this what so ever just wondering if anyone know's if this is a good combination? When I look at the charts with the Melons/sweet fruits/sub acid/acid fruits ect. I never see where papaya fall's. Could it be in it's own group like melons? I love the golden papaya, it's the only food I tend to get non organic because I've only found orgainc papaya at Whole Foods for like 6.99 a pound. I get a four pack at Costco for 6.99. So four orgainc papaya's would cost about 28 dollars. My research show's papaya's are not heavily infected with pesticides. But possiblly GMO? They come from Brazil, I've read that the Hawaiian papaya's are GMO but not sure about the Brazilian varieties. Can any one please comment on these matters, thanks!

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The question I would have is "can I get enough cals from papaya?'. For me no way.

Papaya is one of my fav fruits taste wise but calorie wise its hopeless IMHO.



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