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Wondering if anyone has any science behind this? After I ate lunch today (cooked food) I keep getting hot flashes and my arms feel funny (almost weak)...

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WI would love to know to as this happened to me a couple times!


I thinks its when we over eat or stress our system. I get that when eating too much dates or avocados and some other food sometime. When it happens, I instantly know I over ate or ate the wrong stuff or both.
I have this, too! I feel warm/tingling sensations - I even get red on my neck/chest. I sometimes get a prickly feeling and/or a blood-rushing feeling along with weakness. Mine ended up being food sensitivities. You may not have experienced these symptoms prior to 80:10:10 simply because we are eating larger volumes of the same food. I usually experience these symptoms within 30 minutes of eating. My reactions are getting better, so I am healing. I even have these reactions to b12, mineral-enhanced water, vitamin d3 and more. It is crazy!!



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