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I went into the dentist today for a 6month routine cleaning. To find that I have 2 deep cavities, very upsetting.. I mentioned to the dentist that I use an all natural toothpaste without Fluoride. He was aware of the controversy against the toxic chemical. But insisted I must use fluoride toothpaste to slow or stop the cavities, or else risk more filings, possibly a root canal! I take very good care of my teeth and floss daily.. I about to give in and use the high Fluoride toothpaste just out of desperation..

Please inform me on what you know about this predicament I am in. 

Thank you!

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Fluoride is such a toxic scam and can *hurt* the teeth through fluorosis. Here's a link, just ignore the little part about sugar:) I highly doubt fluoride's the issue. I have been without fluoride(and synthetic toothpastes) for over 2 years( tp period for 6 months) and my teeth haven't been better! Are you drinking enough water throughout the day and after eating? Brushing well at the end of the day, etc? I don't have much advice to give, maybe someone else has more info diet-wise for you. I hope everything gets better.

I have experienced great improvements using a Miswak Stick. Check them out they're great. http://miswakstick.com/

Thanks I just bought one.. says they have natural fluoride? not sure what that is?

Run far away from anyone wanting you to use the by-product of aluminum and agri products.

He insisted because "9 out of 10 doctors get paid more to recommend it" ;-)

Take Care,

I figured they are always pushing x-ray/electric tooth brush/fluoride every time i'm in there..

They don't want you to have healthy teeth. They want "job security". I recently went to a dentist office and they were serving cookies, coffee, and hard candies in the waiting room!

flouride kills your mouth flora that keeps your mouth clean 

you might floss but thats not cleaning  and mainatining you mouth - your flora and immune system does this

your mouth is constantly repairing itself including growing new gum skin cells and repairing nerves

your teeth are living - they have nerves as you know

flouride kills the one thing that does "really" clean your teeth

but you MUST eat the right diet - raw fruit, raw veggies do 801010 low fat raw vegan diet

if your 801010 low fat raw vegan - you dont need dentists

Use baking soda to brush your teeth. Its cheap and works better than toothpaste. Go to a "holistic" or "biological" dentist and get a second opinion. DON'T USE FLUORIDE! Make sure you get your greens so you have enough minerals. The herb Comfrey has been know heal cavities.

"The drugs don't work, they just make you worse"

STOP - baking soda is not recommended for teeth

it also kills natural mouth flora and contains aluminium - you may as well have fluoride

using baking soda bollocks

its as bad as eating salt because your gums absorb it

you use baking soda to clean your OVEN please dont use it to clean your mouth

your mouth is PH sensitive - and baking soda is pure chemical

commercial baking soda harms your health - please stop using it.

I use aluminum free baking soda and should have specified. The gum thing is new to me and I wonder how much you really absorb this way. I never swallow when I brush and you are right about the sodium being bad thing. I totally disagree that "you may as well have fluoride"  that is almost like saying "you may as well have cyanide"

I will consider your advise but I have found baking soda(aluminum free) to be great at keeping my mouth clean and free of acidic bacterial byproducts. Rinse well after brushing.

So would you recommend brushing with just water? Maybe alkaline water?

Thanks for your reply...

hi trevor - from what i understand - a whole lot because the skin inside your mouth is a lot more delicate than outside.

sometimes i over react - your right, fluoride is much worse but but how much, i think we would be surprised - i just dont have time to investigate it at the moment or i would.

trevor - are you a 801010 low fat raw vegan - if you are, you only need a brush and gargle water - i wish i had more time to go and pull internet files on this for you.

ill try but have you thought if investigating it yourself ?

i almost lost all my teeth from receding gums due to 25 yrs of smoking - i was told they would never repair - once they were gone, that was it but since being low fat raw vegan 801010 my gums have 90% grown back - im almost 100% recovered - i want you to have really good strong teeth - and to be healthy and live a long time.

peter - i am australian - we use the term bicarb - baking soda and baking power are american terms - both of these are chemically made and are not natural.

dont know where you got your science degree from ? kellogs cornflakes maybe ? but baking soda aka bicarbonate of soda aka bicarb that you purchase off the self from your grocery store does contain aluminium - you can search out aluminium free bicarb usually stocked at heath shops here - either way the baking soda aka bicarb is a course crude artificial man made chemical thats nasty stuff to mouth tissue.

if you are a elegant raw vegan 801010 low fat and instead a animal & refine foods consumer there is not need for you to use a course chemical in your mouth daily.



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