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I'm yet to read the book (only just got a copy) but I've been flirting with the idea of this lifestyle for awhile now. Is there anyone local in the Ottawa area here who would be willing to meet up and share their journey and some inspiration? Given the snowy winter I'm not used to (it doesn't snow where I was living in NZ) I suspect it may be hard to find such quantities of organic fruits without killing my budget. I'd be keen to share bulk orders and things like that too. Look forward to the involvement in this online community on my journey. 

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Hi Melissa, I am in Peterborough, Ontario - about 3 hours away :(  

I would have loved to share bulk orders and in fact was hoping to try and create a buying club in this area. I have approached our grocery stores and health food store and none will give discounts for bulk buying. I haven't tried Farm Boy yet.. but I'm not sure they sell organic. - I haven't actually shopped in one yet. With a buying club we may be able to start a co-op of sorts. I would bet there are some near you. Here we have a 'by the box' type of co-op but that doesn't suit my needs. 

I do find fresh, organic produce to be pricey but I tend to mix it up so that I am getting in a good quantity of the lower priced fruits each day and not trying to make my meals mangos and other higher priced stuff. I do eat a lot of bananas and melons.. and my grocery bill is definitely more (on the surface).. but I don't have those big purchases of condiments, processed foods, junk food, alcohol and meals out (other than once a week, generally, if that.) So in the end, I think this lifestyle is cheaper. I feel better, my clothes fit better and get less wear, I will have an easier time buying clothes (as needed) during sales because finding clothes that I feel look good on me when I was heavier, was difficult. I don't need so many kitchen appliances/gadgets/utencils. I wash dishes less. Other than during periods of detoxification, my sweat does not smell so my clothes wear longer between washes. In the winter months, I don't need to shower every day, so I save water. I don't need fancy soaps and shampoos. I have transitioned to a "Soap Works" "shampoo/conditioner" bar for my hair and little bit of shaving (actually I don't need to shave or wash hair very much - and I have fairly straight medium-long hair.) I don't feel like hosting lavish parties (another saving!). I don't want movies out anymore. I would rather make my outings with friends to be hikes, yoga classes, bike rides, skating, etc.

I guess where I am going with all this is, the HCLFrv (or even cooked vegan) diet is a lifestyle that develops with you. It really changes you and makes you look at all aspects of your life differently. As you start to feel the body improvements (improved digestion, detoxification, weight normalization, proper appetite, heightened senses, etc.) you also will feel the emotional improvements and increased energy. It will change your life, hone your value system, and make you really appreciate simpler things in life. 

Healthy food will become a priority but so will eliminating wasteful or unhealthy practices you formerly engaged in. And it all happens naturally/organically :)

So welcome. Jump in! 

I would love to have you as a HCLF buddy and am happy to share things I have learned and recipes, etc. I do come up that way a number of times each year because I used to live in Ottawa and have friends I visit. Also, my parents and other family members are in Renfrew and area. 

Hello, I am in Ottawa as well. I need help finding bulk resources too. I was raw til 4 during the summer, but have fallen into cook food since the summer produce supply is over. My gut pains are an indication that I need to get back on the raw til 4 wagon.
Would love to chat to see if we have a better chance at finding food together!

Hello, I'm from Ottawa, I have had no luck with wholesale other than buying online de-hydrated fruit. (Prana) The best place I found for fresh fruits especially in winter is T & T on Huntclub, (not always organic). If you find any wholesale let me know.

Good luck


I use mostly Farm Boy's.. but i go to T&T for exotic fruits.. I actually got a fresh durian at T&T!!!

Farm boy has great banana quality always... and  large organic section.. organic mango's are a good reason to be on this planet.

I'm on the same boat! 


Im about to move to ottawa, I'm just starting to jump on the raw food diet. I've emailed the grocers and wholesalers in my area, they don't seem willing to corporate with me. I know you wrote this in january, have you had any luck with finding/creating a buying club??

There are some more from Ottawa in this group: Raw Canucks

Ordering cases of dates is a great back up for high calorie fruits!   Lots of threads here on that you'll find in the search bar.

Where did you order a case of dates?

i believe 7hotdates will ship to Canada.

Definitely willing to meet up! Just moved here and looking to meet new people!

Anyone interested in meetin up for a meal where we can get to know one another and talk about bulk ordering. My favourite raw restaurant is La Belle Verte in Hull.

I have never been there but i hear great things!!!

it is on my list of places to go check out.. along with The Green Door, the Table, or Cafe My House.

I am so short on cash these days that I have not visited any of these options.. instead i just stay home and blend banana smoothies..  not only am I having trouble getting and keeping a job while on this lifestyle.. I am having trouble staying warm! gotta get outta Canada...



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