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Hello everyone!


I'm fairly new here. My boyfriend and I have been slowly exploring the LFRV lifestyle for the past 3 weeks and we're really excited to have stumbled upon it. In the past 3 years we've slowly gone from meat eaters, to vegetarians, to vegans, to raw, to fruitarian! I was turned on to 811 to try to heal some intense digestive issues. Happy to be here! This site has been incredible and we find ourselves falling asleep every night (pretty early) watching videos of all the interesting information :) 


I just wanted to say that I'm a person, not unlike so many people out there, that have struggled with body image. I'm actually a working, traveling fashion model with a more-often-than-not flat stomach. However, put me in a room with one hundred of the most beautiful girls in an international city for a casting and I feel pretty awful about myself. I'm working on it though!


The point of this post is that I recently took a 'Sacred Belly' class where I learned that only 5% of the population actually has the genetics for a completely flat stomach!!! That blew me away to learn that! Walking down the aisles of the grocery store and seeing all the magazines about how to get your flat stomach for the summer, flat stomach beach bodies, etc. may actually be next to impossible for some people, even with the right food and exercise. There are reasons why we have that layer of cushion around our digestive organs... To keep us warm, to protect the delicate tissues, to protect a developing baby for females, and so on. 


I am a firm believer in a low fat, high energy lifestyle for health purposes! I just want to tell you all out there that I'm really happy to be a part of this community with all the support. And also that if our stomachs are not 100% flat and we're working really hard for our health then we should not be so critical of ourselves and instead be very very proud of ourselves and the progress we're all making! It helped me be less critical and I hope it helps at least one person out there also...

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Air and Water,

It is true that some folks might not have the genetics for flat stomachs. 

However, I think if you do this diet long term, you might get good results. 

If you are a model though, you may want to eat your heavy meal of the day a few hours away from a photo shoot and or catwalk.  Fruit is full of fiber and water and give some folks a temporary Bhuddah belly until things are digested and assimilated. 

As far as modelling and or hollywood go, there is a lot of fakeness involved.  Many people have had surgeries done to make themselves look a certain way.  Ladies get tummy tucks, guys get fake muscles put in their chests.  Porno stars and gymnasts have surgeries on their tendons to make them more flexible. 

I have no plans to go for surgery, and have come to mentally accept my body and its flaws are here to stay.  I have some poor genetics, past mistakes, and age against me.  However, I am at peace, and just try to live in the moment, and I am thankful for the good things I do have in my life, finding 811 low fat raw vegan and its healing, the friends I am meeting on 30BaD, and look forward to working for some good causes. 

Peace, PK

Hi PK,


That's great that you're accepting what is and working on what 'isn't' :)   I like that. I've never had any inclination to modify my body either. I model because it's a great way to travel! I'm considering taking a contract somewhere in Asia this fall so I can experience all the amazing new fruits!! I just had a 3 month contract in Mexico and ate like a queen haha

:D  Keep having fun, and I believe this diet will help you achieve that .  Peace, PK

well, if people are on SAD diet, there are probably only 5% of people who have the vitality to push all the toxins and garbage out which are making you fat. plus they have to be very active, because sugars and starches are more available in processed foods. there are also some cases of hyper thyroidism or other other bodily disfunctions. so on SAD diet that´s probably only 5% of people.


in comparison, if we are eating our true physiological diet that appeals to our bodies practically everyone becomes very slim to super lean on the long term. 

'5% of the population can only have a flat stomach genetics..'



Thats like saying 'only 5% of society can be fit and healthy, the rest of you should get used to being out of shape and let the 5% have all the fun!'.


Im doing a photo shoot this morning with one of Australia's biggest magazines. We are both having big breakfasts though lol! Otherwise our stomachs are too flat and people say, you guys are too thin!'.



Whats our 'secret' to flat morning stomachs? Fruit,811, no salt, water, early nights and fitness! Works 100% of the time.


You are shredded! Do you find that certain fruits result in a "morning after" flatter tummy than other fruits? 

Also, Do you notice other physiological effects from consuming certain fruits?





You guys look very healthy and not at all too thin!! We all know the difference between people who look like they're going to snap in half and those that look ready to take on the world. See how freelea in the photo on the right even has just a slight, curvature to the lower abdomen? It's a natural, feminine thing that I've seen girls freaking out over. In Spanish, the models would say 'ay, gordando!!' which means 'i'm getting fat'. it was sad :( 

I don't really know if its true or not. I've had a flat stomach my whole life, I just wish I didn't care about having it or maintaining it, ya know? It can be stressful! I'm trying to focus my energy on other things. There's lots of work to be done and fun to be had in this crazy world :)



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