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I have been suffering from fairly bad, what seems like, indoor allergies. I dont know exactly what is triggering them. I have an outdoor job. I work as a garden educator. When Im outside I dont seem to have any problems. Every night when I go to sleep I wake up with clogged sinuses. I have tons of mucus, I sneeze, and blow my nose all morning. This is all right when I get up. Later at night when im inside my eyes start to burn and they remain that way until I close them for bed. Ive never experienced these kinds of allergies in my life. Ive been vegan for going on 8 years now. The allergies seemed to have started around when I adopted this diet. I cut out bananas last year because they were giving me perioral dermatitis and now it seems in a trade off, i received new, horrible allergies. I dont think its dehydration as I have to pee all the time and its always clear. I eat a lot of watery foods, and have a lot of water added to all my smoothies. I was thinking that maybe it has to do with a decrease in eating greens and veggies. As a regular vegan I always ate a lot of those but somehow Ive gotten away from that practice with this new diet. I eat a lot of fruit in the morning and then a starchy meal at night. Has anyone else experienced anything similar and have advice they can offer about foods that helped them? Obviously my body seems to be producing way too much histamine. 

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I appreciate your experience. While I am sure its indoors, my question is more why now? Ive never had indoor allergies before and it seems to be directly related to when I started eating more this way. Something about it has caused my body to produce more histamine and therefore be more sensitive to indoor allergies. I was curious to see if maybe someone had this happened and if there was a correlation between certain foods, ie maybe im eating too many dates, or not enough greens. Its just very frustrating. The allergies impact my quality of sleep and make me hyper-sensitize to things I normally have no problem with. 

Perhaps my story will be of some help. I started experiencing seasonal allergies when I became vegetarian at age 12, 10 years ago. They were always very heavy but when I became vegan, and when I started following this lifestyle especially, they became worse. After reading about how many people coming to veganism stop having allergies completely, I made the connection that allergies had to be somehow associated with food. I started paying attention to what I was eating and the severity of my symptoms and I eventually figured it out. Since becoming vegetarian, I had always eaten lots of potatoes to get my calories in. And when I came to this lifestyle, I had been eating 3-5 potatoes for dinner every night and my symptoms were awful. I finally noticed that every time I ate potatoes, my symptoms were much more extreme for the next couple of days. I decided to stop them and my symptoms completely went away within a week or two. I now have no allergies whatsoever.

I think there are several possible reasons for this:

1. Leaky gut syndrome, which I do have. It's possible that my body was having an allergic reaction to the potatoes, my system was becoming highly inflamed, and my immune system was in such overdrive fighting off these allergies that it was then reacting to little, harmless things like pollen.

2. Cross Allergies. Some foods, like potatoes, come from plants that are genetically similar to different types of allergens and so they can worsen symptoms. I think this is unlikely, though.

My gut feeling is that allergies that start later in life are being caused by lifestyle factors like diet or exposure to harmful chemicals. It's simply not natural for our bodies to be reacting to ridiculously harmless substances like dust or pollen. 

I would encourage you to read about leaky gut syndrome. You can find many articles specifically talking about this in relation to seasonal allergies. If you are having such reactions from bananas, it is highly possible that you have it. Personally, I get giant cystic acne if I eat any number of foods that my body has become allergic to. When our guts are damaged, they can let out too-large food particles into the bloodstream and our bodies attack them as if they are foreign invaders. We then become allergic to these foods, but healing the gut and abstaining from these foods for a period is said to be helpful in fixing the problem. 

Thanks for the response. I have been avoiding potatoes and my allergies have been much better. I might cut out all nightshades and see if that helps as well. I dont know about having a leaky gut. Ive been a whole plant based vegan for going on 8 years and it has helped me cure most of my digestive problems. As for bananas, I have literally been allergic to them since I was born. I could even have breast milk if my mom had them. I tried to add them back in with this diet, and in rather large quantities but the best solution in the end was to take them out.

starchy meals may clog up the system.. have more alkalizing foods such as cucumbers, celery stalks, leafy greens, maybe a green juice :) also ginger, horseradish, chili are beneficial in moderation -  great mucous dissolvers! maybe a carrot ginger apple juice..

what kind of cooked foods are you eating? what about processed foods?

I do not eat many processed foods. If i do its something like hummus or bread but that is a rare occurrence. I guess I do eat corn/ rice pasta which I consider processed. I either have something like that or rice with veggies if I eat cooked. Sometimes we go to vegan asian-based restaurants where I get the most whole food thing I can. It just doesnt make sense that as a non high carb vegan I never suffered from allergies even though I was eating a little more higher fat and slightly more processed food. In general I was still eating a whole plant based diet. The biggest difference it seems it eating less veggies and greens in exchange for fruit. It seems that all the fruits I have reactions two are in the same family. I guess somehow eating them in large quantities has sparked a reaction that was never ignited when I ate them in smaller amounts. 



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