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Finish eating early or late the night before a big 5k race?

The FSU cross country meet is tomorrow morning (on our way right now!) and I'm curious as to what you think would be better to prepare for it and to be in ideal condition for it: should I stop eating (fruit and lettuce, only) by 4 or 5, for ample digestion time, or later, by 7 or 8, to be taking in energy closer to the race? I've always wondered about this.

Any help, or even any other tips about racing, would be greatly appreciated. I've been on the team for two seasons now, but I'm always trying to improve my routine and my times. I want a PR tomorrow! (;

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Thanks! I'll definitely try that tonight. In the past, I've usually eaten late, because the team eats late. I'm stashing in the carbs right now! Aiming for 4000, if I can fit the rest of it in in the next few hours. I drank 3L coconut water today, but I might drink another liter later tonight.

By the way, I usually drink 1L coconut water 2 hours or more before the race, and sometimes I eat some bananas. Otherwise, I'm hungry by the time the race starts (7 or 8am). Would you recommend eating that little something, or not--and why? I know that it's only a 5k, but I the feeling hungry when running.

Again, thank you!


I feel like coconut water or juice would be fine before a race.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing--water or juice is fine, but food might be a little too digestive-intense.

hi Shannon:)

I've heard it's best not to eat anything before a short, intense race that's early in the morning, since blood will go to your digestive system rather than your legs where you need it, and also because you have enough glycogen to go hard for up to an hour or so if you've carbed up well the day before. Not sure if this is 100% right, but remember hearing or reading this somewhere..

How did you go with the race and not eating before it?

Do what you normally do before a race. Your performance is going to be primarily determined by your training up to this point not some last minute change. On the contrary, if you make some change at the last moment, it will most likely adversely effect your performance. During my triathlon days, it was pretty routine for me to have coconut water and
bananas at stations throughout the course. Not sure what distance your running but if it isn't extreme, don't worry about eating just before the race. I would definitely tell you to use caution in drinking too much just prior to the race. Being bloated at the start of a race or having to pee while running are real performance killers. Just some tips from someone who ran triathlons and marathons for almost 20 years and made a lot of mistakes.



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