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I still live with my parents, so when I told my mom I wanted to go raw she was very skeptical. However, after I ate all of the fruit in the house, she did go out and get me some more fruit yesterday... Barely enough for one day. I tried to explain that to her and she said that she spent 60 dollars on fruit yesterday! I ate all of it today! I have no idea where to buy in bulk or how to buy in bulk without spending a fortune.. If one days' worth of fruit is 60 dollars I don't want her spending all of her money on fruit. 

I really need some advice on how to find cheaper fruit, and fast! There's no fruit left in the house and I will be forced to eat cooked food, which I don't want to go back to!

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That's great! Glad to hear everything is going well :)

I totally feel you on this one D: It took a lot of trial and error, and times of freaking out in hunger, but now I have a pretty decent system. My mom gives me $30-$40 a week for groceries (which is enough for like 2-3 days lol)  but I put in about $30 of my own money, depending, and buy LOTS of dates. At Krogers (I'm in Michigan... Idk where else they have them) but they sell dates for $4.99 a lb, which is oddly enough better than any other store or website I've seen. I buy around 10lbs a week from there, but none of their produce because it's way overpriced. SO, I go to a number of local international markets where things are very inexpensive, or sometimes to a store called Randazzo's, low in quality sometimes, but good when you're low in cash. But here is the great part: I've started dumpster diving, which is saving me sooo... much money. I go to a local health food store near me, and I'm very thankful for my great fortune, because it is all organic! Not much fruit though because they typically use the overripe fruit for their smoothie bar. Anyway, if you can find a place to dive, it is so worth it! Places throw out so much, it's ridiculous, but good for the people who can use it.

However, after I ate all of the fruit in the house, 

That makes me laugh. I knwo its not funny but the fruit portions we eat make most people shudder. when i first started i'd look at what i just ate and be like oops was that a binge or something? 

I get my fruit at a distributer it saves me big bucks. if you can get her to spring for a box of banans or 2 that will really help as they can be staples.

I'm in the same boat as you. Living at home because my loans are pretty crushing and the e only stinks and I can't find a career in what I studied because whatever. (I kind of gave up there, so I'm pretending the whole thing is a car payment lol)

I usually shop food for myself since no one knows what to buy me half the time and my mom has a spending issue anyways. I look for sales, which is usually on the weekend. If you have an Aldis near you get bananas there. They're the cheapest i found and they get fresh produce daily and they take care of their fresh produce (I used to work there, and don't buy boxed items), if not then look into a krogers or shop n save or Costco.
I also found dates are not that expensive. The cheapest I found were 3/lb online.
Now you don't have to eat all fruit if you can't afford it. I eat a ton of rice, lentils, oatmeal and I'll throw in beans a few times a week. It's cheaper per serving size, may not be perfect, but still high carb.

i have been 100% raw for quite some time now, so here are a few tips i use

* ask managers of supermarkets for ripe fruit they no longer want to display

* ask around at work or school for people that have fruit trees. people are more than happy to bring you bags of fruit at a time. i currently have 2 huge shopping bags full of grapefruit on the floor next to my desk at work. they will be gone soon as im on a grapefruit island ;)

* drive around and look into peoples back yard. i usually start off by knocking on the door and saying something like: "excuse me, i noticed you have a fruit tree. Im working on my health so im eating tons of fruit. i would love some of your (insert fruit here) in exchange for cleaning up all the ones that have fallen on the floor" that usually works. hell, people usually will just give them to you. I have only had to offer money a few times in order to get fruit from someones tree

you can do this. 

Meggie # 1 tip is this... you need to start thinking of the cost of food PER POUND (OR KILO OR WHATEVER)

When your mom goes to the store you need to go with her....

Take notes on how much everything costs...when she goes without you, be very SPECIFIC IN WHAT YOU WANT and don't tell her "get some bananas and some dates". Where I live Dates are $7 per pound while bananas are $.68 per pound. Dates are ten times more!!!!

Find out what staple foods you need and always have enough on hand!

My staple foods are: 

-Bananas organic: .69$ per pound

-Mangos (when in season they are only .99$ per pound but they are way expensive the rest of the year)

-Organic Head of lettuce

-Lots of WATER

My treat foods include Dates, coconuts, and lots of other stuff!!!


-Organic other fruit: apples, oranges

I always have anywhere between 25 and 100 bananas on hand!!! If I have less than 25 bananas in my house at any time, I AM LOW ON BANANAS!



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