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I still live with my parents, so when I told my mom I wanted to go raw she was very skeptical. However, after I ate all of the fruit in the house, she did go out and get me some more fruit yesterday... Barely enough for one day. I tried to explain that to her and she said that she spent 60 dollars on fruit yesterday! I ate all of it today! I have no idea where to buy in bulk or how to buy in bulk without spending a fortune.. If one days' worth of fruit is 60 dollars I don't want her spending all of her money on fruit. 

I really need some advice on how to find cheaper fruit, and fast! There's no fruit left in the house and I will be forced to eat cooked food, which I don't want to go back to!

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hey there :D I'm not really buying my own food at the moment (I'm eating through my college). You should look up local whole sale stores. They're usually in major cities, like I know Philadelphia has one. If you don't have one close, you can try getting some from buy-in-bulk stores like Costco or Sam's Club. You can order stuff online too. I haven't been raw for a while, but it is rather expensive. Just be aware that it will be really expensive... I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.

Yup! Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. Here's the website: http://www.pwpm.net/ It's on 6700 Essington Ave. You have to pay for parking, but I think cars are $1, trucks/SUVs are $3. They're super nice there! Most guys that are willing to carry your stuff to the car (girls are rare there). You should bring a jacket, it's cold. You might want to bring a cart for all the food though. I got 40 lb of banana for $17^-^! Good luck!

No problem! I'm going to go this Sunday for some bananas hopefully. I'll probably see you there sometime. Make sure you go when they're actually open. They have really weird hours.

Hi Meggie,

Well the best way to make this lifestyle work financially is to base your diet around cheap staples, such as bananas, dates, and citrus, and then supplement with more expensive fruits. This way, you get variety, but it doesn't break the bank :)

Like you said, buying wholesale is also key. Are you in the States? If so there are quite a few groups for different areas of the US on here (in the groups section), so see if there is one for your area. Members can then give you more specific advice on the best local wholesalers in your area. But in general, most fruit wholesalers will sell to the public, and you can either collect the produce yourself, or some will deliver. Their prices are super low, so it makes a huge difference.

Hope this helps, and just ask if you have any further questions :) Esperanza xxx

I have a few tips, since I'm in the same situation:

1. Buy lots of bananas. They're cheap and calorie dense. Just load 'em up. (When the registrar gives you a funny look and the bagger asks if you're making banana bread or smoothies, just smile and say that you really like bananas. Haha.)

2. Dates are generally good cost-wise, and are calorically dense, and you can order them in bulk online, but make sure that you drink enough water when you eat larger quantities of them. I wouldn't recommend making them a staple of your diet, because, for me, they cause digestion issues. (My system is especially sensitive from the whole eating disorder ordeal; don't ask me why.)

3. Produce stands, if there are any around where you live, are generally cheaper than grocery stores like Publix, especially if they sell in bulk (for example, I can get a ten-pack box of mangoes for eight dollars in stead of the usual ten--but they don't do that with everything). Look for good deals. When the stand has "overripe" bananas, they sell them for 19 or 29 cents a pound instead of 49 cents a pound. You can always ask if the store has any fruit that they're going to throw out if they don't have sales like that advertised--sometimes, they throw away perfectly good fruit! (But don't ask Publix--they won't sell it to you. I asked. :/ )

4. I find that pulpy OJ, even though it's pasteurized, is okay to fall back on if I'm lacking enough calories or fruit to bring to school. It's okay to drink store-bought juice if you need to, at least in my opinion.

5. Buy in season! It's cheaper AND more delicious that way. (:

6. Don't ever let fruit go bad. Make sure that you'll be able to eat everything before it gets overripe (which shouldn't be a problem, haha, but it's good to keep in mind in case you buy anything in bulk), and always keep tabs on what you have available. Don't forget that something is sitting in the back of the fridge. I've done that a few times with blueberry cartons or veggies buried in drawers.

And, if you're mom is really opposed to it, try telling her about all of the medical bills that you'll be avoiding in the future, and the high cost of meat. You could also maybe offer to give up something that you buy regularly in exchange, like any pricey cosmetic products (people usually find that they can easily wane off them once on the diet--deodorant, shampoo, etc.--plus, most of them are harmful, anyway). 

Again, I hope that this helps! :D



  go to your grocery store and ask the produce person for the ripe (older) bananas.  They usually make a box full to throw away or donate as they restock the shelves..  I buy 70lbs a week for under 10 bucks(seriously) most of the time I have to pick through the beat up ones and freeze some...but grab the food ad pages as well sometimes you will find great deals...I got three mango's for a dollar last week I bought 10 bucks worth! thats a weeks worth of fruit for 20 bucks all you have to do is spend another 20 and you can buy all your greens an veggies.....you can do it..don't give up..

THIS ^^^^ 

i do the same thing. i picked up 4 huge boxes of bananas yesterday for $1 a box. each box had about 40 bananas. often times, you can ask a manager and they will be more than happy to sell you what they think are over ripe fruits. 

this definitely works. I was at trader joes and this guy was clearing all of these ripe bananas off the shelves, and I asked what they were doing with them, as I needed ripe bananas, and they sold them to me for basically nothing.

I'm new to all of this too but I have been looking at local wholesalers - just looked them up in the phonebook and called them- and I think I can save quite a bit shopping through them, I have just ordered a case of bananas 12kg, 2kg dates, 24 pineapples, 10kg apples, 10kg oranges, 2kg cherries and 7 watermelons for $200 (in Australia) I'm hoping some of it will last closer to two weeks.

 I think you need to work out what you need for a week or so and go to the shops with your mum and see what it is going to cost, track down a local wholesaler and compare prices.

My eldest daughter has just turned 16 and she has a part time job - she helps pay for things that we feel are outside what we would normally cover for her - maybe this could be possible for you as well?.

I know this might sound gross, but try getting the produce throw-outs from grocery stores. I use to get the produce from Costco and would get lots of perfectly edible food. One time I got 3lbs. of blueberries because two of them were gross looking.You'd be suprised at the food they get rid of.


what a great video! very encouraging for those who have concerns about dumpster diving :D

Thank you all very much! Everything seems like it will work out. I found some local places like a farmers market that I didn't even know existed, and some places to buy in bulk. :)



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