30 Bananas a Day!

can anyone point me in the direction of some great green smoothy recipes?

and or other delights i can now make with my vitamix that i wouldnt have been able to make with a normal blender??

i dont know where to start!

heres the model i got:

called the "CIA professional series"


had to use a webcache link because i live in canada + it forwards automatically to canadian page that doesnt show the CIA product model at all.. wouldnt let me view the specific page for the product.. stupid web designers;)

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That has got to be the tiniest happy nan dance I've ever seen :)

Enjoy your blender.  A counter-legal lawn mower it is!

As I'm sure you're discovering, what you used to consider a smooth blend is positively chunky when compared to the powerful VM.  Citrus fibers are no problem.  

The key to green smoothies are high quality greens that would be good in a salad.  The machine might be able to handle the tougher greens but they still aren't ideal, as you can read in our welcome wagon.

Go for the many varieties of lettuce, romaine, celery, and the like.  Some people like em with nans, while I usually prefer grapes.  Berries can add a fun kick.  

hmmmm hey windlord;)

i was hoping for some actual links to some recipes for me to try!

wheres my responses?!?!? :D

*tumble weeds fly by*

i made orange sorbet last nite it was yummm

its like the first recipe in the book that comes with it

im hopin to up my greeeeeeeeeens intake by a bunch like i said in another post.. i havent been having ANY OILS AT ALL in anythhing whther its what im cooking with.. or on my salads. so yea. actually thats been turning into me not having salad at all lol because i dont realy like them lately for whatrever reason.. but i think ive observed that i actually am more intelligent when im eating greens regularly.... i really believe that greens + citrus are hugely important to the health of the blood!! and acheiving real true balance without them both as a part of your diet is not possible! at least, thats what ive observed in my experiences!! the best days where i felt my best.. wakng up and running and just feeling ON POINT mentally physically + spirtually.. thers somethin about greens + Citrus that pull that together for me..  and maybe ill even say adding  blackstrap molasses in the mix.. those 3 things.. make for enriched blood + enriched oxygen transport in the body

everyone here always focuses so much on food and not so much on water + oxygen.... water + oxygen are way more important thenf ood!  weeks without food, days without water, seconds without air... that shows u the order or importance.. 1)air 2) water 3) food
so that makes what air ur breathing + Water ur drinking moreimportant..
what u eat isnt gonna help u without the other 2 things ..
 i feel so much better when i make time for a brisk 10-15min walk outside every few hours..
anyway im blabbing im gonna shut up;) u get the pt.. dont focus all on ur diet.. take a break. go for a walk. find some tree'd area.. winter trees give off tons of oxygen that fresh pine nature smelll. SNIFF SNIFF yeaaaa get out side;) and stop worrying about food so much 30bad people:P

whats the best kinda greens to pulverize in my vitamix??

just make sure ur hydrated ur lungs are 90% water and withotu proper hydration u cant even absorb proper amounts of oxygen thats honestly most peoples problem in life.. they are so dehyrated they breathe and dont absorb oxygen

health is about blood + oxygen but that oxygen is cut off + not aborbed properly without proper hydration.. when ur dehydrated it hurts to breath... when ur dehydrated u dont get that AHHH Feeling when u breathe deep because ur lungs cant properly expand + Contract


That's why we promote an entire lifestyle here, rather than just diet.  

Nutrition alone can produce good results, but it takes all components of health to yield remarkable results.  

That orange sounds good.

Lookie what I found!


Now put its info through your own filter of wisdom and preference, and keep in mind as I noted above that many of the listed greens aren't as good as tender lettuce types due to oxalates and tough digestion.

welcome to the vitamix cult! Be careful not to put yur hand in there while its running or you'll learn the secret vitamix cult handshake.

I love mine thing is nothing short of amazing.


i just saw on the video that comes with it that u can make a hot soup by letting it run for 4min+ thats insane!! i was blown away by that..

Yep, I'm thinking Captain Hook's crocodile wasn't too blame--he probably just got too impatient with his VM!

i will be trying to make my first probably 2nite sometime..

yea soggy lettuce doesnt excite me that much either lol

i need to find the ultimate green smoothy recipe for vitamix!!

hmm i am going to try to make some banana/date ice cream and drizzle blackstrap molasses on top like chocolate syrup !



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