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Does 'Peak Performance (physically) = Peak Health?
I believe the answer is YES.

If this is a truth then female body fat levels that are dictated by popular medical professionals will never result in peak health.

I am exited about getting this very important issue out in the open and talking about how having unnatural levels of stored body fat create infinite problems and limitations for both males and females, and in the case of females more problems and issues.

I believe in high water content fruits.  This is what makes me feel and perform my best in athletics. 

SO few people actually go 100% no overts and only eat high water content fruits for more than a few days or weeks. When you really give it a shot and get your body fat down to 3-5% for me (male) and 5-8% for women (when lactating or pregnant a bit more fat %) you won't be able to make a judgment call on whether a high water content fruit diet/ no over fats makes you feel the best.

I believe that women are sold a big load of BS getting recommendations to keep body fat at 12-25%,

I feel women and men never really experience peak health until they achieve the body fat ranges that I just listed above.
Talk is cheap folks...experience something for yourself first hand before you pass judgment on it.
We ALL know what it's like to be fat, eat shit food and not exercise... few of us actually experience stealth body fat levels like all other wild animals in nature (male or female).

We all need to return to nature and look at nature for answers. Show me where natural wild animals have such large differences in body fat levels based on sex? Show me where in nature male/female animals have such large variations in physical abilities?
This a huge topic of discussion.

Popular thinking on this subject is as sick and messed up as people thinking that pills and potions in vitamin shops will offer them a silver bullet to peak health.

People talk about 'detox' and all the issues related to getting things out of your body that you don't need or should carry around...
well start thinking that too much body fat is DETOX stuff!  
Get it off and experience peak health. Carrying around excess body fat makes your hormones crazy, makes you feel lethargic, you can't exercise with ease, can't cool efficiently, makes you more injury prone, causes countless diseases, etc, stored excess fat makes a lot of problems - and until you get to the levels that nature intended I don't believe you can experience health like nature intended.
Sorry to be so hard on excess body fat. I used to be 30lbs heavier than I am now so I talk from some experience too guys. 
There are no shortcuts to peak health and performance.
Body fat recommendations by main stream medical/media (for females specifically) are so out of 'natural' that almost no one  ever experiences true health and freedom from being literally weighed down with unnatural stored fat levels.

Don't believe me?... just go talk to a peak level athlete or Olympian with 3-5% fat (male and female).


I believe one of the main issues in having unnatural body fat levels is all because of what people eat: Overt Fats! (and not enough high water content fruits)

Overt fat intake gets stored as fat -period!  

Overt fats goes right on you and stays there until you are in calorie deficit.

Don't eat overts for a few months then go back to overts and keep your calorie intake the same as it was when you weren't eating overts - You will notice suddenly that you are storing fat on your body. I've watched it happen on myself many times in the past. Overt fats go right to stored body fat. 

Have you ever gone to the bathroom after eating a fatty meal and seen oil floating on the top of the toilet bowl water?
No of course not, b/c your intestinal system absorbs every last fat calorie.

Eat overt fats = increase your stored body fat. Period.

I'm interested in what other people have to say about this issue, mainly from women who currently have very low body fat, but have had higher percentages in the past. What can you tell us about your personal feelings and experience?  Do you feel differently with low body fat vs higher body fat?

People that don't have practical experience in this subject please don't post dogma or stuff that you only believe because of popular things you've read in books or heard in the media. I'm looking for people with practical experience, not inexperienced opinions...

I'm excited about making a video on this subject and appreciate any points / examples people want to suggest to cover.

A good list of fantastic female athletes with natural low body fat is something I am compiling as well. If you want to suggest more - great!

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YES. Thank you.

And--perhaps we could refrain from referring to a woman's breasts as "bags" or "blobs."

That kind of disrespectful attitude toward a woman's body doesn't really belong here on 30 BaD, now does it.
thank god someone here is thinking this way!
Hey Michael,
when talking about " high water content fruits", what exactly do you mean, how much water content? or rather, what do you not mean by this?
Dried fruit, I guess, but do you also mean bananas for example? I think you mentioned somewhere that you dont eat much bananas, so would you think that getting the majority of one's calories from bananas (even if 90/5/5 raw) would prevent one from reaching these low body fat levels?
None of these ultra low body fat women are turning me on. In other words I'm not going gay for any of them, lol!

Here are some bodies that I think are beautiful. I'm guessing their body fat is around 10%:

Bo Derek:

Some model online:

Selita EBanks:

Naomi Campbell:

Heidi Klum:

I would hardly call any of these women "overfat." At least with having body fat in the low teens women can have optimal health and look good at the same time (ahem FEMININE).
I agree.

Also, here is a great article & a few concrete numbers to look at if anyone wants to get technical.


It's a whole page of women (celebs & general population) over the years & their BMIs...

I agree... I have absolutely NO desire to have a very low bodyfat %
same. i don't think its sexy and i don't think you need to to be healthy. what are we judging health by anyway?
agreed. I dont think you have to be a super athlete to have super health
Karmyn, seems to me that these women also have very little bodyfat (under 10% maybe), but they just don't have a lot of muscles. But i am not saying that i have a very good eye for these differences, so i might be totally wrong.
I agree.
I'm much more inclined to look like this:


Although you may not be able to know the sex of an animal in nature without checking their genitals, I'm not sure that I would like to strive for this in my life. I prefer to look more feminine. Although I do believe that the standards for women's bf% are far too high.
but still it seems like the main differences between the athletes and those models displayed here are the hair, the smile, the clothes, and the seductive attitude. i really do not see that much difference. put some silicone into one of those athletes, make up, and oil all over her body, and they look the same to me.
Well here's a picture of Paula Radcliffe 7 months pregnant:

Minus the baby bump her figure to me looks similar as the models in this thread.

She gained a TINY amount of fat on her figure (not much, just enough to make her look feminine).

I still think women look better with low teens body fat then they do in the single digits ...



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