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I was doing well for a bit, (other than the banana I posted about in another discussion). However, I COMPLETELY fell off the wagon and ate all sorts of disgusting foods including steak and processed crap. I'm traveling for work tomorrow so I'm hoping to get back on track here. I'm feeling defeated.

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Omg I feel you! I fell off the wagon after restricting to 1200 calories a day (thinking it would make fat loss faster, but it didn't, actually slowed my metabolism down and stored a couple pounds). I remember I ate a slab of cow corpse flesh and cow puss sloughed butter on top of a salty roll. This happened about 4 months ago and was the start of my new attempt! I have stuck on it for 4.5 months and feel great! No cravings at all. Just be sure to eat at least 2500 calories. Your body is a furnace and will burn whatever HCLF vegan food you throw at it, as long as it's low sodium, low fat, high carb. This is from my experience. The more I eat (mainly fruit), the more lean I feel, it is so weird!

Yeah I agree, but when I first turned vegan it was only for health reasons. My second and final attempt (current) HCLF is going great because I watched Earthlings and other documentaries to make myself a moral/ethical vegan. It is lifechanging! Very glad of that because now I won't ever eat animals/dairy again!

Hey MistyRaw, i'm sure you never meant this but I found your comment could be taken as quite judgmental? Almost as if you don't deserve to succeed unless you truly occupy the moral high ground?  

Obviously we all come to this for our own reasons and they all valid if they are important to us.


Vicky, we are all allowed moments of weakness.  Log it and try to see a pattern of reduced weakness over time.  How long did you go vegan before you had this 'moment'? Try and focus now on seeing if you can last longer next time.

Set your self objectives all the time, daily, monthly, and eventually yearly (or whatever works for you in your life style).  By writing out objectives we communicate with our subconscious and we all know it is way more powerful that our conscious mind.  it's like having an angel on our shoulder reminding you in our moments of weakness of what is important. if you haven't bought into setting objectives, please try it, it is really powerful. I will go into much more detail, if you are interested.

We here are also all routing for you!

Go for it girl!


The reason you are right is practical, not just ethical though:

Ethics are a core value, one well established over time within your subconscious. this means we no longer have to consciously think about them to abide by them. However they take time to create, you don't establish ethics (core values) overnight so they are of limited value as a motivator to the recently converted.

This is the very reason why so many start down this road and give up. I went round an abattoir, swore blind I would never eat meat again and within a week was doing so! We each need to find out what motivates us as individuals. Then set objectives as a tool for communicating with our subconscious.

In time through repetition and reward we will develop some core values as well.

Keep up the good work :-)

please CTFU so you eat from choice rather then from compulsion /need

watch earthlings it will open your heart 

“The past doesn’t equal the future UNLESS you choose to live there. Never lose faith in your ability to recreate yourself, EVERY moment the universe provides you with the opportunity to be reborn. So what if you used to act in a certain way, speak in a certain way, think in a certain way, eat in a certain way, even in that was five minutes ago, the past no longer exists my friends! All you have is this moment, who do you want to be??”
—Freelee the Banana Girl (via thatvegandancer)
Maybe you're not ready for the changes you're making. Try leveling with yourself to see where you're really at and try making small changes. My first thing i added was 3 liters of water then fruit before meals. It took me a year to evolve into raw til 4 and i lost 20 lbs. It made a HUGE impact on my health even though i still consumed our animal friends. However, because i changed breakfast and lunch i no longer consumed eggs, bacon, sausage or milk. Those are awesome changes! Don't let anyone downplay small changes. Quantity matters! It is NOT all or nothing. Every time you choose plants over animals, it's a win. Keep evolving. Maybe work on just veganism first. Fruit was easier for me tho veganism was the outcome.

Just keep going, I know what its like to repeatedly fall off the wagon but it's not about berating yourself or judging yourself to be a failed raw vegan. Think about why you veered off course and address the causative factors. For me, social activities were a big hurdle to get over, none of my friends would entertain a raw vegan lifestyle so I found myself nibbling on junk food whilst engaged in social reverie so as not to ostracise myself from the friends I have known for years. I would feel terrible afterwards and really chastise myself for being "weak" haha!! A very silly approach looking back on it now. I now know that I need not be anything other than myself, regardless of whether or not I'm with people who share my interests.

Get back on the wagon and forget about that steak, you want this lifestyle for the benefits it will bring you so focus on that and know that when the benefits begin to show in you, it will become much easier.

Thank you all and to those who defended me. I am BRAND new to this and the primary reason is for improved health (and subsequently weight loss). I've gone raw for stunts before and I know how great I felt which is why I chose to try the journey again. "Falling off" is definitely due to social pressures and 'old habits/comforts' (I'm somewhat of an emotional eater). I genuinely appreciate the support and tips. I recognize that it's a journey for sure. The hardest part is to not allow a 'slip' to completely detour me.

As to movies etc, I have watched and read sooo many of them and I understand the realities of animal products. They help for a bit. I'm debating watching them on a consistent basis as another reminder why I am choosing this lifestyle. So to those who are truly being supportive and providing solid tips, I thank you. It helps transition my thought process.

Ps I don't post here for any sort of pity party. I'm not that kind of person. I do so because I feel that there are people who've gone through the same thing and for the support/encouragement not to give up. Not sure I appreciate those who attack or challenge my journey. It's MY journey. Some people can change like a light switch, but I don't think that's the majority. I am doing my best and I feel bad enough when I "mess up" further judgement is not necessary. Last I checked, no one is perfect.


You look at raw veganism the wrong way. Very rarely, I will have something that's not vegan - fish, usually (sushi). But it does not cross my mind at all that I've completely failed at being raw vegan or that I should just give up. I eat it and then go on with my life as a raw vegan, eating watermelons and mangoes and beautiful leafy greens. Yes, what I ate wasn't raw vegan or even vegan. But since I have it so, so rarely - why beat myself up on it? The best thing to do is to just eat a big watermelon to aid in flushing it out and keep raw vegan. 

CTFU you will feel empowered 

Its ok to feel remorse / regret as it spurs us to better things   

I remember fishing as a youth and eating steaks and shrimp and sushi 15 years ago .  

Use everything in your life so we refine who we are .

Error is used for evolution by the wise



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