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I've been vegan for 8 months now, and go on daily walks. but these past 2 days my legs feel completely bruised. it started Tuesday morning right when i woke up. My lower inner thigh area (by the knee) on both legs felt bruised. I looked to see if there was any bruising, but it was just red a little. That morning i went on a twenty minute walk, and couldn't really tell if it helped or hurt the pain in my legs. around lunchtime i then went on another 40 min walk. My legs hurt so much after that! ( though it felt sort of relieving during the walk). I've tried foam rolling on my legs, stretches, but its just makes it worse.PLUS it spread to the front of my thighs.So i thought i wouldn't go on a walk the next day,but it STILL hurts and now it is hard to walk after sitting for a while. I'm not eating anything unusual, i eat around 2500 cals, i haven't done any vigorous exercising to trigger this either. I looked it up on Google and it seems that pregnant women have this problem!?! I'm 16 and NOT preggers :) I hope you fellow fruit bats can help me because i feel like i have aged +50 years with all this leg pain! :( THANK YOU FOR ANY FURTHER HELP

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Sounds similar to erythema nodosum. I actually suffered from this in the middle of last year. It started as a red lump on the inner side of my right knee. It then spread down both legs and onto the back of them. It looked like I had been beaten over the legs with a baseball bat. All of my joints hurt in my legs including my hips and I had severe edema in my ankles and feet. It got so bad that I had to crawl on my hands and knees just to get upstairs at home.

Erythema Nodosum is an inflammatory disease that affects the fat cells under the skin causing red, raised and painful nodules on the legs. You must see your doctor to get a proper diagnosis as you could have something entirely different but your story sounds the same as mine did in the beginning stages.

Have you discovered any more nodules since or experienced any swelling in your knees or ankles?

Thankyou for your comment! Whenever I go to bed, it's as if the swelling and pain almost vanishes- but it gets worse as the day fora on. I don't have any swelling in the knee or ankle area. Just the upper leg mostly. I may just go to the doctors to see what it is, but I hate when they mis diagnose and give me pills, because that has happened in our family!

You should only go to the doctor in an emergency.   2 days is way to early.  The body may be going thru a healing crisis.  You don't want a dr getting in the way of it.

The doctor didn't give me anything for mine. I know some doctors give cortisone injections but thankfully my doc just told me to ice, elevate and rest. It was always worse at the end of the day as I was on my feet all day running after my children and working. Epsom salt baths helped with the pain and I also drank chamomile tea and cleavers tea to help with the inflammation. I also used the cooled chamomile tea bags to place on the painful nodules which helped relieve some of the pain too.

There are many causes of EN and mine was triggered by the strep bacteria. I am fully recovered now but it took about three months to get my legs to look somewhat normal again.

Unless the EN is triggered by an infection, the doctors can't really give you anything to help it apart from the cortisone.

It will be painful and may get worse as the weeks go by. Mine took two weeks to grow and then another 6 to heal.



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