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So, I have been eating fruits for about 3-4 days now, before that I ate veggies, one apple a day ( I was one of those people who thought that fruit is bad and fattening hehe).. 

Do the detox symptoms really comes so fast or the lifestyle just won't work for me?

1. Feeling so depressed (I have never been the depressed one, always OK! and so on), but now I just.. feel like so down and depressed, I just can't even describe how I feel.

2. Diarrhea- This part is quite disturbing because I have to be in toilet every 5 minutes. The amount is not huge, just like.. slurry :D Sorry guys:)))

3. I'm so tired!!!! I have exams next week and I just can't even hold my book in my hand. 

4. Can't sleep. I have always been such a sleepbear, but now.. just can't sleep, I wake up and so on + with depressed thoughts ofcourse. 

5. No appetite- i just press the food down to get some calories. 

I don't have enough calories too, like 1000-1200 maybe. But  the last few days, when I have been feeling down, I don't even have 1000, just can't, I don't have appetite. 

How long does the detox last? Because I have one more problem too- I haven't had my may period. I had period twice in april, 7 days apart (weird) but I think it's because I eat low cal. So If i feel better, I will eat more calories. Really hope that everything with my hormones and stuff are okay, if not then .. oh, i'm so depressed. 

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The old is resurfacing to make room for the new. Fruit is not what is making you depressed- it is your body discarding old emotions and toxins that have been in your tissues. Fruit is one of the most abundant foods mother earth has provided for us and when you feed your body more real foods it will naturally move to a healthier state. But like with alot of things in this world, sometimes that calls for things to get alittle worse at first. You're body is extremely intelligent in how to heal. You have only been eating fruit for 3 or 4 days, to feel that way in the beginning is totally common and will come to pass very soon. Just stay strong and keep looking forward at where you'd like to be and not so much where you are right now. You're shedding old skin so you can grow completely new. It takes strength to do what you're doing. Congratulations!

Eat as many dates as you can. Make banana and date smoothies to get the calories in. You will feel better if you do this. I'm just starting HCRV again after falling off the wagon again for a while and it's hard to get the calories in. Dates are my saviour.

I wish i had dates in my country often. I haven't found fresh dates anywhere:( 

I don't live in the fruitparadise, I live in north europe.. are the fruit okay or does all the shipping to my country and so on, making the fruit not so healthy or i don't have to worry about this?

Where are your greens?????  A lb a day.  Have a green smoothie and a salad a day.  I make a green juice in lieu of the smoothie. 


Drink tons of water.  Exercise, play, sleep. 


You've just begun this and your diet was probably pretty toxic before.  Up your calories! Up your carbs! Up your greens!  Track using cronometer. 

I eat greens, every day for dinner:) 

How much?  Are you tracking??  ONE POUND PER DAY! MINIMUM

Okay, not so much. Maybe 100gram only.. But I certainly will up the grams!

That's a drop in the bucket. 

DO YOU TRACK????   Or, like many, are you guesstamating and setting yourself up for calorie restriction bull? 

You complain my dear but aren't putting your best effort forward on your health.  Until you do you are going to have problems.  I see that the main problem is you need to be fully commited to this program.  Have you read 80/10/10 yet? 


You come from a SAD household and all the B.S. about eating which causes health and emotional disorders and a fast death after years of meds and doctors/hospitals, etc.  You also calorie restrict yourself I sense. 


You have one foot in this program and need to jump in with both. 

Yes, i track with my countrys top 1 calorie tracking program. 

No I haven't read it, because I have to order it from Ebay and havent ordered yet. I have been reading info from internet and from one Estonia blogger, who is writing in estonian. Through her i decided all that- a lot of info from her blog. 

Yes, I have been on this calorie restriction since january 2012. I wanted to lose pounds. I started to eat "healthy" things, which included lots of veggies, no fruit at all (very bad bad bad they said;)), low fat dairy products, oatmeal, whole foods and so on, but i didnt lose anything. Yes, the picture was better but the weight was the same. I ate about 1000-1400, more 1200 orsmt and ofcourse- low carb 120g, high fat 60g and high protein 120g!! From eggs, chicken and dairy products. I'm 5'7 and weight 137. Before january 2012 i ate a lot of bad things- cakes, chips, coca-cola, alcohol, cereals with sugar and cocoa, a lot of milk and i gained 6-7kg. 

With all this healthy eating stuff i followed, was the most common thing people said that is the healthy way to lose weight and be healthy. People do lose weight with this and that's because i followed it. But i reached a point where it didn't satisfied me, and i felt that something is missing. I didin't want to up my calories with eating more chicken and fats and so on. And then i found this, searched why fruits don't make you fat and what other benefits they have. Now I'm truly commited to eat this way, because I feel that my body likes it way better. I have no cravings at all, which means everything should be ok yes? 

Sorry long story and a bit offtopic, but maybe now you can see where i come from. 

You put what I said succinctly in long form. LOL


Commitment to this program is reading the book, following non-calorie restriction and using a tracker that uses 80/10/10 paramaters like Cron-o-meter. 




I mentor others to convert over from SAD to 80/10/10 and it is a long process of healing.  I find that one of the issues that frequently comes up for my clients is that they get less attention from loved ones when they aren't sick and dependent on all levels - including emotional. 

Part of the healing process is healthy interaction through being an example of health to others and that takes time to convert to.  We are so used to reaching out to others in the situation of neediness and dependency.



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