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So I Am on the hclf life style for 4 years now, I have been 2 years raw but not eating enough then rawtill4 but not eating enough during the day and more at night which was not great. Then 8month more cooked"vegan" still mainly whole food. In beetween 5 weeks a year fully raw but with more fat in the evening.Anyway my point is that 10days ago since fruit are in season decided to go rawtill4 because I feel like it and wanted to try it while eating enough during the Day. My problem is that I feel as if I am dehydrated no matter how much water I drink, especially at night. I don't understand where the problem can come from, I have been fully raw and cooked but did not need that much water. I eat 2head of lettuce a day+some other veggies, even add some green juice again but it did not help. So any suggestion what is going on? Seems that I Could have a minéral imbalance? Too much fruit? Not enough fat? Salt?

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We need more detailed information > 

When asking for assistance please include the following information...

Also if you can give us some meals over a few days, that will give us more to work with.



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