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I've been LFRV for almost 2 months now, but I haven't been 100% perfect... I've had some boiled potatoes & quinoa a few times recently... and one major slip-up when I ate some salmon & tilapia about a month ago (I know, disgusting!) Also, I only completely cut out salt a couple of weeks ago, but have still been eating some raw nori. Other than that, I've been getting around 2800-3200 calories from fruit on a daily basis (I'm 5 ft, 83 lbs, not highly active), & trying to up my greens intake, being mindful of food combining,drinking lots of water etc.

Lately, I've been EXTREMELY bloated (swollen legs & stomach... it's really noticeable on me b/c I'm so skinny, people have been commenting!) My legs have been getting tingly/numb/"falling asleep" daily, which is really starting to worry me. Also, it feels like my acid reflux is back, even though it was pretty much gone before I even went raw. My digestion is a mess, to say the least. Nothing seems to be... moving. & My skin looks HORRIFIC to the point where even a full face of makeup isn't helping, there are painful red bumps everywhere! I've had bad breakouts in the past, but nothing close to this:(

I don't know if this is detox, especially because I haven't been completely 100% this whole time, or if it's food allergies or something else entirely. I've also been getting intense headaches, having trouble falling asleep again (though I sleep plenty), and am constantly tired & moody. I haven't had the energy to exercise at all, just some walking.

Sorry if this just sounds like a series of complaints, but I feel like my health is just falling apart even more & any help/encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I'm honestly at a loss, since I was feeling really amazing the first few weeks on 811 & now I feel even worse than I did before I even started all this...

***EDIT 5/25: Just wanted to say thanks for all the input. I've already been feeling a lot better focusing on mono-meals & taking everyone's helpful advice:) I still have a long way to go, but I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting there! So if you come across this post & are going through similar issues, just know that they get better as long as you stay committed!

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Thanks for your reply Adri. I also am worried about cutting out overts because I am so tiny, but it seems to work for people. I am open to trying it and seeing how I feel, if I feel too weak or see that I am losing too much weight, I will of course stop. I believe in listening to my body (to an extent), and if I'm craving an avocado and the craving doesn't go away after eating more fruit & calories, then maybe my body needs it after all, so I will play it by ear & see how it goes. I won't do it too suddenly though, maybe eat avocados less frequently until I feel I can cut them out completely for a few weeks. I really appreciate your concern, and to be honest I am also concerned. But I don't feel great eating nori, quinoa etc. ~ if I did, I would probably keep eating them.

I absolutely agree that there are other factors that are equally as important as diet. I do get plenty of sleep, usually at least 9 hours, though I should probably go to sleep earlier & wake up earlier. I've been going to sleep around 2am lately, which is actually a huge improvement for me, because it used to be 4am. I try my best to keep hydrated, and have no trouble downing several bottles of water a day.

Stress is something I really can't avoid as a full-time student and just in general lately, and that really may be playing a larger role than I realize. I do try to practice breathing exercises such as 7-11 breathing and basic qi-gong breathing, but I probably don't devote enough time to it. Thanks for all your helpful insights & support :) xx

Water Melon, was your comment in response to me? I didn't post my BMI, so I was just wondering how you would know that. I'm actually not sure what it is, I have to look it up in my paperwork. Watermelon is a great way to get calories for me too, because I can eat tons of it before getting full & it's very hydrating. I personally would rather get calories from dateorade or even fresh squeezed juice rather than pasteurized juice, but I understand that everyone has different priorities & needs, so whatever works for you:) Good luck gaining weight too!
I have to agree with Jerome on this one, I'm less concerned about my BMI, it's just a number, I'm more concerned with the fact that I feel underweight & that my BODY FAT PERCENTAGE is dangerously low, I'm sure once I gain weight my BMI will go up as well, but if it doesn't and I still feel healthy, then that's fine too.
focusing on calories is a good idea! I'm doing that as well! Good luck to both of us :)

Hey Adi!


I have heard tell that those Costco dates are not raw, and if they are providing a bulk of calories for you it could be a problem. I used to eat them all the time, and feel much better now that they are out of the picture. My mouth feels healthier too, teeth stronger, etc. Just thought I would pass that on!

Take care,


Thanks Rebecca! Someone here suggested soaking them & I've been doing that for the last couple of days which has made a difference. I plan on finishing the ones that I have & then ordering fresh ones from a raw/organic source!
Have you not read 80/10/10? The ding against juices is that they don't have the fiber, the fiber is what causes the sugar to be absorbed at an acceptably slow rate. Otherwise why don't we all just drink sugar water?
we need sugar at different rates and speeds, not just slow

try giving a diabetic who is hypoglycemic a fruit to eat instead of juice to drink (don't actually do that please). After giving a diabetic juice, then he'll be given things that work slower into the body like peanut butter toast

an increase of calories is what needs to be focused on here in this certain topic, however that can get done

maybe one day you'll get a pet fruit bat and realize that it will take the juices from fruit and leave out all the rest as these fruit bats require tremendous amounts of energy to do what they do. But anyways, you're not going to listen to me. I can tell by the way you write that you are already programmed to believe what you have read.

(Can't reply to Water Melon)

OMG there is are so many things wrong with what you just said.


Diabetics have a totally different problem caused by too many episodes of fast sugar intake coupled with high fat diets which leads to insulin regulatory issues that cause sugar spikes and sugar drops. Except for type 1, it is totally self inflicted. The point of fiber in fruit is to prevent the sugar spikes from occurring.


By allowing the diabetic to always treat they hypoglycemia with sugar rushes (through juices) they will never cure their diabetes and only treat their symptoms. It's like taking a pain killer for a rock that is stuck in your shoe, sure it might relieve the pain, only temporarily, why not just remove the rock?


Fruit bats don't have to deal with diabetes and are they are fruit bats. I don't see how they pertain to the way in which humans require sugars. Their digestive and other systems are obviously meant for sugar. Bees eat honey, should we only eat honey all winter too?

From what I understand smoothies are always preferable to juice, I've heard that juicing greens is ok, and citrus because it still retains some of the fiber. Other juices that don't have fiber are not whole, fresh fruits & can spike blood sugar because they don't have the fiber to slow down digestion. I believe that's why they don't recommend juicing here.
I'm at work and don't have time to read all the replys you have gotten. Have you seen the posts regarding lots of watermelon and what it does to some of us. Bloating is a big issue.  Hope you find the culprit.
Thanks Isabella, I don't find that bloating is such an issue with watermelon (for me personally), but I'll keep that in mind for future reference! :)

thanks daryl, i'm assuming you were addressing me, because no-one named zoe has commented here. lots of people have recommended cutting out overts (avocados etc.) so I'm working on slowly decreasing them & seeing if that helps. I'm ok with juicing greens though I haven't yet, but I wouldn't juice anything else. I live in a hot climate, so I can definitely work up a sweat just exercising outdoors, though lately I haven't had the energy for much exercise. I've been feeling a bit better this week with mono-meals & hopefully next week I'll feel well enough to start exercising a bit. & Ya celery definitely helps with the salt cravings, or sun-dried tomatoes, or even honeydew, even though it's sweet it has a pretty high sodium content & I find that it helps. 

Glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling with skin issues, my biggest qualm with this diet is that my skin keeps getting worse & worse to the point where it's unbearable for me to look at myself in the mirror without makeup. I have to assume that it's just detox though & that it will clear up if I just give it time.



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