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I've been LFRV for almost 2 months now, but I haven't been 100% perfect... I've had some boiled potatoes & quinoa a few times recently... and one major slip-up when I ate some salmon & tilapia about a month ago (I know, disgusting!) Also, I only completely cut out salt a couple of weeks ago, but have still been eating some raw nori. Other than that, I've been getting around 2800-3200 calories from fruit on a daily basis (I'm 5 ft, 83 lbs, not highly active), & trying to up my greens intake, being mindful of food combining,drinking lots of water etc.

Lately, I've been EXTREMELY bloated (swollen legs & stomach... it's really noticeable on me b/c I'm so skinny, people have been commenting!) My legs have been getting tingly/numb/"falling asleep" daily, which is really starting to worry me. Also, it feels like my acid reflux is back, even though it was pretty much gone before I even went raw. My digestion is a mess, to say the least. Nothing seems to be... moving. & My skin looks HORRIFIC to the point where even a full face of makeup isn't helping, there are painful red bumps everywhere! I've had bad breakouts in the past, but nothing close to this:(

I don't know if this is detox, especially because I haven't been completely 100% this whole time, or if it's food allergies or something else entirely. I've also been getting intense headaches, having trouble falling asleep again (though I sleep plenty), and am constantly tired & moody. I haven't had the energy to exercise at all, just some walking.

Sorry if this just sounds like a series of complaints, but I feel like my health is just falling apart even more & any help/encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I'm honestly at a loss, since I was feeling really amazing the first few weeks on 811 & now I feel even worse than I did before I even started all this...

***EDIT 5/25: Just wanted to say thanks for all the input. I've already been feeling a lot better focusing on mono-meals & taking everyone's helpful advice:) I still have a long way to go, but I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting there! So if you come across this post & are going through similar issues, just know that they get better as long as you stay committed!

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Would be easier to help you find the problem if you listed out what you are eating and in what quantities and how you're combining. Bloating of the stomach is a sign of poor digestion which could easily be due to poor food combining. Which is easily resolved eating mono-meals and learning how to combine better. Acid reflux is also a result of bad food combining. Breaking out on the face is your body detoxing. The pertinent question is whether it's detoxing something that was already present or something you're still actively putting in it. The body on a cleaner diet does transition to detox mode which requires energy which could explain some of why you aren't feeling so energetic.


The leg swelling could be from a number of things. Could be something simple like excess salt in the diet causing water retention which is easily resolved by reducing intake or it could be something more serious. How many times a day do you use the bathroom? How severe is the swelling and how long has it been going on for?


Also I'd recommend cutting out nori from your diet. May or may not be a contributor to your current ailments, but I don't think it's helping you and there's a chance it is hurting you. A quick and simple solution might be to go full elimination and just eat a very small amount (type) of foods for a little while to simplify things as much as possible. Like just bananas and lettuce.

Don't give up, transitioning from an unhealthy life has its bumps and challenges, but things will get better. 

Thanks for your reply. I typically eat dates and mangoes as my calorie staples b/c I am allergic to bananas. I also eat lots of watermelon. I of course eat other fruits like berries, apples etc. but those aren't as high calorie so they usually end up as snacks or in salads. I eat baby spinach & romaine for greens. I am VERY mindful of food combining, so I honestly don't think that's it, unless no combinations are good for me, which is why I want to try mono-ing for at least a few days. I definitely could also be retaining water, but I'm not eating salt so i don't know, the swelling has been going on for about a week or two. I guess I'll just have to wait it out & in the meantime focus on mono-meals and see if that helps, & I will definitely cut out the nori.

Thanks for your advice & words of encouragement:)

Thanks Bianca:) I have seen a doctor & got bloodwork done about 2 wks ago... everything was ok, my b12 was about 400, which they said was normal. I know it's a little low, but it's not terrible. You recommend juicing greens? I thought they don't advocate juicing here? I blend them into smoothies all the time though, and make sure to chew so they mix with saliva. I don't think I get nearly enough greens though, but I'm slowly increasing my intake. Dandelions are a great idea, I wouldn't eat them from the ground but maybe dandelion tea, I think I've seen that at Whole Foods. I do get plenty of sleep, not at the most ideal hours, but definitely enough hours. Maybe the dates I'm eating are too dry & causing issues? They're non-organic medjool dates from Costco, they don't say "dried" and they taste fresh, but maybe I should soak them? When I finish the ones I have I plan on ordering from the Date People anyway. I don't love turmeric... and I can't think of any non-cooked recipes I could use it in. Any suggestions? I definitely agree about eating simple, I will be focusing on mono-meals for the next few days at least, and as far as blending, I always have a dateorade & green smoothie daily. I haven't had coffee in probably a year, and I cut out alcohol back in March, though I was never really much of a drinker anyway. I also haven't had any cacao or anything similar since starting 811 back in March. Thank you for your concern & all your helpful suggestions:) xx

I will definitely start juicing greens to get more of the minerals from them. Any particular juicer you recommend? I don't own one & don't want to spend too much. I thought I may have absorption issues too b/c of previous wheat allergy, but when I had bloodwork done all my mineral levels were fine, as well as b12 so I guess I don't. I don't even know where to find dandelions, but I'll look into it. My iron & magnesium levels are actually great, as shown on my bloodtest.

That mango soup sounds delicious, I don't eat peppers but I'll try with dates. I'm eating pineapple right now actually, but I can't imagine putting turmeric on it lol ;)

Thanks hun:) I'll look into finding a decently priced juicer, I haven't had a chance to yet. I live in Miami, when I lived in NY i saw them around all the time, but I never notice any here. I'll ask my naturopath about it though. Yes, I have tried aloe juice in the past and had great results.

That sounds like a delicious smoothie, I usually have 2 smoothies a day (a dateorade & fruit-green smoothie) - otherwise I would never manage to get in enough calories. But I'll have to try that combo soon! Right now, I'm focusing on mono-meals & it has been helping a bit. I do feel somewhat better than I did when I posted this, but I still have a lot of issues to sort out. I know it just takes time & patience:)

get one from http://www.discountjuicers.com John Kohler is a really great guy. He just sent me a tree collard cutting in my teflex sheet order so I am super excited!

Make sure you get enough water in with your dates so they can digest properly. Lots of people blend them with water (and/or soak them overnight). I however don't have a blender and have found I like to eat them with iceberg lettuce. Gives me a little bit of greens and provides water for digestion and helps clean my teeth at the same time.

That's another issue you could run into down the road if you're eating lots of mangos, dates, and snacking frequently. Teeth issues, as dates can be a bit dry and stick to the teeth, mangos can be a little acidic, and snacking frequently keeps the teeth in an acidic and sugary environment more and doesn't give them time to recover. After eating dates/mangos you can have a little greens to clean your teeth or simply wash out the mouth with water.


Also if you're sitting or standing still a lot make sure you move more often.  That should help with the leg issues as could be a blood flow issue exacerbated by  sitting or standing in a cramped position frequently. You could massage them as well.

I'm curious, how did you determine yourself to have an allergy to bananas? Also, since the other person suggested kiwis and mentioned avocados: "People who have a banana allergy may also be allergic to kiwi fruit and avocado because the protein chitinase is also present in these other fruits."  Your banana 'allergy' may only be a temporary condition while your digestive system is too weak to handle them. Meaning while it may be a good idea to cut them out of your diet for now, once you've been on a healthy diet for a while and given your digestive system time to heal you may want to give them another chance.

Thanks, most of the dates I eat are blended with lots of water in the form of dateorade, I haven't been soaking them til now though, but I just put some in a jar with water to soak, I will definitely start doing that from now on. Since going raw I've stopped brushing my teeth with conventional drugstore toothpaste & mouthwash etc. I usually rinse with water after eating acid fruits, and i brush at night either with water or Jason organic toothpaste from Whole Foods. I will definitely eat some greens right after acid too, thanks for the tip!

The leg cramps/swelling I believe are related to my current poor digestion. Back when my IBS was really bad, way before I even knew anything about raw, my doctor (he's a chiropractor, kinesiologist & iridologist) told me that leg cramps & upper leg swelling are indicators of digestive issues & I've seen this to be true. What's different this time is that my calves are somewhat swollen/bloated as well, and my legs tend to "fall asleep" really often. People say this is due to poor circulation, but I can't imagine why I would have such issues? It doesn't really make a difference if I'm sitting or standing etc. The only thing I can think of is I need to do more vigorous exercise, like brisk walking, running, elliptical etc. But I honestly don't have the energy.

I didn't self-diagnose my allergy. I was tested for it by the doctor (same one mentioned above) & this was way before I ever heard of 30bad & I never really liked bananas, so I didn't particularly mind avoiding them. It's interesting you say that about avocados & kiwis, because my mom was diagnosed with allergies to bananas, kiwis & avocados (& most nightshades), though she eats avocados from time to time after avoiding them for many years, and she says they don't bother her anymore. I don't eat too many kiwis, but I eat avocados almost daily as they are my primary fat source, I wonder if I could be allergic/sensitive to those as well. When I can afford to get tested, I will.

Thanks for your reply Xenia:) I really wish I could go overt free - I DO feel that avocados slow down my digestion even when I eat it at the end of the day. I don't really eat any other overts except for some Tahini here & there. My issue is that I'm quite underweight (though I do feel like I gained a few pounds lately - but that's probably due to all the bloating) & I have extremely low body fat % that I'm trying to raise. So I worry that cutting out overts completely would be dangerous. Correct me if I'm wrong though...

As far as salt, I cut out table salt a while ago but yes I recently had some nori just a couple of days ago, I didn't realize how salty it was until just yesterday, and I don't plan on eating it again. I know once your body becomes accustomed to a cleaner diet, even the smallest thing can cause a reaction.

thanks xenia! i have been doing some research and it does seem that quite a few people have successfully gained weight while overt-free. it's something i do plan on trying in the near future:) i will definitely keep you posted! :)
Thanks for your insights Lemonwater:) It's always inspiring to hear how other people overcome similar struggles. I agree, going back & forth is really rough on the body, and that's probably why it's taken me longer to see results. I do feel like I'm starting to get there though:)
Thanks Jerome, I don't know if I'm up for fasting yet, but I may try it for a day or 2 sometime soon. I've fasted in the past (for religious reasons - before I went raw) & was always on the verge of fainting by the end of the day, but I know it's different once your body is used to a cleaner diet & not suffering from "withdrawals" ... & I'll check out your posts!



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