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Well, I've been at this for a little over two years now but some of the issues I thought would clear up over time haven't done so. I kept thinking that they just needed more time for my body to heal but I'm at the point where I think it's not gonna happen unless something is changed. Any advice or similar experiences would be appreciated. I really don't think there is anything else to try besides 100% raw but it's really difficult to get anywhere close to enough calories throughout the year since I do a lot of cycling. The issues are ezcema and weight.
The ezcema is red spots on my face along with occasional dry skin. I also get dandruff occasional which I believe to be a related issue. I have tried to find patterns with food to see if there is something in particular causing it but I have been unsuccessful. The only thing I know makes it worse is when I am at all dehydrated.
As for weight I am 6ft and about 185. I know my natural weight is about 155. Before the high carb thing I did cut calories for about a year and got down to about 150 from 180 or so before gaining it back as I went high carb. I knew I would gain at first but expected to be losing by now especially since I only cut calories for a year and do a lot of exercise. I know it's not a ton of weight but it's really frustrating athletically since it is such a performance limiter in cycling and running.

Here is my lifestyle as best as I can describe it
Calories ~3300 plus what was burnt. Probably 5-7% fat on average
Water ~4 liters plus more depending on excercise
Sleep 9-930 hours average
Exercise- cycling about 1.5 hours per day yearly average
Medication- nothing in the last 4 years. Various allergy meds before (no allergies anymore though!)
Stress- comes and goes. Never gets really high.

I know this was kinda long but thanks for reading it and again any advise is appreciated

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random question... do you have any mercury fillings in your teeth? 

Never even had a cavity. (Which is surprising because I had horrible dental hygiene when I was younger)
Anyone got anything?

You say your skin gets worse with dehydration.  Do you think you're actually hydrated?  You drink 4 litres of water a day minimum - do you drink more than 800ml/1litre per hour?  How much fruit do you eat?  Do you, for example, slam back a litre of water and then 20/30 minutes later start on a smoothie?  Do you add additional water to your smoothies? How much sodium do you consume, and in what form?  How is your sleep - do you fall asleep easily and not wake during the night?

I'm wondering if you're actually absorbing the fluid you consume, or whether it's simply flushing through you. Any more fluid (which includes that found in fruit) than 800ml/1litre per hour will simply flush through you and not be made use of by the body - disrupting the balance of electrolytes as it goes. A key electrolyte is sodium, so I'm also wondering if you're consuming enough of this, as this is needed in order for the water to actually hydrate you, and also needs to be considered in relation to the amount of potassium you'll be consuming on this diet.  

Plus you'll be sweating out sodium during exercise and replenishing with straight water, I suspect, causing further imbalance.

Consuming too much fluid and not enough sodium causes a stress reaction in the body, encouraging the body to store fat (due to the excess cortisol etc produced) and will likely also disturb your sleep. If you are stressing your endocrine system in this way, exercise will exacerbate the situation, encouraging the storage of more fat.  

Other than being hydrated on a cellular level, if that's all good, then for the skin issues I'd look at increasing your fat to 10%. 

I usually drink a liter before each meal and a liter between dinner and bedtime. I actually have wondered if my body is truly hydrated because it seems like I dehydrate more easily than I should (in terms of pee color) while cycling. I eat around 2000-2500 calories from fruit. I don't currently drink smoothies very often when I was I added about a cup of water to bananas. Never eat date smoothies but do eat dates often. I usually drink a little more water with them. Sodium consumption varys. Most days I only get sodium from fruit and potatoes only, some days I get more from greens, and maybe once or twice a week I get some from sauce; usually 500-1000mg. I usually fall asleep ok unless I have a lot on my mind. I usually wake once or twice to pee. When I wake up in the morning my pee is usually a little yellow. I have noticed that I don't feel as amazing when I first wake up as when I first started this diet.
So how much sodium do you think I should aim for?
Also worth mentioning that I started drinking more a while after starting hcv because I started feeling more thirsty. On the rare occasion that I eat something that has a larger quantity of salt, I end up super thirsty and have to drink a lot of water. This made me think that sodium was not helping my hydration.

OK so, you are consuming more than 1litre of fluid in an hour?  By having a litre of water before breakfast and lunch, followed fairly immediately by fruit?  Why do you have an additional litre between dinner and bedtime?  Are you thirsty?  Your pee should be yellow when you wake up, so that's fine. 

If you are consuming more than 1litre of fluid an hour, a three-pronged approach is required - spacing out your fluid consumption (water and fruit) to a level the kidneys can handle, reducing your water intake (as you eat fruit all day), though I say this not knowing if you're exercising in the tropics or something like that which would naturally require higher levels of water, and boosting your sodium intake.  It would be good to pimp the water you consume while exercising into a home-made sports drink for now, simply by adding sugar and salt (check out ratios online) to ensure the water gets into your cells. From your first post, you're not consuming enough sodium in relation to your fluid and potassium intake.  From you second post..... what do you occasionally eat that has a larger quantity of salt?  If you suddenly eat a large amount of salt when dehydrated (or even hydrated), it will worsen the situation, hence the extra thirst, but I say that not knowing just how much salt you ate at those times.

I guess if you are counting fruit then yes I do drink more than 1 liter per hour. I drink more water at dinner because I often eat rice which is dehydrating and if I don't I wake up dehydrated. On occasions when I eat higher sodium food it is when I go to an Indian restaurant. Not sure how much sodium is in it but I only go 3-4 times a year.
So how much sodium should I eat in a day if for example if I sweat 3 lbs of water exercising, which I would have to guess is about average?

Yes, you do count fruit, you count all fluids, so definitely start spacing this out and reducing your water a bit if you can.  Cooked rice is generally around 60% water, so perhaps you wake up dehydrated simply because you are dehydrated, nothing to do with the rice itself.

I'm afraid I can't give you a steer on how much sodium to ingest as I don't know what your current serum levels are.  Why don't you begin by making the sports drink?  Often dehydrated people find this incredibly satisfying, so see how that goes.  And that'll definitely start getting you better hydrated.  Aside from that, you need to add loads more greens to your diet.  Or the odd sprinkle of salt - whatever works for you, or gives you the quickest results.  You don't want to suddenly hit your dehydrated bod with a load of sodium (like with Indian food) but rather have it little and often during the day, ideally with carbs, so that it can get into your cells and work with the water to hydrate you as each day progresses.

Sorry I can't be more precise.  I hope I've helped a bit.

Yes you have. Thank you so much for your help! I'll try it out for a month or so and let you know how it goes.
Also, also worth mentioning. I don't feel like I crave foods that have salt in them. Would I have cravings if it were salt? Or maybe it's just not a severe enough deficiency to crave it?

Yeah, usually people will crave salt if they're deficient, but equally, this isn't always the case. As you say, perhaps things aren't severe enough at this stage, as you're sleeping OK, so your body doesn't sound like it's going through massive stress.



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